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Sporty Balls

Studio: Helix Studios » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Date of Production: 2007

Length: 70 minutes

Director: Keith Miller

Cast:  Chad Stevens, Jason Andrews, Trystian Sweet, Cole Waters, Shawn Fox, Matt Turner, Ryan Conners, Nick Angels, Michael Lee, and Jake Lopez

Body Types: twinks, athletes, cut and uncut guys 

Condoms: yes

Things to see: outdoor sports sex, facials, threesomes

Plot: These boys like to share more than just their balls.

The Movie:

In many ways, all-twink films are similar to all-bear movies in how one age group of gay men are presented for a niche audience.  Based on past experience with reviewing all-twink porn, I quickly find myself getting bored with the inexperienced young actors who were hired more for their looks than their sexual abilities.  Fortunately, Sporty Balls has partially renewed my optimism for the twink market.  Here, the film doesn't try to revolutionize the genre, and it even falls for some of the lower quality porn potholes like the elimination of foreplay and average acting.  However, the film does succeed at doing what porn is supposed to do; turning on the audience. 

Using a variety of high school sports related scenarios, like a sweaty basketball game and a water volleyball coach eyeing his players, Sporty Balls features several hot scenes for anyone with a sports fetish.  Thinking back to high school with the hung and muscled straight jocks, it's hard not to like some of the imagery in the film.  The actors are very cute, with skinny muscled bodies and big floppy dicks.  Some of the scenes take place in sports rooms, and two of the scenes are shot in an outdoor pool (I wonder what the neighbors thought).  The non sex scenes were shot on an actual park/school area, lending some believability to the movie.

The sex might not win any awards, but the models are pretty darn hot and the set-ups are both erotic and enticing.  Therefore, there is a lot to like about Sporty Balls.

Scene one: Trystian Sweet and Cole Waters

Two football players decide to cool off by pouring their water on each other.  However, this fails to cool down their desire for each other so they head back to the gym for another touchdown.  While Trystian still wears his football jersey, Cole starts to work on his pal's tasty looking cock.  Soon enough, Trystian returns the oral pleasures for his blond pal.  Cole then agrees to play the role of the wide receiver.  Trystian fucks him in a straddle position and then against the wall.  Cole has no problems with keeping up since his dick is plump throughout.  Finally, Trystian shoots his load onto Cole's smooth chest.  Cole then cums on his own chest as well. 

Scene two: Michael Lee and Jake Lopez

On a deserted basketball court, Michael and Shawn shoot hoops.  The guys work up a good sweat, so they shed their shirts, revealing their tight chests.  After they are done with their game, Michael rushes home, to take care of the boner that he developed while playing.  Fortunately, his twinky friend Jake will be able to "lend him a hand."  Michael tells Jake, who was already masturbating, to suck his dick.  After the oral play, Michael fucks Jake on the bathroom floor.  Jake's hole is stretched, thanks to Mike's big dick.  The teens fuck some more around the bathroom until Michael shoots onto Jake's chest, followed by Jake oozing out a load. 

Scene three: Chad Stevens and Jason Andrews

Out on the baseball mound, Jason pitches for Chad.  After playing with the balls and the long bats, the boys head to an outdoor pool to cool off.  The guys strip down to their underwear and then jump into the pool, however, things quickly start to heat up.  The guys start to kiss, but then Chad pulls his young friend out from the water so that he can rim his hairless hole.  Jason then sucks on Chad's dick, through his jockstrap.  After that, Jason is fucked from behind, with his dick rubbing up against the concrete.  Chad continues to fuck him deeply until both guys masturbate to some creamy finales. 

Scene four: Shawn Fox and Matt Hunter 

The other basketball player from scene two (Shawn) is picked up by his friend Matt.  The two drive back to Matt's house so that Shawn can take a shower.  In the shower, Shawn calls out to his friend, asking for some soap.  Matt cautiously opens up the shower curtains to find that his friend has a raging hard-on.  Matt can't resist the temptation so he gets on his knees to suck off his friend.  Matt licks Shawn's nuts and shaft like a pro and then Shawn sucks on Matt's rod as well.  Matt then has his hole rimmed before he is fucked from behind.  Shawn screws him well in the bathroom before he busts his nut onto Matt's pretty young face.  Matt follows by shooting his semen onto his own chest. 

Scene five: Nick Angels, Ryan Conners and Jason Andrews

Back at the pool from scene three, Ryan and Jason are playing a game of water-volleyball.  Above them, their coach (Nick) supervises the boys.  Coach Nick then heads down to give the guys some "hands-on-learning."  The boys service coach Nick briefly before Jason is turned around to be rimmed.  Nick even forcefully spreads Jason's cheeks so that Ryan can get his face deep into the sweet spot.  Both guys then head over to the friend to play their own game with him.  The guys suck on each other's cocks for a while, before the creamy chested lad has his hole rimmed for fucking.  The coach holds open the guy's cheeks so that the 3rd guy can lick the sweet spot.  Nick then fucks Jason from behind, while Ryan masturbates.  After some forceful screwing, Ryan fucks the lubed up channel some more.  Finally, Nick shoots his load onto Jason's nut sack, Ryan cums onto Jason's shoulder, and Nick jacks off Jason, only to then taste some of Jason's spent white cream. 

The DVD:


Presented in widescreen, the image is quite nice. The images are bright and crisp.  The outdoor sequence suffer from some additional grain, but I found it to be barely noticeable.  


The sound is pretty good.  All of the action could be heard without a hitch.


Extras include three previews, scene selection, a sucking/fucking/cumshots option, and a anamorphic photo slide-show.

Final thoughts:

Sporty Balls should fulfill all of those pent up erotic thoughts you had when you were back in high school; like watching the football players head back to the gym for group showers.  The actors are very cute, and the sex is all pretty good.  Some of the director's camera angles don't reveal all of the desired footage, and the film could use a little more foreplay before jumping straight into the sex.  Despite these qualms, there is much to like here, so Sporty Balls easily comes with a recommended rating.

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