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Best of Jazz Duro - League of Extraordinary Ass, The

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Lorena (click for trailer)

The Best of Jazz Duro: League of Extraordinary Ass

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine

Monica Mattos and Louise Mignon

Genre: Compilation

Director: Jazz Duro

Julie Paiva and Jazz Duro

Cast: Lorena, Jazz Duro, Monica Mattos, Louise Mignon, Julie Paiva, Natalia Lemos, Sandra Romain, Melissa Lauren, Brianna Love

Length: 181:36 minutes

Natalia Lemos

Date of Production: 6/11/2008

Melissa Lauren, Sandra Romain, and Jazz Duro

Extras: The minimal extras included a cast list, some limited filmographies, a pop shot recap, three trailers, and six photogalleries (one for each scene). Given the length of the compilation, this was less of a factor but I would have liked more.

Brianna Love!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Best of Jazz Duro: League of Extraordinary Ass was presented in the original 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jazz Duro for Evil Angel as the latest part of their Buttman Choice selection (if for nothing else, to see what scenes the company considers his best against my own list). I have really liked most of his work for them and was happy to pick this one up too, noting that the raw energy usually beats out the technical expertise by a wide margin (and Jazz had only dropped the ball significantly once or twice in the past; a solid track record these days). This time, the lighting was again a bit more off than usual with the camera angles often too heavily focused on close up action. I wasn't too keen on that approach being so common here as the angles did not favor the ladies when they were in action (it worked best for the admittedly pleasing tease portions). The fleshtones were tinted and the editing was weaker than usual, making me wonder if his assistant(s) took the day off when post production time came around. There were some compression artifacts and the bitrate for the video ranged from the mid 2 Mbps to the mid 3 Mbps (on the low side); resulting in mediocre visuals at times when the lighting wasn't quite right though most porn using the MPEG-2 codec (for standard definition) will appear limited once you start viewing high definition material). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English (standard 192 Kbps bitrate and a 48 kHz sampling rate) with the ladies typically using some dirty talk to elevate the heat of the scenes. The ladies seemed to shy away from too much dirty talk thanks to language barriers in those cases, with the music and vocals sounding distinctly monaural but for the encoding signifying their stereo status.

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Body of Review: Jazz Duro has been in scores of movies as a meat puppet in recent years but his work as a director at Evil Angel has helped him make his mark even more as far as I'm concerned. His love of ass is akin to company founder John "Buttman" Stagliano, Jazz searching the globe to find the roundest rumps with a distinctive emphasis on Brazilian booty in his various series to date. As part of a growing trend at the company, Jazz was recently given a compilation of his best scenes called The Best of Jazz Duro: League of Extraordinary Ass, and my concern was that half the scenes would be good, the other half mediocre, and no new extras included. The good news is that the single disc set really did have some of his best work, leaning towards earlier scenes he directed, but the bad news is that nothing new was offered up either (and the extras were weak too). The company website suggested the set like this: "From the archives of Buttman Magazine Choice comes six great scenes from six classic movies by international stud Jazz Duro. If you're new to the "big anal" Brazilian delights that Jazz serves up, this compilation is an excellent place to start. The first scene has sexy, busty Lorena from Big Butt Slutz; she has an awesome pedicure and pretty feet, and ass-smothers Jazz while wearing tight jeans. After lots of teasing and the insertion of a big glass buttplug, Lorena deepthroats Jazz and sucks his big toe, then receives a ferocious assfucking. Jazz pulls out of her anus in time to decorate her face and lips with man-cream. Next, Louise Mignon and the stunning Monica Mattos passionately kiss and engage in some nasty face-sitting and salad-tossing, and both of them anally mount a glass double-ended dildo, in their scene from Ass Jazz 5. Jazz comes in and pumps their buttholes until climax. And perverse Romanian bitch Sandra Romain dominates French beauty Melissa Lauren in a scene taken from Ass Jazz 3; Jazz is there to get head from them both at once. The disc even includes the pairing of big-assed cutie-pie Brianna Love originally seen in Cheek Freaks. All in all, here's eight of the most gorgeous and sensuous women Jazz has ever shot, and pure satisfaction for fans of butt sex!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Big Butt Slutz: Lorena, Jazz Duro: Lorena, the well tanned brunette on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first as she girlishly showed off her womanly figure on the overcast day in the courtyard to director Jazz Duro. He couldn't remember her name but he sure remembered her fleshy ass as she spanked herself (in jeans initially) and teased with her ample chest in the see through black tank top. All natural curves like hers are a treat these days in porn, as is the coy nature she applied to the tease action, a side product of Jazz having fewer scenes that are longer. The clothed butt gyrations alone were enough to get me off but her facial expressions were classic too, elevating the heat quotient repeatedly as she bent over and knelt before the pool. Fans of feet will have something to appreciate as well as those into face smothering by a gal with jeans; her clothing staying on until nearly the 30 minute mark (around which time she started masturbating). The large anal plug soon came into play and a well lubed ass was the destination. She started sucking his cock around the 41 minute mark (all times are approximate but this gives you an idea of how the scenes weren't cookie cutter short) with her usual enthusiasm, Jazz getting slightly rough with her by slapping her playfully. She rimmed him and took his cock well as he boned her pussy, tying her to the ladder of the pool at one point. The anal was short and passive but led to him popping on her face with her licking up the remains off the ground. In all, it was a very solid scene with some of the greatest tease footage I've seen in months! Whew!

Scene Two: Ass Jazz 5: Monica Mattos, Louise Mignon, Jazz Duro: Monica Mattos, the hotty on the bottom of the front DVD cover getting anally planked, was up first with curvy cutie Louise Mignon, the gal on the upper part of the cover wearing a white fishnet top, as director Jazz Duro, watched them tease and please one another. If you like sultry Latinas, this pair of premium gals will be among the best you'll find with some heated energy complimented by the chemistry they shared together. I have long thought that playfulness between performers is important for the best scenes and these ladies had it in spades, elevating the value of the scene for me a lot (irrespective of my appreciation of Monica's recent works). There was a lot of spanking, dirty talk in their native tongue, oral, and more tease then almost any other modern director puts into a movie. The pants covered face sitting, the grunts and groans, and the use of ass stretching anal toys aside, Jazz didn't join them until over 30 minutes of lesbian action took place. As usual, he snacked on their cracks and got some fine head before banging them (mostly anally with ATM). The gals were active cock riders and the large bed barely contained their antics as they went at one another. It ended when he blew his load all over Monica (after getting his salad tossed of course) with the gals licking up the remaining spew at the one hour mark. Whew!

Scene Three: Ass Jazz 1: Julie Paiva, Jazz Duro: Julie Paiva, a pretty brunette with a curvy ass wrapped in jeans with her tits covered in neon pink mesh, was up first with studly Jazz Duro. He came over to see her and she was reading a Buttman magazine by the small pool in a chair. Once he said hi, she was devoted to providing him with the kind of heated tease footage that porn hero John "Buttman" Stagliano always favors, making this "Choice" pick of his a natural in my mind. She licked and kissed the camera lens before it cut away to some topless footage of her with the excruciatingly slow ass tease as she lowered her jeans ever so slightly to let loose those cheeks of war. Her tan line was perfect and after eventually stripping down, she went inside to change her clothes for Jazz. The white fishnet material accentuated her tan all the more and she then started masturbating with a clear serrated anal plug (in both holes mind you) to stretch herself out as much as get off. Jazz joined her to assist in the toy play and gave her some oral, with the sloppy blowjob starting almost 35 minutes into the scene (talk about healthy doses of tease!). She spit on his rod and the camera, savoring the taste of his penis before blindfolding him for an active bit of face riding, making me want to trade spots with him. They skipped right to the anal after that, using cock and inflatable ass plug to give her a huge gape. The rest of the hour long scene was full of more anal, ATM, and toy use, with both of them clearly into the other with some chemistry and enthusiasm that went beyond mere economic matters. The ending facial closed it out and it was a very good start.

Scene Four: Big Butt Slutz 2: Natalia Lemos, Jazz Duro: Natalia Lemos, the gal on the middle of the left hand side of the front cover spreading her ass cheeks apart, was up first as she slowly gyrated her healthy sized ass while wearing a blue dress and pressing it against a stripper pole. Unlike some gals with a big ass, hers proved to be firm (she'd spank it to show little movement) and the tease using the metallic pole had her smiling before she fully embraced her scene with Jazz Duro. He pawed at her a little bit and the colors were too saturated thanks to lower than needed lighting but her thong was buried deep inside her cheeks as she ventured around the expansive living room for the heated tease too. She even used large glass toys to penetrate her ass and stretch it out (with ATM of course) before slobbing his knob while on her knees. The slow, almost kittenish licks she gave his rod were playfully applied and he was fully erect when she presented herself to him using her flexible figure to back up on the cock. There was some increasingly teasing vaginal work before the inevitable anal; the gal relatively passive during the initial backdoor action (though appreciative of his oral efforts back there) but seemingly into Jazz doing her from the looks on her face. This led to more oral by both of them, including some sweet face sitting, before the scene ended with him rubbing his cock on her ass cheeks as the population pudding freely flowed onto her body. The energy and chemistry were free flowing here, making for a solid start to the movie, the gal blowing him to one last orgasm before walking away triumphant.

Scene Five: Ass Jazz 3: Sandra Romain, Melissa Lauren, Jazz Duro: Melissa Lauren, the cutie on the front cover standing with her ass to Sandra Romain's face, was up first as she told director/scene partner Jazz Duro that she likes rough sex. She teased the camera and masturbated with her fingers and toys as she talked dirty to him, warming up before Sandra joined her for some oral loving. The ladies had fun on the landing with each other on the overcast day, showing just as much heat as ever (and that's a lot!) as they prepared to take care of him. The oral sex they gave one another included a lot of rimming and the spanking/spitting/toy play were enhanced by the dirty talk even if the lighting was a bit off and the scene kind of dark. If either of them were lacking in desire for the other, I didn't notice it and I had to admit that both looked fleshier then ever as those wonderfully round asses were put to the test. Fans of face sitting and ladies into the lesbian antics will get off to this one for a very large number of stroke sessions but it got better once Jazz joined in. It took nearly 25 minutes but they went inside the house and the ladies continued to go at one another when he kicked back in the chair with his cock readied for sucking. He sucked Sandra's ass and then played with the ladies before Sandra sat on his face and gave him a water works show while Melissa sucked him off. This led to her getting rights of first boning (and she took them) with vaginal, followed by Sandra sucking him clean, and anal (again with the taste testing) until it was Sandra's turn. Sandra rode his cock anally like she was possessed and that started a veritable cock war where Melissa didn't want to be thought of as second best so she elevated her riding in the next round. They continued in several more positions and ended with a cumswap after the facial. The scene was basic but very well done, lasting over 50 minutes into the movie and already containing more stroke value then a full movie by many of the competition.

Scene Six: Cheek Freaks 1: Brianna Love, Jazz Duro: Brianna Love, the lovely little hotty showcased on the front cover in and out of blue apparel hugging her fine, tight body, was up first with Jazz Duro. I've seen the former RLD contract gal a number of times in the past and thought she was packing substantially greater amounts of junk in her trunk this time. While a little conditioning might be a good idea for the cute young thing, she was as sweet as ever here with her playful attitude shining through as it did on her better scenes in the past. As expected, there was a lot of teasing here, focusing largely on her backside before she got to sit on his face. Fans of lengthy tease will appreciate that she didn't even show her perfect pucker until nearly 16 minutes into the movie, the face sitting with and without her pants on at around 23 minutes, and the blowjob at around the 40 minute mark. I state the times just to give you an idea if it'll be right for you though it worked wonders for me in terms of the energy and heat, not to mention the strokability. She slobbed and bobbed on his knob with enthusiasm and skill, proving she hasn't seen fit to rest on her laurels by improving her craft. She then aggressively and actively rode on his cock with her ass cheeks rippling all over the place as he poked her pussy, soon finding that tight, wet spot not quite enough to satiate his needs. She asked him to fuck her in the ass and that's exactly what he did as she spewed dirty talk as though into it more than a little (performance artistry aside, she would probably make a decent actress). She had done ATM from time to time in the movie (initially with her toys) and ended it that way, resulting in his load of population pudding gracing her face and mouth to close out a very heated scene between the pair at about the 53 minute mark.

Summary: The Best of Jazz Duro: League of Extraordinary Ass by director Jazz Duro for Evil Angel did give me the impression that some of the scenes were "tightened up" in editing them but the quality of the action still represented some of his best work to date as advertised. The six scenes had gorgeous round rumps and I added in some naked pictures to emphasize exactly what you should expect from the show, most of the scenes being the opening rounds from their respective titles (that are still well worth checking out; perhaps a rebate program could be started for loyal followers that buy the titles from this compilation). I rated The Best of Jazz Duro: League of Extraordinary Ass as Recommended mainly because it had nothing new to offer up fans and merely stated that three of the scenes came from his Ass Jazz series (leading some to think that the other three scenes might be new) but newcomers could do a lot worse than this one if they don't demand the best looking technical values in lieu of raw energy. I suspect many loads of population pudding will be launched as a result of this compilation, it even reminded me of how solid some of the director's works were so early in his career.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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