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Chi Chi LaRue's Unknown

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 7/8/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: January 2008

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Blake Riley, Tommy Blade, Vinnie D'Angelo, Dominik Rider, Trystian Sweet, Coby Mitchell, Chad Hunt, Jackson Wild, Nash Lawler

Body Types: very muscular, jocks, tattoos, 20-40 years old

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: foursome, monster dick (Chad Hunt)

Plot: Dead boyfriend becomes a matchmaker for his lover.

The Movie:

Blake Riley (boyish and hot) has been set up on a blind date. Just as he's headed to meet him, Trystian Sweet backs his car into Blake's truck. Blake shows no concern about the damages to his truck and the two seem to make a connection. They head off together leaving his date played by Vinnie D'Angelo sitting in the café alone.

Blake, Trystian: Fast forward a year later and Blake and Trystian are an item. The couple are in a large glass-enclosed shower kissing and rubbing their shafts together. Both drop to their knees to suck cock and Trystian proceeds to rim Blake (who spreads his hairy legs) under the shower. Sitting below Trystian, Blake spits and tongues his asshole with gusto. Standing by the shower door and then sitting on the floor, Trystian hammers his dick into Blake's tight ass. Blake pops his wad first and lends a helping hand to Trystian. The scene ends in a nice kiss.

The lovers are kissing in bed as a montage of their times together flash onscreen. In one of those flashbacks Trystian nobly tells his boyfriend "Seriously, if anything ever happened to me, I want you to find somebody who will make you happy." As those words echo, Blake wakes up in a cold sweat and notices he's alone in bed. On the bedside table, he glances over at a photo of the two of them and cries into a pillow.

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It appears that Blake's home is up for sale. Two men played by Coby Mitchell and Tommy Blade have a look at the kitchen. Blake shows up and is interrupted by a couple of odd text messages on his cell phone from an 'unknown' caller and the slamming of a door. The messages tell Blake to head out to a café. The guys agree to lock the place up after they leave so Blake can check out the message.

Coby, Tommy: Alone at Blake's house, Coby and Tommy get a little frisky. Tommy carries Coby over to the side of the counter where they slide their tongues over each other's bodies. Tommy's tongue is instantly drawn to Coby's nice, hairy pit. Pulling his jeans below Coby's waist, Tommy gets a mouthful of his ass. Coby deep throats Tommy's cock, rims him and runs his bald head (which Tommy licks) over his hole. Lying on the counter, Coby receives a pounding from Tommy. This scene concludes with them jacking off on each other.

Vinnie waits at a restaurant for his blind date who text messaged to meet him. When the date appears to have stood him up, he walks out as Blake arrives. Blake checks his own text message and leaves moments later.

Back at home, Blake receives a call from his friend Chad who invites him to a "party" he's having with some of his friends. Another text message interrupts their conversation urging Blake to return to the café in 20 minutes.

Chad, Nash, Dominik, Jackson: Over at Chad's place, he, Nash, Dominik, and Jackson are sucking and rimming in the living room. Chad's thick monster cock (with its own zip code) gets constant oral attention from his buddies. Jackson is capable of deep throating that cock but Nash only goes a little further than Chad's big mushroom head. Then all of them sample Nash's manhole. Chad heads for Nash's toes. The young Jackson still in his jock is the lucky guy who has the pleasure and pain (both of which are hard to discern) of receiving that massive dick of Chad's. Jackson cries out but Chad never stops from ramming it into his ass. The cut Dominik gets a little butt action from Nash and they jerk off.

Blake and Vinnie run into each other at the café again unaware that anything unusual is going on. As Vinnie pays his check, a breeze blows his money from the table and he comes close to Blake when he goes to pick it up. They locks eyes for a split second and Vinnie says his goodbyes.

Having flashbacks in his dreams of the boyfriend wakes Blake up in the middle of the night. They all go back to meeting the hot man in the café. In the morning, another text is sent to Blake. He debates whether to go but arrives at the café and is disappointed to find Vinnie has already left. Minutes later, Vinnie comes back for the cell phone he left behind at the restaurant. They exchange smiles with one another and the ghostly image of Trystian appears happy in the glass of a picture frame.

Vinnie, Blake: Now, both Vinnie and Blake have found their way onto Blake's bed. Candles are lit on the nightstands. A little dick sucking leads to Vinnie (muscular beefy top) digging his tongue into Blake's hairy bubble ass as Blake sucks Vinnie's dick. There's a lot of Vinnie spitting into Blake's hole and tongue fucking the guy. It progresses to them kissing in bed with Vinnie's hard dick rubbing along Blake's ass crack. Pretty boy Blake rides his cock. Vinnie shoots a nice load and Blake shoots a double. They lock lips again. Hot little scene with two hot fucking men.



Video & Sound: Excellent overall picture and sound.

Extras: Very little in terms of extras. A pop shot feature leads directly to the cum scenes. In Wrap It Up, director Chi Chi encourages everyone to practice safe sex. The only real extra is a short featuring Chi Chi and another drag queen, Carmella, at a Nashville gay bar. They do their schtick before debuting Blake Riley who dances and strips to his shorts.

Final Thoughts: This new release from director Chi Chi offers some really hot men (my favorites are Blake Riley and Vinnie D'Angleo) and attempts to give them something to do other than fuck. The premise is simple but rather flimsy. Why Blake and Vinnie would go to the café not once but a couple of times because of some 'unknown' text message is anyone's guess. But since we're less concerned about the plot for these purposes, this movie is fine. There's nothing radical in this video. If you want to see monster cock, Chad Hunt has more than enough. Otherwise, Blake has a beautiful ripped body and a beautiful ass and watching him with hot stud Vinnie in the bedroom is like being a voyeur looking into the bedroom of two boyfriends--very intimate and steamy.

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