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Personal Trainers 11

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 105 minutes

Director: Marty Stevens

Cast: Sebastian Bonnet, Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Kieron Athey, Ariel Vanean, Marc Guerin, Vince Noyes, Val Horner, Ryan Quaid 

Body Types: Young European guys, guys with smooth chests, uncut and cut penises 

Condoms: yes

Things to see: foursomes, romantic sex, oral cumshots, behind the scenes footage

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

The Bel Ami porn trainers have returned for this eleventh installment in the Personal Trainersseries.  In this round, six new and fresh lads are trained how to have sex the Bel Ami way: how to suck dick in front of the camera, how to arch one's back while being fucked, etc.  The trainers are some of the most well known Bel Ami stars, including Sebastian Bonnet, Josh Elliot, and Luke Hamill.  While Luke and Josh have no qualms about showing the boys "how to do it right," Sebastian comes across as the most knowledgeable and experienced at bringing sexual perfection to each scene.  When he isn't making the actors feel comfortable and relaxed, he can be found sucking the actor's cock, or placing down a comfortable pillow for the soon-to-be-fucked actor.  In many ways, Sebastian would be the ultimate 1950's hostess, making sure that everyone shoots their load before pie is served. 

The new recruits are all very handsome and cute.  There is a nice assortment of body types and hair types, though they all resemble underwear models.  My personal favorite actors were the handsome brunette actors Ariel Vanean and Val Horner.  Ariel looks like he was yanked prematurely from his high school PE class to star in this film.  He has a beautiful cream colored skin that contrasts well to his slightly wavy brown hair.  His looks aren't his only redeeming feature, though.  Throughout his sexy threesome with the similarly cute Marc Guerin and Luke Hamill, he sports a smile of pleasure while his young hole is screwed by both Marc and Luke.   His excitement and dedication to having an erotic experience culminates in his tasty oral cumshots that he gobbles down from his scene stars.  With cum dripping down his chin, and his hole still sore, he looks famished and satisfied. 

The other standout trainee is the spiky haired brunette named Val.  He stars in a lovely foursome with Sebastian, Luke, and similarly adorable Ryan Quaid.  Blessed with a long dick, perfectly sculpted tan body, and beautiful crystal blue eyes, Val looks very good having sex.  His lucky trainers take turns having sex with his tight little ass.  In fact, there was one moment where Sebastian kept looking at Val, while screwing Ryan, because he probably wanted to fuck the skilled amateur some more.  Make no mistake about it, Ryan looks good having sex as well, I easily found my eyes returning back to Val with his consistent erection and beautiful body.

Personal Trainers
has much to offer Bel Ami fans and people looking for good gay porn in general.  There is much to like here, so let's read more about the specifics:

Scene One: Vince Noyes and Sebastian Bonnet

Sebastian sets up the lighting for the scene, but then heads to the shower to get squeaky clean.  He shows off his hole and even makes his ass "talk" for the camera.  Wearing only a towel, Sebastian greets his young blond sapling at the door.  Vince is a twenty year old with dirty blond hair and a tan body.  Vince seems shy at first, so Sebastian eagerly removes Vince's clothes to break the ice.  Sebastian then starts to give Vince some nice oral attention.  After that, Sebastian stands up so that Vince can suck his dick while sitting down.  The guys then 69 on the couch, followed by fingering for Vince's hole and Sebastian having his hairless hole rimmed.  Eventually Vince's hole is fingered and lubed up.  Sebastian fucks him with his legs up in the air and a straddle position.  When Sebastian announces that he's "getting close," he fucks him some more on his side.  While being screwed Vince shoots off his load, followed by an explosive load from Sebastian's dick. 

Sebastian brings much charm and sexiness to this first scene.  Vince can be quiet at times, but he handles himself well in front of the camera.  Overall this was a nice starting scene.

Scene Two: Ariel Vanean, Marc Guerin, and Luke Hamill

Luke Hamill is paired with two young specimens of manhood: Ariel and Marc.  Ariel has a swimmers build with a light complexion and dark wavy hair.  Marc has longish brown hair (he would fit right on "That 70's Show") and a smooth tan body.  Luke breaks the social awkwardness by walking toward the guys with a huge black dildo hanging from his jeans.  Both guys try to deep-throat the fake penis, but only Marc can suck down the whole head.  Luke then watches his newbies undress down to their undies.  After that he has both boys stand close to each other so that he can suck on their dicks simultaneously.  Feeling good from the sucking, the guys are eager to get Josh out of his undies.  The guys then form a chain suck gang.  At one point, Sebastian (still filming) briefly joins in to suck on Ariel's rod.  Josh shows the boys how to suck cock one last time before they are to use their skills with each other. 

Ariel then takes the plunge to suck on Marc's cock.  During the sucking, Luke starts to lube up Ariel's young hole.  Luke fucks him from behind while Marc's cock dives in and out of Ariel's mouth.  After some decent pumping, Marc fucks Ariel as well.  The scene eventually culminates in a fucking chain-gang for all three participants.  Finally, the scene ends with a splash; Marc catches some of Luke's jizz in his mouth, while Ariel licks Luke's balls.  Not wanting to waste any of the liquid gold, Ariel sucks down some of the leftover spent cock.  Ariel then catches Marc's load in his eager mouth.  The scene ends with Ariel shooting a load on his own stomach. 

This was an impressive threesome.  All of the actors worked well together, so much so that the scene felt quite romantic with lots of smiles and kissing for all of the lucky participants. 

Scene three: Kieron Atey and Josh Elliot

Josh Elliot is one lucky son of a bitch because he gets to fuck the handsome cover model Keiron in this scene.  Keiron is a spiky haired 19 year old with an impressive body. Keiron shows off his 6-pack and compares himself to Josh's chest.  With some of their clothes removed, Sebastian shoots some white lotion onto the boys so that they can massage each other.  Josh rubs Kieron down nicely before they start to kiss and play with each others' cocks.  Keiron then heads down to suck on his trainer's dick.  Even though Josh face fucks him, Kieron is more than capable of taking all of Josh's cock.  The guys then proceed alternate between sucking on each others' dick.  Eventually the time comes for Josh to start fucking his trainee's hole.  Throughout the screwing, Keiron has little difficulty with maintaining his erection.  Josh fucks Keiron forcefully until he strokes off his dick onto Keiron's balls.  Keiron follows by jacking himself off. 

Oral fans will eat up this scene because the action is lengthy and tasty looking.

Scene four: Val Horner, Ryan Quaid, Sebastian Bonnet, and Luke Hamill

Lounging on the couch, the four guys sit comfortably with each other.  Val is a 20 year old brunette with sexy blue eyes and a tan body.  Ryan is a cute nineteen year old guy with a creamy complexion and and some low hanging nuts. Like a bunch of horny and drunk frat boys, the clothes come off as the boys wrestle and strip each other of their clothing.  Completely naked, the guys caress each other before they get their dicks ready for the scene.  Ryan leaves the room to have his pubes trimmed by Luke.  Meanwhile, Sebastian can't resist the temptation so he starts by sucking on Val's nice cock.  Luke then returns and starts to give Sebastian some oral sex and ball licking. 

Ryan eventually returns to jump in on the action.  Much dick sucking occurs for all of the lucky participants.  Sebastian is the most interactive of the guys since he sucks, rims, and strokes nearly every guy at least once.  Finally, the trainers get the opportunity to fuck the young recruits.  Val and Ryan are passed around between the two guys.  Val remains hard throughout the screwing, through Ryan's cock is only mildly plump.  At a certain point, Luke and Sebastian compare notes between each other; telling each other how good the trainee's ass feels.  This made the scene take on a friendly competition of sorts where the trainers compete with each other over who is fucking the better hole.  At the end, the boys shoot their loads all over the place, with most of it landing on the new trainees. 

This scene was a nice finale for this hot film. 

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image is absolutely beautiful.  The scenes are perfectly lit with the perfect glow that accentuates all of the wonderful features of the models.  


The sound is good as well.  All of the grunting and sex chatter can easily be heard. 


Extras include oral/anal/cumshot selection, scene selection, animated menus, and a trailer for the film Lemonade.

Final thoughts:

Personal Trainers11 doesn't fall far from the Bel Ami tree of quality porn.  The action is very good to excellent, the models are hot and adorable, and the film features a beautiful widescreen transfer.  Therefore, this title easily comes with a highly recommended rating.

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