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Seasoned Players 2

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Dick Manley » Review Date: 7/12/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Seasoned Players 2
Release: 11.07
Who says you can't teach new tricks to old Ho's? Tom Byron
teaches them...and how!  In "Seasoned
Players 2" Porn queen Nina Hartley takes it in the ass for the first time.
Hartley Along with, Byron gets freaky with a MILF ASSortment Friday, Kristine
Madison, Sara Jay and Monique  with the,
the second in the DVD series featuring all-MILF's from Tom Byron Pictures.
Studio: Tom Byron Pictures
Category:  Mature
Director: Tom Byron
Starring: Friday, Kristine Madison, Monique, Nina Hartley,
Sara Jay, Tom Byron
Released on: 11/19/2007
Running Time: 151 min.
Production Date: 9/23/2007
The Ass end of it.
What to expect: With this fine line up of Ho's and Tom Byron
extracts good performances from his partners. My expectations were high here.
My Reaction: Nina Hartley was fine (my main reason for
selecting this release).  Friday
and  Monique worked it for me. Sara Jay
and Kristine Madison left me wanting. 3 out of 5 isn't bad, but It could have
been better with 4 or 5 out of 5.
Recommendation (?): Anybody who digs on older women.
Should you miss the boat (?): If you want more variety
of  men you might. A Single dude can get
Audio and Video: The technical outlook is fair to middling.
The audio is balanced and clean. little to no background noise, however when
the cell phone occurs Tom incorporates it. The video is reasonably fair but
could be a little better as it looks to be mastered from video. There is black
and white wide-screen footage as interview openings, the sex is in full frame.
There is good lighting, but as mentioned it seems to suffer from video
Music: None. Just the lovely refrains of moaning and
Menus: The menu is lame, It doesn't let you choose chapters.
Your are given the option of watching the whole thing or watching the 4 shot
options it gives you. (Oral, Fuck, Anal, Cum). You are also made to watch
advertisements that you can't skip past, Very annoying. The chapter menu lets
you watch a scene from the sequence you're selecting, while you are choosing.
The Feature
Tom Byron has things a little too simplistic for round two
of "Seasoned Players". The 5 scenes start with him Tom interviewing each girl
before getting bizzy with dem. Then they are in the never ending supply of
bedrooms for plenty of fucking, sucking, ass munching.
Scene #1 - Tom and Sara Jay
Tom gets chatty with bit titty'ed, big ass'ed Sara Jay. She
hasn't done anal with the ass wrecker, much to his disappointment. Oregon is
mentioned in the interview. (To be truthful I got through this as quickly ass
possible. After all Dick is here for the action!) They then get to it in the living
room...Sara is on her knees getting them dirty like the Ho she is. She really
didn't do it for me here, Just something about her is lacking for me. Tom gets
the full show as he eyes her big ass and coochie under her skirt. she maneuvers
her rack over his tool to work him into a lather. Tom lays tool to work on her
ass and pussy then she hops on Ala cowgirl to ride fully clothed ass she sticks
a finger in his ass. Tom yanks out of her and she sucks her pussy juice off of

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his dick then sets to eating his ass out. Then tom gets his favorite wish when
he gets to put it (where kids?) in her Ass! (finally.) Her clothes mysteriously
disappear when she reassumes the position with his rather large cock in her
ass. things continue until tom fucks her tits and soils her face with his
sticky goo. Good thing he has a leather couch.
This is a ok scene. Tom and Sara are OK but I wanted more.
She seems to like ass munching Tom, she is vocal and seems to enjoy the sex.
The phone ringing during the cum shot is somewhat annoying even as he stops to
answer just to tell them to bugger off. I guess his motto is waste no video,
that or he didn't want to do a retake. I'm sure she wouldn't have minded.
Scene #2 - Friday and Tom
Friday won't do anal anymore, she states during her
interview. Tom asks the forbidden question by trying to learn her age. They go
to yet another room a bedroom. Tom sticks his tongue where he wants his cock,
in her ass. Friday may be a little on the robust side--but damn she's hot
looking and acting. Tight clothes does sometimes a hottie make. She performs a
snatch clean and jerk while tom slaps her ass. She then munches his ass and
bobs his member, gets on her stomach for Tom to remove her tight pants and lois
lane panties. Tom goes down to find out what she had for lunch, moving only to
get a foot job. Friday likes it on her back where she truly earns her pay.
She's quite vocal, she squirms as he lays down his tool. She gets pressed with
her legs in the air and his nipples in her mouth. Tom Fucks her thoroughly.
They maneuver around for a while in several western inspired positions. When
she takes his cock in her ample tits he can't take it anymore and blows upon
her face.
This would give anyone wood watching it. There's magic going
on with Friday and Tom. Friday squeals and moans and seems to truly enjoy Tom's
work as well as his dick. It's nice to see it going on and being enjoyable.
Scene #3 - Monique and Tom
Monique and Tom have known each other for a long time.
Moniques tushie loves Tom in her .
Monique and Tom find another bedroom.
 In a pink
businesslike suit and lets Tom push her back so he can tongue her holes. She
slides down to work Tom over orally in return, and makes sure that he gets a
little throat action before moving up to ride him cowgirl style. Monique gets
on all fours so Tom can go right to fucking her ass next, and then impales her
ass on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Monique makes sure to suck Tom clean
before sliding her shitpussy back over his cock for a cowgirl ride, and even
lays back for Tom to fuck it missionary style. Finally, Tom pulls out and
completely showers Monique with her seed as she slides down to get right to the
source for a good taste of it.
Once again, Tom Byron shows why he's been around for so long
and been able to get so many top line chicks for his movies. There's plenty of
chemistry to come out throughout the entire scene here, and Monique seems to
really light up with Tom's cock in her ass. The scene moves along at a very
nice pace and the camera work is nicely done. This may be a fairly simple
scene, but with chemistry as strong as it is here and a girl who takes it in
the ass as well as Monqiue does, one doesn't need much more.
Scene 4 - Kristine Madison and Tom Byron
Kristine, is good looking for an older brunette. At five
feet tall, She mentions about being scheduled for the first Seasoned Players
DVD. Wasting no time, she loves to give head. Rubbing Tom's cock while  kissing. She then parks her as down on more
leather furniture and gets down to buissness. Her eyes becon him to let her
suck and fuck his tool. No stranger to being upon her back, Tom fucks her sweet
pussy. Kristine loves to ride cock cowgirl and doggie style. Kristine takes
toms sizable tool reverse cowgirl style. He then makes her take it on her back
again and devilvers the Cum de gras.
In this pretty hot scene, Kristine performs well for her age
she's a deep grunter on the vocals. There's some nice chemistry. The decent
camera work makes the scene all the better.
Scene 5 - Nina Hartley and Tom Byron
Nina and Tom talk about the rough life fucking for a living
has been for them. They haven't fucked for twelve years, this is while talking
about Nina's other half. Tom still loves eating Nina's ass. Nina sucks down
Tom's cock and has asscake as well. she starts showing off her assets by
mounting Tom, cowgirl style. Nina sucks him off, then goes for reverse cowgirl,
and then sucks him all the way down (while gaging upon it!) Missionary style in
Nina's ass is next. Nina rolls to the side for Tom to spear her shitpussy and
then gets up to slide it up and down his shaft in both of the (got the silly
thing in reverse!) cowgirls. Finally Nina strokes Tom's turgid tool with a
black rubber glove and then takes a very nice facial finish with a great smile.
(Why after swallowing his cock?)
Nina Hartley Doing anal (for the first time ever!) is
exciting and hot. She takes rail in the ass like she was born to it. I like the
heavy grunting and wailing as she takes him deep. The chemistry is there, she
is really into doing him, even when she does the Hershey Highway. Nice.
Seasoned Players 2 the MILF movie. With Nina Hartley taking
a shitpussy fucking as well as Friday and Sara Jay doing the same, it's a no
brainer. Tom Byron is boring! as the only male talent. Tom does ok in the
movie. Setting the tone in the interviews you notice the laid back feeling
going on.
Here it's all about good the sex.
The Extra Stuff
two and a half minute slide shows, with five seconds for
every small screen capture. Trailers are included for Seasoned Players, Anytime
Girls, House of Ass 5, 6 and 7, Lord of Asses 8 and 9. No menu is included to
select a menu. It's difficult to switch to movies. There's are cumshot recaps,
internet information, and a behind the scenes featurette.
The behind the scenes featurette lasts is 3.5 minutes. Nina
talks is a freak and is needing another happy freak. In all the movies they've
done in the past Tommy never has been able to fuck her in the ass.
Monique took a break from porn now she's back with a
vengance. It's ok but finishes way too quickly.
The Straight Stuff:
Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female and female >
male), male anal penetration, feet, interracial, and anal
Raincoat Factor: High
Condom Usage: None
The Bottom Line:
Tom Byron Pictures DVD's can be found online for between
about $15 and $25. If you're a fan of older women, It might be worth it for
you. Smoldering. The technical aspects, Fair with a chance of improvement.
Dick Manley

Dick Manley! The Manleyest!

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