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Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 7/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Director: William Higgins

Cast: Jack Wrangler, Derrick Stanton, Alex Hall, Barry Bingham, Bart Roberts, Jason Long, Matt Levi

Length: 59 minutes

Production Date: January 1983

Condoms: no (pre-condom era)

The Skinny:
This William Higgins classic from Catalina's vaults gets a 25th anniversary release. Super stud Jack Wrangler narrates the action, jacking off a few times and introducing us to three scenes. If you're unfamiliar with Wrangler, get familiar now. An icon in gay porn, the handsome hung stud helped shape gay sexuality and change perceptions of gay men, helping to usher in a new era of understanding (and porn). The video and audio here is pretty weak by today's standards, but it probably looks about as good as we're going to see it.

Scene 1

While wandering alone in the outdoors, Wrangler gets worked up as he talks about nature: "I get off on being outdoors...the incredible sexual feeling. There's a ruggedness about the outdoors. You can feel the dirt and the grass next to your skin. You can smell it. And as you get more turned on, you can feel sweat on your chest and the contours of it. And the strength of your legs and the muscles in your arms...it's like part of he whole fucking landscape. Man, it's beautiful!" If listening to this Prime Grade A hunk of man doesn't turn you on, you must be straight (although I bet he could turn some of them, too!). Wrangler is a tan, muscular hunk (with a natural build!) with a light dust of hair on his chest and a massive cock. He soon makes his way further into the woods and whips out his cock, a big, thick, straight slab. He strokes, then uses his belt buckle as a cock ring and continues to jack off before shooting his load. It doesn't get any manlier and hotter than this.

Scene 2

Arriving at home, Wrangler tells us about a long-haired friend who likes to come over and fantasize about guys while watching TV. The action cuts to the friend, who soon fantasizes that a blond-haired object of affection is in front of him. The two suck each other, although some dark lighting makes it hard to see all the goods--but we get a great close-up of the dark-haired man's cock, and the two stroke to squirt in this oral/j.o. scene. While this is happening, the action cuts to scenes of Wrangler in the shower. His amazing bod is covered in water, and gets soaped up as he strokes, his balls frantically bouncing. It's even hotter than the opening stroke, with perfect shots of the star. We get a slow-motion squirt, like all of them here.

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Scene 3

Jack tells us about his two runner friends, who shared a locker in high school. Now on vacation, they take a break from running and sit down in the woods, soon shedding their clothes (notes Jack, "Eric's locker room fantasies are about to be fulfilled!"). The lighting becomes softer and more romantic music takes over, and we get some nice shots of the dark-haired top's cock as he gets sucked. He then eats his bud's ass and fingers him before fucking him doggie style, and one close-up of his squirt shows off his cock nicely. The bottom jacks off, and the two kiss to end the scene.

Scene 4

Jack talks about his total fitness program while checking out a blue boy magazine. He talks about his fascination of looking at pictures of naked men on a big screen, and soon we see a handsome mustached man sitting in a chair looking at projected photos. He jacks off his nice piece, and soon one of his visions--a thin, shaggy haired man--also comes to life (I think it's Derrick Stanton who joins him). The two kiss and exchange sucks, and the fantasy boy lets out a nice load, with our main man going in for a post-squirt suck. The mustache man then decides to conquer some ass, fucking his bud (who lets out a second load as he's fucked!) before jacking off.

The 16mm full frame print has apparently been restored for this release. Given its age, you can't expect it to look outstanding. By today's standards, it's not very strong in video or audio, with a blurry look and no sharpness, not much color definition and lots of film specs. The audio is also a tad weak. Still, for a classic like this, it'll do--it's good to have it available again.


Like it did on its VHS tapes, Catalina puts a "bonus scene"--which was always a scene from another movie. In this case you get the Steve York/Ben Barker pairing from Boys of San Francisco (7:40), and what a great time it is. Barker is lounging by the water when York stops by, wanting to teach the student how to suck cock. York whips out his piece, and if you haven't seen it you're really in for a treat. It's big and beautiful, and Barker proves to be a First Class Cocksucker, deep throating that baby with ease (we see nothing but pubes!). York has a rockin' bod, too, and a great aerial shot captures him in all his manhood, surrounded by a beautiful paradise location (check out the shot below...pure heaven!!!). York then fucks Barker, dumping a load on his face at the end (while Barker is sleeping...it's an odd ending, but who cares?!). Also included is a PopShot-On-Demand cumshot compilation.

The Naked Truth:
If you're a classic porn aficionado, this is essential. If you're into more modern films with perfect transfers, this 1983 effort may just seem "average" to you. But William Higgins is the master, and with icon Jack Wrangler leading the way, this just might make a new fan out of the skeptics. There's something so hot about seeing more vintage porn, and Wrangler is simply one of the hottest men to ever walk the Earth.

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