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Bisexual Dreamer

Studio: Private » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: November 2007

Directed By: Moire (*) Candy

The Movie:

Straight fashion designer Jon is having a frustrating creative block until his sultry girlfriend Sarah introduces him to the secrets of bisexual lovin'.

The Cast:

Jon Janes, Sarah Twain, George Bellagio, Tina Gabriel, Thomas Lee, Francesca Fellucci, Lea Magic,  Dmitro, Kaira Paolo, Jeff Dicoli, Yenna, Alexandr Grant, Berry Glenn, Max Candy.

Run Time: 2 Hours and 39 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One:

Sarah Twain (pretty with long black hair, slender figure with smallish natural breasts) and her gal-pal Tina Gabriel (pretty with shoulder-length black hair, appealing figure, and large natural breasts) are enjoying some girl time alone with plenty of erotic deep wet kissing, hard nipple sucking, and feeling each other up on the sofa when Sarah's boyfriend Jon Janes (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) crashes the fun by sitting in between the two horny gals. 

Sarah chows right down on Jon's big hard uncut cock giving some very hot head as she slides her red lips up 'n down. Not wanting to be left out, Tina gets in on the cock sucking action gorging on that stiff man meat and gladly sharing with her friend. Jon fucks Sarah's tight shaved mound of Venus fast 'n smooth in the side/missionary position with plenty of hot penetration close-ups while Tina watches and plays with her wet shaved pussy. Tina is wearing some very groovy black and clear plastic platform shoes that look like they are right out of 1976.

Switching up, Tina rides Jon's baloney pony fast 'n smooth sliding her tight twat up 'n down while Sara plays with Tina's tits and then diddles her swollen clit. Jon fucks Tina's tight asshole from behind with hot penetration shots as Tina munches down on Sarah's muff and works her friend's clit like it's the last one she will ever get to play with. All three of these horny individuals are very into each other and the action filling the room with loud moans, cries, and sighs as they suck cock, eat snatch, and get one another off. Jon reaches the point of no return being serviced by these two beauties and busts a thick nut on Tina's face and in her mouth.

Scene Two:

Lea Magic (attractive with long black hair, hot figure, and large boobs) is wearing a blue maid's uniform while allowing Dmitro (good-looking with short light brown hair, toned/smooth body) and George Bellagio (okay looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) to feel her up and kiss with deep wet tongues. The dudes remove Lea's shirt revealing her large breasts in a black 'n red bra and begin sucking on her very hard nipples and rub her panty-clad pussy. Lea's panties are quickly moved to the side so that we get a nice look at her tight shaved quim.

Lea soon takes matters into her own hands and mouth by sucking Dmitro's hard uncut cock while reaching back and jacking George's stiff unclipped member. Dmitro and Lea chow down on George's cock having a good ol' time sharing that tasty tube steak cramming their gullets full and giving excellent head. Lea is soon spread eagle on the black sofa with her hot pink pussy on full display as the guys rub it and eat it at the same time with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups. Dmitro bends over while Lea eats his tight hairy bunghole with plenty of hot close-ups and George sucks that big dick.

George gets in on the butt munching by tonguing Dmitro's manhole in hot close-up as Dmitro gets back down on his gal's swollen panty cake. Lea rides George's hog working her wet tudi up 'n down fast 'n smooth lubed by her own natural juices with plenty of nice penetration shots. Dmitro soon takes over and screws George's tight shaved butt hole from behind with hot penetration shots as George fucks Lea. This is some very hot action and all three are very into one another and the action filling the room with loud pants, groans, heavy breathing and sexual mewling.

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There is one hilarious quick camera shot of one of Lea's black high heels lying on the floor. I can't tell if she's still wearing the other one. The threesome gets down with a hot side/missionary fuck with George drilling Lea and Dmitro pounding George.  High wheeling it to the end of their sex session, Dmitro squirts a large wet load on Lea's bum and in George's mouth. George shoots a big wet load on Lea's butt that runs down her crack and onto her pussy.  

Scene Three:

Kaira Paolo (very pretty with long dark curly hair, groovy figure, and nice natural boobies) sits in a sex club wearing a sly grin, black bra, panties, and silk stalking smoking a cigarette while watching Jeff Diloli (cute with longish blond hair, toned/smooth body) and Thomas Lee (good-looking with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) make out with wet tongues. Thomas lays back in a black leather sling suspended from the ceiling while Jeff chows down on his big stiff unclipped tool sliding his mouth up 'n down giving an excellent blowjob.  Kaira sashays over and begins rubbing Thomas' balls and jerking that prick. Kaira and Jeff make out with heavy soul kissing while she rides up 'n down on Thomas' turgid tube steak working her tight shaved private part for all it's worth and diddle her clitty. Jeff becomes a very busy dude while sucking Thomas' cock and eating Kaira's pussy switching back 'n forth between the two and enjoying the best of both worlds.

Jeff lies back on a black leather bench and is placed in wooden stocks while Kaira rides his stiff unclipped pork into next week with some very hot penetration shots. Miss Thing really works her pussy rockin' and rollin' like a champ. Switch up time comes soon enough when Thomas hops up on that hard cock and begins to play a good ol' game of sink/bounce while Kaira sits on Jeff's face. Switching up again, Jeff fucks Thomas doggy-style fast 'n hard with plenty of cool penetration close-ups as Kaira watches and plays with her sensitive tits. In a surprise move, Kaira straps on a black dildo which Thomas promptly takes down his gullet giving the fake cock some nice head. She fucks Thomas long 'n smooth doggy-style working that dildo in 'n out of that tight hairy hole with plenty of penetration close-ups. Get it, gal! Jeff shoots a load of jizz on Kaira's face and Thomas wildly beats his meat squirting a load on the dildo.

Scene Four:

During a daring photo shoot, the very beautiful Yenna (brown hair pulled up, hot body, nice smallish boobs), Alexandr Grant (cute with dark hair pulled back, toned/smooth body) and Berry Glenn (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) decide to get it on. Yenna makes herself very comfortable in a chair with her legs spread wide while all three kiss leading the dudes to munch down on that tasty ussy-pay complete with hot finger fucking while Yanna plays hey diddle diddle with her clit. Alexandr chows down on Berry's hard uncut prick sliding his mouth up 'n down leading to a traditional sixty-nine with Yenna on top giving a hot blowjob to Berry while Alexandr fucks her from behind and Berry works that clit. Barry slides a single digit up Alexandr's tight shaved bunghole while straddling him with some nice shots of the finger fucking.

Yenna sinks down on Berry's member riding fast 'n smooth and this gal really knows how to work her panty cake on that thang, baby! Switching up, Alexandr plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Berry's pogo stick sliding his tight hole up 'n down and cramming that hard meat as far up his asshole as humanly possible. Berry drills Alexandr in the side/missionary position fast, smooth, 'n hard with hot penetration shots while Yenna watches and fucks herself with the tip of a long riding crop! She then sits on Alexandr's face as he totally eats her pussy with hot close-ups of her pink lips of love and clit. Alexandr squirts a large thick load of spunk on Yenna nicely manicured pubes followed by Berry taking that cum-slick cock down his windpipe. Berry pulls his pork squirting a large load on Yenna's pretty face.

Scene Five:

Sarah Twain (scene one) has arranged a lusty bisexual surprise for her boyfriend Jon Janes (scene one) in hopes to get his creative juices flowing once again. In bed, she places handcuffs and a blindfold on her unsuspecting lover and begins giving him some expert head working her lips up 'n down his big hard uncut cock and then allows Thomas Lee (scene three) chow down on that thang cramming his mouth full.

Once the blindfold and handcuffs are removed, Jon is so turned on by the excellent blowjobs he's received that he has absolutely no problem making it with another dude. Sarah gets busy sucking both unclipped dongs rubbing them together, working foreskins, switching back 'n forth, and at one point taking both flared knobs into her stretched gob. Switching up, Thomas munches down on her tight shaved puss-puss leading Jon to fuck his gal fast 'n smooth in the side/missionary position with plenty of juicy close-ups of the penetration.

Thomas wants in on the fucking and bounces up 'n down on Jon's stiff prick filling his tight hairy bunghole full of man meat with hot penetration shots from the front while Sarah jacks Thomas' turgid tube steak. Jon switches to fucking his new buddy in the side/missionary position fast, smooth, 'n hard followed by Sarah playing a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Thomas' dick while Jon fucks Thomas' mouth. Whew! These three are definitely in heat and love what they are up to.  Jon quirts a large wet load on Thomas' face and then licks up his own cum. Thomas shoots a thick load of jizz on Sarah's tongue. Hot love juice drips from her chin.

Scene Six:

While being interviewed about his successful new clothing designs and the joys of bisexuality, Jon Janes (scenes one and give) gladly receives the lusty attentions of horny Francesca Fellucci (pretty with long blond hair, a knockout figure, and large enhanced tits). This gal is hungry for cock and quickly chows down on Jon's big fat uncut throbber giving excellent head as she slides her mouth up 'n down and nurses the large purple knob.  Max Candy (cute with short blond hair, toned/smooth body) joins in with Jon pulling his new male lover's hard unclipped prick out and begins stroking it and working that tasty foreskin. Max chows down on Jon's tool and gladly shares it with Francesca leading the two to give some very inspired head. Francesca wildly rides Jon's dong up 'n down as Jon sucks Max's member sliding his mouth up 'n down and Francesca diddles her own clitty.

Jon fucks Max's tight lightly hairy bunghole doggy-style fast 'n hard with hot penetration shots while Francesca gets back down on Max's pole. Max eats Francesca's pussy as Jon munches down on Max's tight bunghole with plenty of hot close-ups. At one point, Jon works two fingers up Francesca's tunnel of love and she fucking loves it. In a three-way side/missionary position, Jon fucks Max as Max fucks Francesca while Francesca plays with her sensitive little man in the boat. Max cuts loose with a large thick load on Francesca's tongue and in her hungry mouth leading Jon to take Max's cummy cock down his gullet. Jon beats off squirting a large load of spooge on Max and Francesca's tongues and faces. Hot!


Bisexual Dreamer is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close-ups of the cock sucking, pussy munching, ass eating, and penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc is playable worldwide.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily here the guys 'n dolls as they speak (dubbed in English) along with plenty of loud moans, pouts, heavy breathing, and sighs. English, French, and Spanish dubbed language is available.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, cast profiles only for the gals, and trailers for the straight movies: Sex Auditions 8, Anal Tropical Gonzo, The Private Life of Sabrina Sweet, The Sex Bus, and Best of Casting No. 3 with Tamara N-Joy.


Hold what you got! Bisexual Dreamer is one sizzling hot movie. The direction by Moire (*) Candy is strong and along with excellent videography and editing create six fast moving scenes that never become dull. The guys 'n dolls are all appealing, give wild energetic performances, and are definitely into each other and the action. My personal favorites here are Yenna, Tina Gabriel, Sarah Twain, Jon Janes, Thomas Lee, and Berry Glenn. I also like that the movie has an actual plot and the opening title sequence of behind the scenes of a fashion show are beautifully photographed. I Highly Recommend for all bisexual folks out there. Although I am only into men, I found the movie to be a big turn on!

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