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Up Your Ass #28

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/15/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Carly Parker!

Up Your Ass #28


Dana DeArmond

Genre: Interracial

Director: Tony T.

Amber Peach

Cast: Carly Parker, Rico Strong, Jon Jon, Dana DeArmond, Justin Long, Amber Peach, Maria Bellucci, CJ Wright, Patricia Petite, Rebeca Linares

Length: 170:55 minutes

Maria Bellucci

Date of Production: 9/15/2007 to 9/21/2007 (credits)

Extras: The best extra, as expected, was the 12:37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed more nudity, a bit more sex, and some of the goofy antics of Dana DeArmond. There was also a pop shot compilation from the scenes, a photogallery, and a true double sided DVD cover as well as one of those slipcases too.

Patricia Petite

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Up Your Ass #28 was presented in an interestingly shot 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color by director Tony T. for Anabolic to be released in this SD version using the standard MPEG-2 codec. The lighting was such that a few of the scenes looked a little washed out, the glare of the lighting bouncing off the ladies or the lack thereof causing the colors to look too saturated. Still, the composition of the camera angles showed an invasive interest in the ladies having fun while pushing their respective limits, capturing the heat of the gals going at some hard core sex that was advertised as "100% Interracial Ass Fucking" scenes. The video bitrate on the MPEG-2 version was in the mid 5 Mbps most of the time I paid it any attention, some aliasing and grain observed (along with slight amounts of macro blocking) but still, it was better than I had heard via the internet last year when the title came out. Having seen limited amounts of Tony's directing work in the past (especially in the last year or so), I have to admit he is getting better at making smut though, perhaps not on Ivan's level but getting better all the same. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using the 192 Kbps bitrate and a 48 kHz sampling rate (with optional music). The music was subdued and not intrusive at all so if your player supports the function, by all means leave it on even if it was generic in nature. The vocals were slightly hollow with no separation but I could hear the ladies at all times, the comments by the men far less than the Nick Manning wannabe's some of them are known as being.

Rebeca Linares!

-- sponsored by --

Body of Review: Tony T. is my second favorite director at Anabolic after talented Ivan, both of them offering a variety of gonzo styled fuck fests these days. Tony tends to embrace the rougher side of porn and for those into that sort of thing, he rarely goes too far yet manages to instill some replay value for the shock effect alone. Having dipped into the vaults from last year, I dug up Up Your Ass #28, the sequel to Up Your Ass #27, for review this week in hopes of seeing Tony's growth as a director. The series itself is dedicated to anal sex with the kink being that all the ladies get anally hammered by large black cocks tearing into their perfect puckers. I will probably always maintain that the term "interracial" is a misnomer since we are all members of the human race but the societal shock value for some fans is still present and as long as it is, there will be a market for this kind of gonzo effort. The main selling point of this volume was clearly cute little Rebeca Linares but some of her industry peers were in fine form too, Tony using a small cast of recognized black men to drill the ladies senseless in the lengthy scenes. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Carly Parker, a thick white gal with a nice ass and positive attitude towards cock, was up first and the tease montage in slow motion wasn't bad at all. The emphasis was on her ass, and rightfully so, though fans of big tits will find a lot to like too. Her pink & white checkered outfit made her look younger and the slight yellow tint observed was not the worst I had seen in one of Tony's flicks; the gal telling the world about her need for "big, black cock" to start the vocals. She went right to aggressively sucking off Rico Strong and Jon Jon, deep throating them as they attempted to choke her (her skills prevented it though). Rico was particularly aggressive about using her mouth as a cock socket, Carly alternating between them as she stroked and sucked the black men off. Carly was a delight in how actively she rode them vaginally and anally too, taking charge of her destiny rather than act like their puppet (warning them to not slap her; they quickly complied too), including no DP footage but she really didn't need to do it considering the strength of her performance. In the end, she let them bust a nut of population pudding on her welcoming face, my only regret being that she wasn't the one to do it for them rather than have them jerking off. Sweet!

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond, an anal receptive gonzo gal for years before she tried to become the big name in alt-porn, was up next and she was certainly leaner here than she has been in a number of titles of late, reminding me that this was shot some time ago. She teased in a chair with her ass in the air, her backside looking better than the front to this assman. Say what you will about Dana but she has stayed active in the industry known for embracing youth above all else so she must have something going for her given that she's at least ten years older than the flavor of the month types so heavily favored in the industry. Dana finished her tease to sit on a couch between Justin Long and Jon Jon; jerking them off and alternating giving sloppy head to make them especially turgid. I would have liked the performance more if it wasn't a performance but she continually looked at the camera rather than try to make eye contact with the men (which helps establish personal chemistry) so while it was a mechanically sound scene showing her love of the attention she gets from doing hardcore porn, she could have been better. The guys fucked her silly vaginally and anally, giving some minor DP action as well as Dana cleaning them off orally out of her holes. Dana was passive during the anal sex but quite active during the oral and vaginal action, making it a decent scene not on par with her peers in this flick but certainly strokable. It ended when they beat off to her face, Dana trying to get some of the spew into her mouth.

Scene Three: Amber Peach, a chunky gal with a lot of her baby fat still intact, was up next in a darkened room where the camera kept changing the settings (not the best idea gentlemen). She was wearing a black and red striped camisole with matching accessories, the ample sample she offered probably the best thing going here for fans of "fluffy" gals (aka: BBW). She ended the tease to sit beside Justin Long, grabbing him and sucking his cock passionately as though driven by a need for seed. She did look at the camera too much but not nearly so much as Dana did, her lips wrapping around his shaft so effectively as to occupy her attention. She sucked his balls too and climbed onto his rod vaginally for a decent ride, moving to anal with taste testing before too long. In her favor, she seemed to like anal more than getting tapped in her front door, her screams of pleasure somewhat over the top but enough to drive Justin crazy, but about as passive during the anal as Dana had been. The scene ended when he jerked off to her mouth and she swallowed the load, giggling at the good time she had.

Scene Four: Maria Bellucci, a fine brunette with a superior ass, was up next as she followed the formulaic approach of the series, her ass stuck out on a bar stool to start things off right. Maria is another gal that is not a kid anymore but she showed an active manner as she teased, elevating the scene dynamic even before she was joined by CJ Wright and Jon Jon. She sat on the red couch with her bra and panties on, alternating between the two men, solving their erection problems before too long by inhaling their meaty members with all her skill. Whether she loved doing this or was simply an excellent actress, she looked to the men as she worked them over, adding to the heat of the action before they started taking turns fucking her ass and pussy (in that order too). There was some serious DP material here and the men were far from gentle when hammering away at her three holes, the taste testing showing she had a healthy respect for getting men off in whatever manner she could; even getting freaky on them. Maria even sported some pubic hair as she worked them into a frenzy, her active riding style blowing away some of her peers. The scene was heated with chemistry too and ended with the facial pops that she tried to swallow, cleaning the men up one last time before the camera faded away. Whew!

Scene Five: Patricia Petite, a foxy little bleach blond with a dark tan and neon colored bathing suit, was up next as she applied her stripper moves during the tease, soon to be rewarded by the large black cocks of Justin Long and Jon Jon. There were times when she seemed slightly lost during the scene but I appreciated the extended tease all the same, Patricia adding some value even if her all natural body wasn't quite as developed as her older peers. She was initially kind of passive when it came to engaging the cocks, licking the tip of Jon while Justin fiddled with her pussy; savoring the tip more than anything. She was largely a passive rider though and even with all the anal she did, the men were the ones in charge and she moaned in pain rather than pleasure, weakening the stroke factor for me this time. She did manage to swallow their loads of semen down easily enough but as much promise as she had, I've seen more enthusiasm from people getting a root canal.

Scene Six: Rebeca Linares, the perky little hotty on the front cover, was up last and as the focal point of the entire show, I knew that she not only could deliver the goods but likely would do so given her extensive past. I like my gals thicker for the most part but Rebeca showed that she was playful and liked her bikini; the tease by the pool generally among the best in the movie (at least when the color tone was accurate). The sweet little vixen then took to Jon Jon and his cock as though truly into the action, the diminutive cutie the kind that I hope is employed in future volumes of the series. She liked anal, not just put up with it, and pushed herself to slob his knob with gusto, relishing the black cock as though it were her favorite new toy. Rebeca was always active, always having a good time, and earned every penny of her fee here; doing more active anal than any of the others. She even gave him a footjob to loosen his load, eventually swallowing all he had to offer. Yes!

Summary: Up Your Ass #28 by director Tony T. for Anabolic initially made me ponder the advertised slogan on the front cover since there was a lot of vaginal fucking taking place too; to me, the "100% Interracial Ass Fucking" meant that all the women would be white (they were), the men would be black (they were) and all the sex would be anal (it wasn't though each gal did take a black dick or two in her ass, the men wanting some pussy along the way). Just as I provide pictures of the gals fucking the black cock, you can see that the technical values were not quite there when this was shot, the camera settings changed during the scenes but left unedited a number of times, distracting me to say the least. The sex was generally well doine though and despite a few of the men having temporary erection problems in a few scenes, the ladies all did a decent job of engaging their partners, meriting a rating of Recommended even though this wasn't the best such offering I've seen of late. In short, Up Your Ass #28 was a bit better than Up Your Ass #27 though your mileage may well vary if you aren't into the female cast members; Rebeca living up to her reputation as did Carly and Maria.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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