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Ass Cruisin'

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/14/08

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 100 minutes

Director: Chris Steele

Cast: Aaron James, Jesse Santana, Rocco, Jason White, Dakota Rivers, Rod Daily, Wolf Hudson and Riley Burke

Body Types: guys (20's to 30's), guys with tattoos, nipple piercings

Condoms: yes

Things to see: threesomes, dildo play, outdoor sex, rimming, facial cumshot

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Plot: Aaron goes cruising for ass in the city of LA.  

The Movie:

Aaron James takes a wild excursion through the streets of LA, searching for fine specimens of ass.  Perhaps it's due to his fancy car or his good looks, but Aaron has no difficulties with picking up several hot guys off the streets and bringing them back to his bachelor pad.  As soon as he gets the boys in the backyard, he pulls down their pants to pat, lick, and fondle their prime asses.  Just like beef inspectors, Aaron checks for quality before offering up the boys to his friends or even himself.

Ass Cruisin'is a supremely hot film thanks to it's sexy models, well-staged sex, and some erotic set-ups that enhance the storyline.  Every scene showcases the actors giving their best and showing off their physical assets (check out scene three for an example of this).  In addition to the overall level of quality, the film is presented in a beautiful widescreen transfer and the DVD includes several lengthy trailers for your enjoyment.  Therefore, if you're cruising for some damn fine pieces of ass, Ass Cruisin' might be just the right thing for you. 

Scene one: Jesse Santana, Aaron James, and Rod Daily

Aaron picks up Jesse to give him a ride to remember.  Back at Aaron's backyard, he pulls down Jesse's pants.  Jesse's ass looks all too enticing for Aaron, so he starts to him him on the spot.  The boys then head to the house, where Aaron rims Jesse's perfect ass in front of Rod Daily.  Aaron and Rod then begin to finger Jesse's hole.  While they finger fuck him, they tease and taunt Jesse by boasting about how hard they are going to fuck his hole.  Aaron then shoves in a thick black butt-plug into Jesse's accommodating hole.  The guys leave the plug in there, while they suck on Jesse's cock.  Jesse then sucks on Rod's dick.

Aaron then leaves to pick up some more guys.  However, Jesse and Rod are too turned on to stop.   Jesse's well lubed hole is fucked from behind.  As Rod pounds away, his balls slap against Jesse's ass.  Rod then climbs off and sits down for Jesse to rim his hairless hole a bit.  Jesse then penetrates Rod and gives him a very good fucking.  Finally, Rod shoots a huge load onto his chest while being fucked.  Rod then strokes Jesse's dick to a creamy completion on his chest. 

This was a wonderful flip flop sex scene.  All of the actors are cute and absolutely horny for each other.   See if you can spot the all-too-obvious product placement for the lube!   

Scene two: Aaron James and Wolf Hudson

Aaron brings Wolf back to his back yard.  He pulls down Wolf's pants and starts to give him a juicy outdoor rim on a lawn chair.  Aaron then flips him over starts to give him some forceful deep-throating.  Wolf then begs to suck on Aaron's rod, so Aaron unzips and lets the cock hungry fiend go to town.  Aaron face fucks him and then heads back to sucking on Wolf. 

Throughout this foreplay, Aaron dirty talks about how hard he is going to fuck Wolf.  However, when the time comes for the dirty deed, the guys argue over who should fuck who.  Aaron protests, but Wolf manages to grab Aaron and force him down to the lawn chair.  Wolf shoves himself into Aaron's tight little hole and fucks away.  The boys then form a straddle position that shows off the boys' assets.  Wolf strokes Aaron off to a thick load while he is being screwed.  Wolf then strokes out some semen onto Aaron's chest.

Scene three: Aaron James and Rocco
Aaron lets Rocco drive his new car under the condition that Rocco will jack off in front of him.  Rocco peels out and races down the street like a 16 year old.  Back at Aaron's house, Aaron asks Rocco to fulfill his "end" of the bargain.  Rocco is very reluctant, because he professes to be straight.  Remind him of the deal, Rocco agrees to at least jack off, but nothing more.  Rocco takes off his clothes, except for his white boxers.  He proceeds to stroke his dick, inside his pants, which only makes Aaron hornier.  Eventually Rocco drops his drawers, revealing a huge dick.  Rocco then offers to let Aaron touch it.  Aaron tries to put it into his mouth though, so Rocco yanks his cock back, reminding him that he only said he could touch it.  Aaron continues to get even more turned on, so he bends over and fingers his hole, trying to entice Rocco to fuck him.  Like an honest to goodness straight boy, Rocco tells him that the only way he would screw him was if he had a nice pussy.  Rocco continues to stroke his cock harder, so (accepting a partial defeat) Aaron tells him to shoot his load all over his ass down below.  Rocco then proceeds to drop his thick straight boy load onto Aaron's backside. 

This was an extremely hot scene.  The magic lies in the set-up, as well as Rocco's huge cock. 

Scene four
: Aaron James, Jason White, andDakota Rivers

Aaron brings a cute punk (Jason) home to share with his hunky pal Dakota.  Aaron doesn't even introduce Jason, but he does pull down the guy's pants and show off his ass to Dakota.  Aaron finger probes and rims Jason, while Dakota has his dick sucked on.  While rimming, Aaron proceeds to tell Jason to do several things to Dakota's cock like deep-throating him and spitting on his member.  Aaron also sucks on Dakota's long penis.  Just before leaving, Aaron holds open Jason's ass for Dakota's cock.  Dakota fucks Jason from behind.  After that, Jason bends his body upward.  Dakota then stuffs his dick in and out of Jason's accommodating ass.  While fucking him, Dakota strokes Jason's dick to a decent cumshot.  Finally, Dakota shoots a load out of his delicious looking cock. 

What a great scene!  Dakota has a huge football players body and cock, and Jason looks so good taking all of it into his hole. 

Scene five: Aaron James, Jesse Santana, and Riley Burke

Back on the streets, Aaron finds another stud (Riley) walking along the street.  The guys drive away, together to Aaron's "house of ass."  In the kitchen, Aaron gropes and checks out Riley's ass.  Aaron proceeds to rim Riley's hairy hole on top of the kitchen island.  At one point, Riley becomes rather aggressive with Aaron, covering Aaron's face with his ass so that he receives a deep rimming.  The guys then share some tasty looking blowjobs, followed by more rimming for Riley. 

Jess then walks into the kitchen, wearing only a towel.  The guys let him join in on the fun, so Jesse starts by sucking on their cocks.  Jesse then puts on a rubber and fucks Riley with his legs held up.  Aaron helps out by holds up Riley's legs and baiting Jesse to fuck him harder.  Jess then fucks Aaron on the counter top, while Riley plays with himself.  After that, Aaron fucks Jesse in a straddle position.  The guys then tag team Jesse, with Aaron doing the fucking and Riley having his cock sucked on.  Finally, Riley shoots a facial load onto Jesse, Aaron fucks Jesse to a spectacular cumshot where he grunts like a pig, and then Aaron shoots his load onto Jesse's chest. 

This was a very nice threesome.  Jesse shows great enthusiasm while being fucked. 

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image is very nice.  Most of the scenes are bright and sharp.  Overall, this is great transfer.


The sound is average/good since the dialogue is recorded at a lower volume level.


Extras include chapter selection, cum shot review, a photo gallery and several trailers.

Final thoughts:

Aaron James might not possess the best acting chops, but he makes up for it through his powerful fucking and enthusiasm for rimming.  In many ways, this is Aaron's title, since he stars in every scene.  Fortunately, he brings much enthusiasm, which ultimately makes this such a hot DVD.   Ass Cruisin' is simply a case of porn done right.  The sex is great, the actors are cute, and the film is directed masterfully by Chris Steele since he creates several hot and satisfying set-ups.  Therefore, this film is hereby awarded the XCritic Pick.   

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