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Whip Smart - Engage

Studio: Evolution » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 7/15/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Bondage has always been, shall we say, a slightly taboo subject for most couples. When you mention handcuffs and whips to most people, visions of leather-clad people in dungeons will probably come to mind, Whip Smart is attempting to change all that by introducing a "couple friendly" line of bondage toys. One of their more popular products is the Engage kit which comes with a blindfold, two handcuffs, and a duster whip. Now that we know what's in the box lets look at each item individually.

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Up for inspection first is the blindfold. Made of 3/16" foam, the blindfold both looks and feels very cheap. Another problem is that the elastic might be a little loose fitting for people with small heads. I'm a grown male and found that it barely fit mine. What I did like, however, is that it was able to cover my eyes so that not a slit of light was able to get in. Overall grade: C-

Next up is the pair of handcuffs. In my opinion, this is the premier item in the Engage kit. Constructed of soft, pliable nylon (think of a wetsuit), they have a Velcro strap that easily allows you to adjust the tension to any sized wrist. What I really enjoyed about the handcuffs was the pair of metal connectors that allows you to connect the handcuffs together, or to any other anchor point you can think of. Not only are these cuffs not intimidating, they work great! Overall grade: A-

Lastly, and lastly, is the duster whip. This thing looks so cheap its truly tough to describe. It consists of a 10" piece of plastic with soft, rubber tails at the end. It looks, feels, and smells like a "Koosh" ball. Did I mention the smell? This thing just flat out stinks like smelly rubber! Defiantly not something I was distracting me while I'm in the bedroom. With that being said I did like the whipping action of the duster whip. Just enough of a sting not to seriously hurt, but definitely enough to get your attention. Overall grade: C- Whip Smart aimed this product at the most inexperienced of bondage users so I guess it is to be expected that some of the materials are rather flimsy.

When you consider the low retail price it doesn't make the Engage seem like to bad of a deal. If you're serious about trying to spice things up in th bedroom with some bondage, however, look to spend a little more money to get a better product.

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