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2 Dicks 1 Hole #2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 7/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Prepare yourselves, because when you happen upon 2 Dicks 1 Hole #2, you're going to sit down and watch almost four hours of threesomes, foursomes, and even some orgies. Like the squirtastic movies I've reviewed before, I was almost overwhelmed by the glut of endless fucking and sucking that involve more than one person, and in spite of having my favorite thesaurus by my side, there's only so many homonyms for suck, fuck, and hole, so you'll forgive me for not sticking to the usual format of reviews on a segment by segment basis. With movies like this, I prefer more of a routine review approach.

Now I bet you're wondering why they stuck so much material in a movie that's almost five hours long, and here's why:

It's a compilation!

Now maybe you're in to that sort of rot, who knows, but I was shocked that they opted for such a large series of segments and was rather disappointed to discover the title sequences of every segment before the actual fucking and learning that it was really just a compilation of scenes from other movies. Again, whether or not that's your bag, it's not mine. I don't care if I've ever seen the movies before, I want to see the movies, not parts of the movies, and certainly not parts of the movie that have definitely been truncated to fit a certain time frame. There's even an annoying watermark on the lower right hand corner of the movie the whole time.


On-set breast scratchers. Every pornstar needs them.

With 2 discs and almost five hours long, "2 Dicks 1 Hole 2" takes the group fuck fests from assorted New Sensations titles and groups them together hoping to inspire the consumer, but the effort is sadly not as great as I previously hoped upon grabbing this title to review. Much of New Sensations segments ripped from their library tend to lack in any variety and almost always feel similar which adds up to great repetition and tedium. It almost made me hate the prospect of a threesome.

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Taken from Anal Retentive, the segment with Asia, Ben & Chris is often too comical to really get turned on by. She's yanked from her couch and has two cocks forced down her throat before she readies herself, and the constant back and forths from the partners is goofy and rather nonsensical. Asia is a good looking enough girl, but her mugging for the camera along with her flapping dirty talk makes this opener more of a belly acher than anything.

If these guys were eighty, this would be creepy.

A slightly better rebound, the segment with Sandy Summers, Mr. Pete & Ben  from Craving Big Cocks #7 is not as bad as the aforementioned as Sandy is a very good looking woman with a leopard imprint top. The talk is minimal and most of the fucking is rather heated with Sandy taking it up her bubble butt and getting every crevice in her body fingered and stretched to the point where you begin to wonder if she's in any pain, and not the good kind. The segment is better, but sadly shorter, which feels like another cop out.

Audrey Hollander, Mr. Pete, Manuel, Otto Bauer from from Anal Trainer #7 get slightly more creative as they fuck with toys and even get down and dirty, while the segment with Arianna Jollee, Chris & Zenza from Double Teamed #2 is also a lot of fun to watch as she's practically fisted by her over zealous partners who tear her from her swing to finger her, palm her, and double penetrate her while hanging from the tree swing, which is a pretty funny if hot scenario that displays Hollander's astounding balance.

Never imitate Cosby in the middle of a porno movie.

Taking again from Double Teamed #2, Lauren & Missy, Ben & Mr. Pete have a full on aggressive orgy with Lauren and Missy looking quite hot as they play dirty smacking one other, spitting in each other's face, and eventually taking it from the two dudes who sit and watch as they abuse each other relentlessly.

When things begin to finally heat up, it gets loud as there are many variations of double penetration, as well as submission and domination. Tyla Wynn, Chris & Ben from Double Teamed #3 feels like another slapped on segment that's quite boring and never as entertaining as the segments from Double Teamed #2. Tyla Wynn is just average looking and the scenario feels rushed and tedious.Overall, it's a 2 disc venture that I wouldn't really visit again.

Which is sad, because the movies look great.

The audio and visuals obviously vary since it's all a mish mash of different segments. They don't even try for making them blend as each segment feels like a sample from websites with the watermark on each scene, and every ripped chapter ranging from widescreen to fullscreen and on and on. The picture looks very good, but it's disorienting when they're constantly switched and include that transparent logo reminding you you're watching something from New Sensation. I don't get it. The audio is also varying as sometimes the scenes are too loud to watch, and then often too low to really comprehend the dialogue. It's not like it matters much, mind you. Upon entering the DVD, I was pushed right in to the chapter segments which is weird, but that's not a real caveat.

We obviously won't get a Behind the Scenes, so instead we have a three minute photo gallery that's also a mish mash of stills from the assorted titles, there's the "Pick your Pleasure" feature with options like Missionary, Cowgirl, and Cumshots, as well as Company info and Trailers. Disc 2 has the exact same features from disc 1, so there's no cause for going over those again. Oh so that's what Cowgirl is... giddyup.

After Thought:
2 Dicks 1 Hole, 2 discs and 1 whole lot of endless monotony, but hey always be sure to check online retailers and see if you're heading in to a cheap compilation beforehand, because I didn't. I have nothing against compilations, but they're just cop outs. I don't want highlights, I want an actual movie. But hey it's a Best Seller, so I don't speak for everyone, apparently. I wanted to enjoy this, but New Sensations got pretty lazy by grabbing more than one segment from the same movies and often pairing segments that felt similar which made the enjoyment almost minimal. It's not the worst title out there, but it's definitely warranting a Skip It, especially when I was more interested in watching the actual titles once the compilation finished. Two discs is obscene.

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