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Phys-Ed Butt Bullies

Studio: High Octane » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/19/08

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Date of Production:  August 2006

Directed By:  Brady Mayo

The Movie:

Young 'n randy eighteen and nineteen year old dudes spend their day outdoors sucking hard cocks and fucking tight butts.

The Cast:

Kenny Kash, Brad Michaels, Blaine Black, Kaden Roads, Justin Plantano, Cody Kucher, Lewis Cannon, Dustin O'Reily, Gavin Stone, Brad Bones, and Star.

The Dudes:

Phys Ed Butt Bullies offers up ten appealing guys with a mix of short and longish hair; blond, brown, and black hair; toned and slender bodies; smooth chests; full, shortly trimmed, and shaved pubes; hairy, lightly hairy, and shaved bungholes; cut 'n uncut cocks.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 39 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One:

Somewhere in the Sunshine State, Kenny Kash (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) and Brad Michaels (cute with longish light brown hair, toned/smooth body) wrestle and have a good ol' water fight. Kenny is already naked showing off his shaved pubes and large cut cock. He soon yanks Brad's red shorts down revealing trimmed pubes, and a big stiff clipped pole. Kenny chows down on that delicious dong cramming his gullet full. Kenny, now wearing a cowboy hat, fucks Brad's tight lightly hairy hole from behind fast 'n smooth with some hot penetration shots from behind. The buddies relocate to the front seat of a car where Brad busts a thick nut on his fist 'n stomach and Kenny (with legs spread wide showing off his hairy butt crack, gooch, 'n balls) shoots a large thick load on his fist, shaved pubes, and hairy stomach.

Scene Two:

Eighteen year old Blaine Black is a cute dude with shaggy bleached hair/black roots and slender, toned 'n smooth body. After racing into a pond, he yanks off his shorts revealing closely trimmed dark pubes and a stiff cut dick. Blaine high-tails it into the woods to continue his lusty session of self-lovin' switching back 'n forth betwixt 'n between his right and left fists. This twink digs pullin' that pork and workin' that flared knob, baby! Working himself into a sexual lather, our buddy Blaine cuts loose with a large thick load of jizz that practically belches out of his piss slit and onto his almost-shaved pubes.  There are plenty of nice cock yanking close-ups here.

Scene Three:

Kaden Roads (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) and Blaine Black (previous scene) are in the middle of a red-hot make out session in the woods when Kaden sinks to his knees and chows down on his pal's big cut cock jacking the shaft and sliding that hot wet mouth up 'n down giving excellent head. In return, Blaine crams Kaden's big stiff clipped tool down his gullet giving a nice jaw job and gets a good taste of Grade A beef. These dudes definitely dig one another and really gorge on that throbbing meat! The guys proceed to trade blowjobs in the pond and then head back to shore where they lay back on the ground and frantically yank their members to climax. Blaine shoots a thick load on his inside thigh and Kaden squirts a tick load that flies up in the air and lands in unknown places.

Scene Four:

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Brad Bones (cute with short brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body) and Star (cute with shaggy dark hair, toned/slender/smooth body) playfully chase each other through the woods laughing and carrying on until they stop for some light kissing with no tongues. Star sinks to his knees and pulls Brad's shorts and boxers down revealing shortly trimmed brown pubes, plump balls, and a clipped dick. Star gives excellent head sliding his hungry gob up 'n down the hard shaft filling his windpipe full leading Brad to exclaim, "Your mouth feels better than a pussy!" to which Star replies, "You have a nice cock and it tastes hella-good!"  Star really chows down and is soon receiving a fast 'n smooth face fucking.  Brad gets down on his haunches and begins jacking Star's big uncut cock cramming as much down his throat as possible and teasing the knob with his pierced tongue. The dudes end up in a side sixty-nine with both gorging on meat and working their starving mouths up 'n down.

Brad fucks Star's tight lightly hairy bunghole in the missionary position sliding in and out with nice long 'n smooth strokes as Star sighs with pleasure and birds loudly tweet in the background. For some reason, there are no penetration shots here. Switching to some doggy-style, Brad continues to drill his buddy with some okay penetration shots from above that could be much better. Finally, there are some very hot penetration shots from behind of Brad's cock sliding in 'n out of that tight twink hole but is partly obscured by the natural sunlight. To finish up, the guys pound their pud and again, the shots are sun-drenched. Brad shoots a nice thick load of cum on Star's thigh while Star wildly jacks off and shoots a large thick load on his stomach. Nice cummy foreskin.

Scene Five:

Justin Plantano is a cute eighteen year old guy with dark hair, and slender/toned/smooth body. Sitting shirtless on an orange sofa, Justin slides one horny hand into his blue jeans and begins rubbing himself and ends up yanking those thangs and his black briefs down to show off his full dark bush, hairy plump nuts, and fat cut dick. With legs spread nice 'n wide, he jacks his stiff member using his left hand while digits on his right hand diddle his hairy butt crack. Justin has an amazing big fat cock with a very blunt purple knob and deep piss slit. Totally mouth-watering joint! Dude really gets into the pleasures of masturbating as his tight fist squeezes that beautiful dong and gives is a wonderful helping hand. In the end, Justin shoots a small thick load on his stomach.

Scene Six:

Lewis Cannon (cute with closely cropped brown hair, fem plucked eyebrows, and slender/smooth body) and his buddy Cody Kutcher (cute with short dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) sit on a sofa dishing the dirt about being professional escorts and refer to their fuckin' and suckin' as "appointments". The dudes kiss with deep tongues and Cody reveals that he has a full set of braces on his teeth reassuring Lewis that he can give good head without scraping his dick. Cody pulls his pal's shorts down revealing closely trimmed dark pubes, hot plump balls, and a cut cock. To be honest, Cody could use some lessons on giving a good blowjob as his mouth is too dry and he never really gets beyond half heartedly jacking the shaft and kind of sucking the knob. Rumor has it that my Aunt Gladys gives a better blowjob. 

Lewis fucks his pal fast 'n smooth doggy-style and it must hurt since Cody keeps moaning, "Oh shit! Oh shit!" There are some hot penetration camera shots provided here from below of that hard dong being crammed in 'n out of that tight shaved bunghole. Switching to the missionary position, Lewis continues to pound his pud with some nice penetration shots from below. To finish up, the guys lay back and jerk their tools leading Lewis to shoot a thick load of spunk on his stomach and Cody cut loose and squirts a large wet load on his chest and stomach. Cody then scoops up some of his own cum and eats it.

Scene Seven:

Eighteen year old Dusty O'Reily is a cute dude with short brown hair, smooth/slender body, and a hot Southern accent. He jacks his fat cut cock working his right fist up 'n down and rubs his plump balls while talking to the camera. Dusty is quite horny and ends up exposing his tight lightly hairy butt hole in a mouth-watering extreme close-up murmuring, "I've never done this before" as his pucker pulses 'n pouts! He's completely into showing off for the viewer laying back on the carpet and going to town on his hard hog with that tight hole on full display and ends up dumping a small load on his stomach.

Scene Eight:

Brad Bones (scene four), Kaden Roads (scene three), and Gavin Stone (cute with bleached blond hair, slender/smooth body) relax on a spread out sleeping bag. Brad chows down on Kaden's fat cut cock jacking the shaft, sliding his mouth up 'n down, and giving some excellent head. He soon switches over giving the same mouth-watering treatment to Gavin's stiff clipped dick as Kaden and Gavin kiss with plenty of deep tongue action. Gavin blows Brad's rigid cut pole giving some nice head while stroking the shaft while this time Brad and Kaden tickle tonsils. The dudes are very into each other and the action switching up to share and receive some very tasty blowjobs.

Gavin fucks Kaden's tight hairy bunghole doggy-style fast 'n smooth with hot camera shots of the penetration from below as Kaden crams Brad's dong down his gullet. Switching up, Gavin is now fucking Brad's tight hairy hole doggy-style quickly sliding in 'n out with plenty of delicious penetration close-ups from behind. Kaden gets in on the top action by pounding Brad in guess what? Doggy style, of course! I guess this is the only position the lads know. Again, there are plenty of hot penetration shots provided from behind. To finish up, the buddies lay back and choke their squawking chickens with Gavin busting a thick nut on Kaden's stomach, birds chirp, Kaden shoots a large thick load on his fist, bird tweet, and Brad cuts loose with a large thick load of spooge on his fist.

Bonus Scene:

Eighteen year old Kaden Roads (scenes three and eight) lies back outdoors on a sleeping bag and strokes his big hard cut cock working the fat shaft with his right fist sliding up 'n down. With his legs spread nice 'n wide, there are some nice camera shots of Kaden's hairy butt crack, gooch, and balls as he enjoys the secret thrills of exploring his own body. Kaden is completely into giving the viewer a hot show and doesn't disappoint and dumps a hot thick load of love juice on his fist.


Phys Ed Butt Bullies is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of hot close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean but the natural sunlight makes all the scenes much too light many times throughout the movie.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk to each other, plenty of nature sounds, and all the lusty noises of male-on-male lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a cum shot gallery/reel, trailers for: Jr. Jock Gym Camp, Phys Ed Butt Bullies, Latin Pinga Posse, Jr. Hottie Sports Club, and Oral 101: Suck-Hole Training. Also included is a nice five minute slideshow of publicity photographs with techno music accompaniment.


The horny young eighteen and nineteen year old dudes from Florida are back in Phys Ed Butt Bullies. While there are no actually bullies, these appealing dudes give energetic performances and are definitely into the action and each other. My personal favorites here are Brad Michaels, Kaden Roads, Dusty O'Reily, Brad Bones, and Justin Plantano . Director Brady Mayo provides good direction with nine scenes that move along and never become dull. There are plenty of hot close-ups provided here of the cock slobbering and butt fucking. My only problem is that with the movie being taped outdoors, there are many times when the natural sunlight makes the picture too bright or obscures some of the action. Beacuse of that, I'm going with a Rent It for fans of young (all age 18+) dudes and outdoor sex.

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