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Playgirl: Amorous Sexcapades

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 7/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Producer: Trans Digital Media                                

Distributor: Wicked Pictures  

Category:  All Sex

Release Date: 5/26/2008

Production Year:12/17/2007

Genre: Couples, Straight, What Girls Want

Length: 1 hrs. 41 mins

Performers:  Anthony Hardwood, Charmane Star, Clark Kent, Faith , Gia Paloma, Johnny Wood, Kurt Lockwood, Lola, Mario Rossi, Randy Spears, Samantha Ryan, Sharon Wild, T.J. Cummings, Talon, Tyler Knight

The Playgirl Teaser:Oh L'Amour... A nod of the head, a romantic gesture, a stolen glance and your heart skips a beat. Jump on the thrill ride of love, take that moonlit stroll, let the rollercoaster of romance take your body on a journey of uninhibited pleasure. Amour... You can't fight it so why try?

The Movie:

Playgirl's titles seem to have a hit or miss quality about them. Playgirl's Amorous Sexcapades is a soft core DVD made for first timers and women that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies. They will find this title more than suitable for their taste. Even the cover of the DVD is made specially to attract a woman's desires at the point of purchase with a very alluring sleeve and DVD cover. Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. There is also abundance bonus material including a solo male masturbation scene. The one thing about PG titles that it's worth the dollar value being that it's loaded with goodies for one to enjoy. Playgirl tries to   keep it as  close as  possible to what women  enjoys seeing  at  the soft core level  but on the  other  hand  are too  short length wise to  even  get a little heated. For me, watching a slow seduction is more appealing to the mind and body making sure that it keeps the viewers and me glued to the screen and wanting and waiting for more. In which in this case had me wanting to turn off the DVD player.Some companies like offering the dreamy, smoky, grainy look as if to enhance the fantasy and  they also work on deadlines and turn in crap that is accepted if it is on time not  caring  of how it  looks and  sounds..

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Playgirl's Sexual Sensations is distributed by Wicked Pictures for PlayGirl TV and is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound in Full Screen format. The lighting in each scene was rather grainy, dark with major shadowing and distortion. The flesh tone was realistic, clear, and crisp. The music used for five out of the six scenes was a very nice slow tempo, nothing that was too hard on the ears.  The audio portion each of the extras was badly edited. There was too much static and a lot of bouncing   around of the voices and very hollow, making it hard to understand his replies during the audition portion of Clark Kent.

The Extras:

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Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Bonus Scene, Behind the Scenes, Bonus Solo: Johnny Wood, Bonus Audition. Clark Kent, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Company Information, Web Site Information, Parental Lock.

Bonus Sex Scene: Pleasure Before Business w/Charmane & Randy Spears

Going away on a business trips isn't easy for anyone especially if you are  married to someone who is so into you. In this scene you have Charmane who at first look is fussing at herself in the mirror only to find out moments later that her husband  Randy is watching her. They exchange a few words here and there before the tease begins. One thing leads to another and they are getting down to their own "business". A very sensual scene...  l Like!

Bonus Audition: Clark Kent

When I think of Clark Kent my thoughts wander off and picture Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/ Superman who is one I would love to see with very little or no clothing on. To my disappointment, the "Clark Kent here isn't what I pictured him to be. Yes he does look mild mannered but not the eye candy I was hoping for. There is a   Q& A portion but it's hard to understand or even make sense of his responses due to the echoing or the crackling sounds from the microphone.

Bonus Solo: Johnny Wood

The only thing this solo had going for it was the nice beat from the techno music. Other than that I wouldn't watch it. It  is  very  grainy and  distorted then again you  don't know if that was the  look and feel  Playgirl was  going for. Johnny Wood at first glance looks like women and I had to do a double take to make sure. If the Goth look is what they were going for... it still didn't work... I  couldn't  see myself  getting into watching him get off when he  couldn't  even  stimulate my mind.. Sorry Ladies..

Scene 1:Kinks and Brains w/ Gia & TJ Cummings

Had it not been for the overwhelming background music this would have been an enjoyable   D/s opening scene. The fantasy of being Dominated by a women is something that all men enjoy at one point or another in their lives. The power exchange is just as stimulating for both if there is that intense chemistry with both performers that carries over into the camera. Gia who has more than enough for both, literally dominates the scene and ends up carrying TJ .I like men that are humbled but with still some spunk left in them..

Scene 2:Cabin Fever w/ Lola & Tyler Knight

Next up you have typical romantic setting in front of a fireplace which always works to get one in the mood. After a few dates Lola and Tyler end up back at her place. The two get heated up in front of the fireplace and give each other an intense work out. The narration did   become an unwelcomed distraction; there was no need for it . These two performers had nice chemistry working together making for a decent scene which could have been longer.

Scene 3:Hot Rod Lover w/ Faith & Anthony Hardwood

Next you have a very different kind of fantasy with a car and water and fire.. Anthony who is  wearing  shades( why  I don't know) is  trying to  get  Faith in the mood for  some   car top loving. You really don't get to see the   emotions as they are going through the motions. The camera could have panned in closer but didn't..

Scene 4: A Date with the Mechanic w/ Sharon & Talon

Women love to fantasize about hot looking car jockey who know how to make a car run smoothly. The only thing is that Talon has that baby face going for him. The cutesy chatter between them doesn't really fit in very well. As for the sex... Well... it left my engine cold...

Scene 5:Watching Him Play w/Samantha & Kurt Lockwood

Next you have Samantha Ryan who in real life is the ex girlfriend of Kurt Lockwood. The scene starts off with Samantha explain her hot for the rocker played by Lockwood. He plays his guitar for her and gets all weak in the news. Now I don't know how good he is playing it but it seems to work for her. What didn't work was the lack of chemistry between them... you would figure that it would flow even more so since they had a history before.. Guess not..,

Scene 6:Incandescent Love w/ Gia & Mario Rossi

In this final scene you have Gia and Mario winding down after a party. One thing leads to another and Mario is covered in what looks to  be  Christmas lights. A different type of fantasy adding lights to the physical pleasure.. Something different added to the mix sometimes works..

Final Thoughts: I think I have said this before in a few other reviews about Playgirl TV titles. They are "Hit or Miss" which is what happened here. It seems that the further back they go in time the cheesier and   less entertaining they become. Amorous Sexcapades as the teaser states it's suppose to "take your body on a journey of uninhibited pleasure." Well in this case it didn't.. The combination of sound and poor visual, robotic sex scenes made me wonder what made me think that it was going to get better. In the  first scene, the  use of  heavy metal music  totally  distracted me in  which I had to  turn the  volume  down . The other five scenes the music was decent nothing to hard for my ears. The picture quality wasn't the very best either. I know that  there is a  huge amount of content  still not  used by  PG that someone  has to  be checking  as I write  this. Question is, what do they check for? I hate to see DVD's made for women done in such a rush with out  so much as making  sure that  the  quality of  it is worth the  selling price. Don't get me wrong here.. there have  been more than a handful  of  Playgirl TV DVD's that  I have  enjoyed and even recommended but  when I come across one that  fails in every level  then I will  call a spade a spade and look out for the  male and  female  viewers  best interest. I hope that the  new  director  for Playgirl TV who ever he or she is take into  serious consideration that  just because you are on a  deadline  doesn't mean you have to  turn  in crappy  stuff and  hope it  sells...

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