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Pro Pal for Men

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Aaron Scott » Review Date: 7/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Boasting that it would allow the user to "reach levels you never though possible" while you "discover the most erogenous zone of all," I figured I was in for a treat.  But after using this toy, I found that the experience was slightly enhanced, but not as mind-blowing as expected.


Pro-Pal in package

Doc Johnson's Pro-Pal for Men arrives in a clean, visually attractive white plastic box with the jet black toy visible though a same-shaped window.   Sporting the above quotes on the front, the box front also says  that it "massages the scrotum & balls while stimulating the prostate."  This is semi-contradicted on the side of the box, where (in five languages) it says that it massages the prostate and perineum.   Maybe it is just me, but I consider the scrotum and perineum to be two distinct parts.  More on this later.

The device

Pro-Pal for Men

Midnight black in color, and featuring a medium-sized half-ring on the bottom (the package calls it a pull-handle) the Pro-Pal for Men certainly looks like it means business.   The anal end starts off narrow before bulging out and then tapering off again, while the perineum end starts narrow and has a sort of sideways bean shape to it.  Again, looking at it, one would think that it was capable of doing what it claimed to do.

In use

Perhaps the most noticable thing missing from the packaging was some sort of instructions.  While where to use it wasn't in question, I found myself wondering if I should sit, stand, or lie down while using it.  The existence of the pull-handle made me leary of sitting on it, but the softness of a bed relieved that worry.  Perhaps a future version of this toy could incorporate a flatter handle.

After lubing the anal end up and getting it inserted, I found the biggest problem - the perineum end didn't really reach my scrotum or balls as claimed on the packaging.  While the anal end certainly felt good, the other end didn't really seem to do anything for me.  Perhaps it was made for someone whose anus and balls were closer together?  I'm nearly six feet tall - do shorter men have balls closer to their anus? Still, sitting on this and rocking while stroking to one of my favorite videos felt good, and it wasn't long until the moment of truth arrived.  Was it great?  Honestly, it felt slightly better than normal, but not really any different than it does when the anus is stimulated with other, easier-to-use toys.  And since the perineum end wasn't really making contact with anything, I can't help to wonder how much better it would have been if it was.

Final thought

While losing points for not "reaching levels I never thought possible," the Pro-Pal for Men from Doc Johnson certainly provided an enhanced experience, though not exactly the earth-quaking orgasm I expected.   For that reason alone I'd have to say SKIP IT.

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