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Cone, The

Studio: Evolution » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 7/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I have to say I honestly WANTED to like the cone. From the moment I saw it I thought 'what a cool fucking toy!'.  In many ways the cone is the anit-sex toy. It's not really shaped or crafted to do any one specific thing, it's a pyramid like cone that begs for exploration and experimentation.  The booklet for the cone shows a number of possible positions and uses for the cone:

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In many ways the cone looked like it was a mini syban like device (it isn't) that could be 'ridden to orgasm'.  Many of the other suggestions ranged from using it in combination with oral sex, his or hers anal stimulation and several solo takes with the toy.

With so many possibilities how can you not have fun playing with and experimenting with a toy like the Cone?!?  With sixteen different vibrational settings it would seem the combinations with this toy are endless.

The actual bed test of The Cone was filled with a lot of shuffling and positioning. No matter what we did the cone didn't seem to 'fit' what we were trying to do with it.  The toy is rather weighty so it tends to just sit there standing straight up.  Points are given to the variety in the sixteen different vibrational modes and an extremely cleaver 'jump to max' button which will give you the max vibe without having to hunt through all the various programs.

The most success we had with the cone was with my partner 'riding' it. She said it was pleasurable but the effort she had to do to maintain the position 'wasn't worth it' in her words.

The biggest downside we found with The Cone (aside from it's inadaptability) was the fact that the vibration is pretty diffuse. For some this will be no problem, but for people who like or need more pinpointed vibration, The Cone may not cut it.

I'm torn with what to rate this toy. In many ways its one of the more fun toys we've played with in a while. It's unconventional shape really lends to exploration and experimentation, however we never really felt we found the magic spot or the best use.  Also the price makes it a pretty spendy toy to do a 'hey let's try it' purchase. Priced just over $100 this puppy is a little on the spendy side.

That all being said, the toy is more fun than many we've tried so I think it just hits the threshold for recommending you give it a try.

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