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Men HARD at Work Vol. 2

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 7/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Director: Jim Steel

Cast: Cort Donovan, Jude Collin, Rod Daily, Antonio Madiera, Wolf Hudson, Nickolas Lockwood, Jason Talon, Lucas Knowles, JT Ross, Dempsey Stearns, Kevin Gotti

Length: 1 hour, 16 minutes

Production Date: May 2008

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
The second installment in this collection of scenes from the Suite703 website continues its love with office sex: dress clothes and ties, stressed-out executives, cocks out of dress pant pee-holes, ties draped around hot men, power plays...it's all part of the fun in five scenes.

Scene 1

Jude Collin gets frustrated with a fax machine, and things get worse when shaggy-haired Dempsey Stearns spills coffee on him. The assistant soon drops to his knees to wipe up his boss's pants, and quickly opts to pull out Jude's big cock and start sucking. The two then slowly make their way over to the lounge chair (it's impressive--and funny--to watch them almost hop over: Dempsey sucks the whole time, and Jude still has his pants on!). Jude then falls down and relaxes as his gorgeous meat gets serviced. I love watching Jude smile--and listening to him encourage his co-star. He's got a spark about him, and loves getting his piece worked on. He grabs on to Dempsey's hair at one point to give a face fuck, complementing those "nice tight lips!" The camera lingers right below his dick, giving us a great view as we look up at the hottie. The action then edits to the fucking, as Dempsey is sitting atop Jude in the chair. The bottom stays nice and stiff as Jude delivers a slow and steady fuck, their hairy legs mashed together. We get a very brief doggie position shot before a missionary fuck ends the action, the two releasing their loads on Dempsey.

Scene 2

Tan hunk Rod Daily is taking a break in the kitchen when co-worker Jason Talon brings him some food. The two have been working long hours, and the stress is getting to them. Rod baits his buddy with the name of a gay bar, and cute Jason takes the nudge, leaning in for a kiss. Rod then drops to the floor to unzip Jason, sucking on his thick piece. More nice shots below give us a great view, and soon Jason pulls down Rod's pants to get a look at his smooth, tan ass before face fucking him. Rod then lays on the table and rolls up his legs, his hole getting licked up by the hungry Jason. The top soon shoves his cock in, and Rod jacks his own big, hard boner as he gets pounded. Rod then gets fucked from behind, still stiff and looking gorgeous in just a tie. There isn't much depth in this fuck shot, but I don't mind much since cute Jason has a meaty piece. The two squirt on Rod's amazing bod at the end--what a chest and stomach (and arms, and...)!

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Scene 3

I heart Cort Donovan, and this scene makes me want him even more. He sits down at his desk and calls over cube co-worker Nickolas Lockwood. Cort gives his office mate some files to work on: "You're gonna do what I tell you to do...suck my dick!" Cort pulls out his piece, and dear lord it's one of the most gorgeous cocks ever. The man is always super-hard from the get-go, and Nickolas is more than happy to start slurping. I love the side shots when Cort gets sucked while standing--they really make you appreciate his piece even more. But Cort wants cock, too, and soon puts his bud up on the desk and starts slurping Nickolas. And guess what? That tan hottie is packing a beautiful piece, too. It's a great pair, and the two kiss and rub on each the entire time, making it even hotter (love those cocks grinding together as they kiss!). They exchange more sucks, and Cort shows off some amazing multi-tasking in one hot shot: He sucks on Nickolas's big cock and fingers the bottom's hole (alternating with some eating), all while jacking his own big piece. What a vision!!!  Nickolas then bends over for some loving--one great view has his cock bend back on the desk as he gets fucked doggie style. When it's over, Nickolas licks Cort's balls as the top jacks off--unleashing a gorgeous gusher all over his hot bod (it's quite a load, my friends!). Nickolas then adds to the wet mess, ending a great scene.

Scene 4
Wolf Hudson is busy at his desk when spiky haired Kevin Gotti delivers the mail. But when some papers fall to the floor, Kevin drops and pulls out his boss's cock to start slurping (it isn't very deep sucking). Wolf then fucks Kevin over the desk, the camera catching some nice views below that capture the top's shaft in action (Kevin has some nice moans, too). The two then move to the floor, where Kevin sits down on Wolf, an aerial shot giving us a nice view of their bods. The best part of the scene catches Wolf firing his big load, a huge stream over Kevin. We don't get to see much of Kevin's cock here, and overall this is the weakest scene of the bunch--but it still pleases with it's shots of Wolf's cock fucking away, and with his great squirt.

Scene 5

Antonio Madiera is telling co-worker JT Ross about the hot water delivery man, and soon the handsome Lucas Knowles walks in to their delight. After installing a new tank, he asks Antonio: "Is there anything else you want me to put it?" You know what the answer is: "Your dick in my mouth!" Lucas obliges, unzipping as Antonio starts slurping on the hard uncut rod. Lucas takes off his shirt to reveal a tan, toned hot bod, and JT whips out his dick to start stroking as he watches. "Fuckin' beautiful, ain't it?" asks Antonio as he slurps away and rubs Lucas's hot bod. Soon the two join JT, and Antonio takes turns sucking their dicks--and shoving both heads into his mouth at once, with some great shots above and below the action. Antonio then licks their stacked asses before sitting in the chair to get both his holes filled--Lucas fucks his ass as JT fucks his face, with Antonio's own big cock nice and hard as he pulls on Lucas's tie. Everyone's forehead gets nice and sweaty, and soon Antonio bends over to get fucked by JT, everyone dumping their loads on the bottom. Antonio is simply fantastic, and really knows how to take charge of a scene (see, bottoms can be just as dominant!). The pro looks just as young and cute as he did when he entered the business, and his enthusiasm--from his gorgeous smile to his verbal encouragement to his hot-as-fuck moans that fill the entire scene--he shows how it's done. He's a consummate pro, and my only wish is that his gorgeous cock got some oral attention here! (I'll do it!)

The full frame video is decent if not remarkable; it has a realistic look, although the office theme drapes the backgrounds in dull tones. There were no issues with the 2.0 stereo track.

Not a one.

The Naked Truth:
For a web-based series with relatively shorter scenes with lots of action edits, this series is pretty damn good. It beautifully plays off that office dynamic that most everyone can relate to, taking advantage of familiar settings with some light role play and uniform fetishes thrown in. These scenes are short and sweet, and get to the point by getting you off. Four of the scenes here have at least a few shots and sequences that I loved, all led by a great cast.

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