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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 7/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Sure when all is said and done "Tease" is artsy fartsy with direction that is much too gaudy for a porno, but on the other hand you have to appreciate porno movies that try to be something other than a string of segments where people walk in to a room and just start fucking. There's genuine Foreplay in " Tease," there are scenarios, there's roleplaying, and quite often than not it tries to simulate the experience of a fantasy that many of us may have experienced at one time or another. Headlined by Ava Rose, "Tease" tries for an experience instead of being yet another title from Adam & Eve, and it warrants some considerable attention for that. There are costumes, hair is dressed to fit the period, and the director tries for unique atmosphere with each segment, and I was rather overwhelmed by the great effort put in to the whole kit and caboodle. Set designer Sharon Kane is brilliant and really helps this production stand out!

Kissy Kapri and Marcus London
Directed much like an episode of "Red Shoe Diaries," director James Avalon pegs every single segment of this movie with immense artistic zeal that make it a pure thrill to sit through. I LOVE the opening credits. Kissy Kapri looks absolutely lovely walking in to the stark white balcony with a white hood over her head and modeling for the camera. Donning a bit of a Bettie Page blond doo, she seduces Marcus London who is sitting at the piano and greeting her with welcoming eyes as he serenades her. She eventually grabs his attention and they enter the bedroom which prompts a slow strip tease and dresses again... in skimpier clothing. I didn't think she could get skimpier. While some may think the build up is too long, "Tease" provides some foreplay for the audience and it works. Kapri and London kiss and grope one another as London sucks on Kapri's breasts and fingers her finally bowing down to eat out her pussy. After some heavy kissing, London undresses and takes Kapri against the bed post fucking her hard and fast, and then turns her lifting one leg to fuck her from behind. This scene looks marvelous and the sexual tension is well delivered. He switches gears to fuck her ass, and Kapri bends down to take his cock head on and slowly as he face fucks her and then lets her ride cowgirl along the floor. After some fast fucking, Kissy takes his shots to her face... in slow motion! That's an opening segment for a movie, folks.

Ava Rose and Alan Stafford

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James Avalon opts for a neo-noir feel this time, but sadly with the same Mexican music from the former segment. Switching up the soundtrack would have been an extra point, but Ava Rose looks as if she's stepped out of a damn pulp novel and looks wonderful sauntering down the stairs looking back at Stafford with a smile to dance for him and grope the walls. To prepare herself for the impending sex, she dresses in lingerie while Stafford watches her performance, and he finally comes down to her to grope her breasts and make out with her. She undresses him and clutches his bulge, while he fondles her pussy and sucks on her tits. He kneels down to plant his mouth along her clit and gropes and fingers her while she moans and writhes. After some more kissing, she bengs down to take his cock in to her mouth while he holds her hair up and leans back to watch. She bends down to take his cock between her tits and cradles it, and he sits along the stairs as she rides cowgirl by the banister riding him fast and hard. He then bends her over along the railing and pounds her ass while she holds on and groans, and she rides him again on the stairs with her large ass pointed to the camera. This all comes to an end when after more rapid pounding in her pussy, she takes shots to her face kneeling under him.

Paula Rey and Derrick Pierce
In a sun soaked bed room, Paula Rey models for the mirror groping and fondling herself, and admiring what we're apparently admiring from the get go. The Brazilian woman looks incredible, and she seems to know it, as her frilly panties cling to her curvaceous ass. Derrick watches with longing as she undresses and then gets in to a green G-String and top. After more undressing and teasing, Derrick walks over to lightly fondle Paula along her shoulders and chest and then her face making it hurt, and it's quite an interesting take on Derrick now playing games with Paula who enjoys his caressing and finally the two embrace kissing and lightly pecking on one another. After deep kissing, light petting, and groping, Derrick bends down to eat her pussy out while she sprays along the table screaming. Derrick basks in her orgasm, and Paula kneels down to play with him and undresses him sucking his cock fast and deep. They get back on the table to fuck heavily while Paula groans and smiles taking it hard, and sprays yet again while the fucking intensifies. She leans over with her legs planted on the table and gets pounding hard from behind, and she leans down to deep throat him and kiss him. He sits as she straddles him and rides him with deep eye connection, and shen turns to pound her pussy as he manipulates her pussy to induce another spray from Paula. He leans her over to fuck her ass and then cums all over her cheeks.

Lindsey Meadows and Van Damage
Lindsey Meadows looks absolutely dynamite as she dances near the fireplace in a white and red striped top and panty with her black G-String dangling between her fingers. Van Damage walks over to fondle Lindsey and plants his fingers in to her ass while they make out, and they grope one another spinning along the floor while Lindsey's breasts pop from her top. Van Damage leans her over and fucks her ass while she cries out and takes it deep. He sits back and she straddles him riding his cock hard and fast, while they kiss. She kneels down to suck him off, and things get intense as he plants her along a stool with her legs spread wide and pounds her anxiously while she screams and holds her balance. It finally ends with him popping off in her face while she smirks and takes the facial.

Ava Rose, Faith Leon, & Marco Banderas
Ava Rose and Faith Leon look marvelous together and they take some time out to engage in foreplay with each other before confronting Marco Banderas who waits for his turn in with the two some. They straddle a doorway writhing up and down and caressing while looking deep in to each other's eyes the entire time, and then caress and fondle each other, kissing and lightly touching their breasts and hair. All of this to tease and entice not only the viewer, but Banderas who waits patiently in his bed in a full suit. Ava takes the first move kissing him and tonguing him and Faith Leon comes over to fondle Ava who lays her on the bed and begins kissing her body slowly while Banderas undresses and watches the display. The three get in to a kissing frenzy, and Banderas leans back to take his licking from the girls who suck and slurp his cock greedily. Ava takes him more than Faith, and after some more foreplay, Ava kneels over to take the pounding from Marco while Faith kisses her. Faith takes her turn as Ava watches, and then straddles him to ride his cock fast with a smile. She fucks him hard and stops to kiss Faith who fingers herself to their exhibitionism and they growl at one another while Banderas pounds her deep. After fucking Ava for a while, the two go down on Marco again, sucking his cock and kissing him, and Marco face fucks Ava. Faith leans down on her sides to be fucked by him while Ava caresses her, and then fucks Ava from behind. Ava and Faith make out while Marco cums all over Ava's chest, and they suck on him some more.

If you're the type of person who likes a little production quality in their porn, then "Tease" is the right movie for you. The visual quality is immaculate with soft tones of white and red while Avalon strives for the fantasy neo-noir tones with segments that are stark black and white, while also being soft and subtle in regards to the picture quality. The fire is often very warm and fuzzy with most of the set pieces working thanks to the lighting ability. The picture is fantastic and crystal clear, while the audio is wonderful with all of the dialogue coming in perfectly while the soundtrack is booming and tolerable. It's a treat.

No, no, Adam & Eve, Motion Menus are not special features, sad to say. And though they have sex in them, trailers are also not special features. But on the upside there is a thirty minute Behind the Scenes look at "Tease" featuring interviews with the cast. It's ridiculous that Ava Rose looks hot even in a baggy white hoodie, messed up hair, and zero make up. She also has big feet. You know what they say about women with big feet! And there's also an interview with Marcus London who revels at being the pitcher in anal sex for once, and Kissy Capri who looks bored again. What is it with this woman?

Lindsey Meadows goofs around a lot and sports some genuine laughter from the crew, and it's a generally entertaining home video montage of on set testimonials. We get a thirty four minute interview sequence with one on one's with Paola Rey, Kissy, and the other female performers. Kissy is either very shy, or just bored. The interviewer Alan anxiously tries to get more than one word out of her as she stands there with pursed lips like a five year old the whole time, but it's no success, sadly. There's a seven minute photo gallery, as well as a twenty two minute bonus sex scene from the title "Provocative," which views like a bad nineties music video or something. All and all, it's a fun Goodies bag, with some material to chew on.

After Thought:
If you're a bit tired of the porno that looks like it was filmed out of someone's basement, then you might be better off checking the likes of "Tease." At a little under two hours, "Tease" is a great experience with segments reliant on foreplay, facial expressions, and seduction while the sex scenes are hot, tense, and atmospheric. The set design is marvelous, and the direction is superb. The Goodies section also will not fail to please anyone looking for more delicious Ava Rose in their diet. I'd highly recommend it.

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