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Little Pigs

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/14/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2007

Length: 109 minutes

Director: Stephane Moussu

Cast: Matt Max, Miguel, Bjorn Gedda, Jirka, Tom, Davy Scher, Jimmy Clark, Felix Lacroix, and Aaron Garett

Body Types: Young European guys

Condoms: no

Things to see: romantic sex in the outdoors, bare-backing, facials, nipple play

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Plot: When nature calls make sure you bring lube.

The Movie:

Not every bareback film aims to shock audiences with its blatant portrayal of risky sex.  The title aside, Little Pigs is a surprisingly romantic bare-backing film that features lengthy foreplay sessions set in a beautiful Forest location.  Only one scene ventures into slightly more aggressive sex, while the rest feature couples being gentle and tender with each other.    For example, most of the Bjorn and Jirka scene consists of Jirka gently sucking on Bjorn's cock, licking his balls, nibbling on his nipples, and kissing Bjorn's neck.  If the thought of this sort of romantic sex is appealing to you, then Little Pigs may be just the right film for you.    

Scene one: Bjorn and Jirka

Bjorn and Jirka drive shirtless to a remote forest location.  Feeling the call of nature, the boys start to make out in their jeep.  After some romantic kissing, Jirka starts to suck on Bjorn's big blond cock.  Jirka can't get enough of Bjorn's cock, balls and nipples.  After Bjorn's lengthy blowjob, Jirka starts to rim and finger Bjorn's shaved ass.  Jirka then bends Bjorn over the jeep to fuck him bare.  Jirka kisses all over Bjorn's back while he fucks him.  Jirka then begins to pick up the pace, pounding his cock into Bjorn.  Finally, he pulls out and shoots his load onto Bjorn's smooth chest.  Jirka licks up his own cum.  Bjorn then stands up so that he can shoot his load onto Jirka's face.  Jirka keeps his mouth open, hoping to taste some of his love nectar.  Jirka sucks up what he can, making Bjorn moan with pleasure.

Scene two: Aaron and Jimmy

Aaron, a tall, well-built brunette, and Jimmy, a fit blond guy, explore a secluded lake.  The couple gently splash water on each other and then start to passionately kiss.  Jimmy gently guides his tongue toward Aaron's package, where he proceeds to nibble on Aaron's cock through the underwear.  Jimmy then licks Aaron's nuts and shaft before he does his best to suck on Aaron's big uncut cock.  Aaron then face-fucks Jimmy on a picnic table and gropes his ass.  Already bent over, Aaron shoves himself into Jimmy's hole.  Aaron fucks him good, making him intensely moan.  Finally, Aaron pulls out his cock and jacks off his load onto Jimmy's ass cheek.  Aaron shoves his spent cock back into Jimmy for a few more thrusts.  Jimmy then jacks off his cock onto Aaron's face and tongue.  Aaron, doesn't flinch once and gobbles up all of the semen remnants.

Scene three: Bjorn, Miguel, and Davy

Bjorn sunbathes nude on a beach towel.  Nearby, a shirtless couple sits down at a table and starts to erotically share food with each other.  While the couple makes out, Bjorn begins to touch himself.  The boys catch their voyeur peeking at them so they remove their pants to show off their asses.  Recognizing an invitation for fun, Bjorn heads over to the couple and starts to kiss their backs.  The couple kiss each other passionately while Bjorn gently rims their holes.  Bjorn then sticks a finger into each guy's hole to finger fuck them simultaneously.  With their holes ready, Bjorn screws Davy from behind.  Miguel watches the action and gently touches himself.  After that, Miguel fucks Davy from behind.  Soon enough, Miguel and Bjorn start to stroke their cocks close to Davy's face.  Miguel is the fist to shoot his load onto Davy's tongue and face.  With cum dripping from his lips, Davy heads over for some of Bjorn's spunk.  Finally, Davy shoots off his load onto the ground. 

Scene four: Jirka and Tom

Two hitchhikers jog together to a remote location.  Once the guys find a scenic spot to stop at, they begin to hug and kiss each other.  Jirka eventually takes control and leads Tom over to a tree.  Against the tree, he sucks on Tom's dick.  After the blowjob, Jirks receives a blowjob on a towel.  The guys then continue to kiss and rub each other passionately.  Jirka bends over Tom and starts to fuck away.  The fucking continues from behind until Jirka pulls out and shoots his semen onto Tom's backside.  Jirka licks up some of his own spunk.  Tom then jacks off onto his own chest, while Jirka hugs him.  Jirka grabs a string of his cum, tastes it, and then shares it with his pal. 

Scene five: Matt and Felix

At a remote lodge, two brunette friends play cards and share beers.  The game play excites the boys into playing with each others' bodies.  The guys make out on a couch before Matt heads over to a chair so that Felix can blow him.  Felix sucks away with vigor before he climbs on top of Matt's cock for some straddle fucking.  The boys fuck for a while and then head over to a kitchen table.  On the tabletop, Felix is screwed some more, this time more forcefully.  Matt fucks him deep and hard and occasionally slaps his ass.  Finally, Matt pulls out and tugs on the kitchen table cloth, so that he can spin Felix towards him.  With barely a moment to spare, he shoots a big load into Felix's mouth.  While Felix looks like he could choke, he allows Matt to shove the dirty cock right into his mouth.  Felix then shoots of an explosive load onto his own chest.  Matt scoops up some of Felix's semen and feeds it back to him. 

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image can be quite beautiful at times.  Shot outdoors, the colors of the forest are captured well on this DVD.  Some scenes are darkened by clouds in the sky, but generally the transfer looks great.  


The sound is decent and I didn't detect any problems.


Extras include chapter selection, photo gallery, and several previews.

Final thoughts:

Little Pigs is a unique bareback title because most of the scenes are romantic and gentle.  Like a scenic postcard, the locations used give the movie an enchanting feel to them.  In addition, the sex is all quite nice and memorable.  With a nice widescreen transfer and pleasant production values, Little Pigs easily comes with a highly recommended rating.

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