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Filled to The Rim 6

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 8/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Filled to the Rim 6
A Diabolic Release Directed by Ray Bones
Starring:  Cassidy Blue, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Rossi, Holly West, Alexa Benson & Maya Gates.
With Mick Blue, John Strong, Mark Wood and Steve Holmes.
Runtime:  2hrs 17min
Condoms?:  None!
Brief Synopsis:  The focus, as the title will duly suggest, is on the creampie, aka the internal cum shot, aka a grail for most gonzo lovers, i.e. me!  The female participants are mostly veterans to the porn world (Cindy Crawford, how I missed thee!), as are the sturdy pool of gentlemen (Steve Holmes!), which should result in a cavalcade of professional fucking that suits the fringe aspect of the fetish in question.  It takes skill to be this messy, so let's not dally any longer!

[Scene One]  Cassidy Blue  (with Steve Holmes)

Cassidy starts off atop a set of carpeted stairs, fondling her breasts and strumming a hand or two against her crotch before moving to a nearby couch, where she nurses an aerodynamic orange dildo between her teeth before sliding into her pussy.  She keeps the spit going to smooth her self-satisfied ride out with the toy, flipping to her side to tear away at her stockings, further allowing us to gaze at her sizable rump as she softens a pink dildo with enough spit to plug that wonderful ass of hers.  As she inserts and pries her back-end with the toy, Cassidy keeps her kitty warm with her other hand, and soon enough Steve arrives to attend to both of her holes with his tongue, fingers and a clamped-down set of lips around her own southernmost curtains. 


Steve's well-honed skills are put to good use, well enough that Cassidy eggs him on with a few cries of "suck my cunt!" before he jumps up for a face-fucking blow job, courtesy of his pleasurable and pleased partner.  He tugs at her hair a bit as she feeds on his wood, segueing into a half-spoon slide via Cassidy's bald snatch.  Steve horns in close, breathing toward her neck as he massages her clit with a palm in front.  The action moves to doggy-style pussy prodding, with a few of Steve's fingers finding their way into Cassidy's ass in the meantime, and another appearance by the aforementioned orange device just to keep things interesting.  Cassidy props her back up against the cushions for missionary, allowing Steve to hungrily paw at her chest while he lays his bat straight into her puckered asshole.  The dirty talk continues, dusting the proceedings with enough flair that Steve lifts Cassidy up to continue their anal play in a cowgirl position.  Cassidy's mound is constantly being worked over throughout, and is ongoing even as the two revert back to even more missionary-based anal play, driving Steve to break his dosage of wad into her gripped ass.  Once he uncorks, Cassidy coaxes the deposit with a finger or two (Steve assists), all while keeping a free hand atop her pussy, and the fluid drips out of her in a thin wash as the camera slinks away and fades out, unfortunately, quickly.

Cassidy's storied looks are a definite draw here, as is her peppering of filthy words which keep the scene (and Steve) strong-willed, as well as her rapturous delight in taking an anal stroking in both cowgirl and missionary.  The introductory ripping of her stockings was a fine touch, too, and truly warmed the scene up before the boy/girl action began.  Consider me, and you, quite happy!

[Scene Two]  Cindy Crawford  (with Steve Holmes)

I admit to missing the bulk of Cindy's more forceful appearances over the years (her early moments do stick in my mind like a pitchfork, however!), but thankfully, her appearance here more than catches me up to where she is these days: a total pro!  Her chestnut skin is enhanced by her brown-toned surroundings, no doubt, and the overall effect she gives off is one of a well-heeled beach bunny, ready for just about anything!  The tease begins momentarily, with a few heel-in-the-air spread eagle dazzles, a few eyes cooing toward the camera before Cindy edges herself out of her swimsuit, freeing her nipples, her breasts and eventually sticking her ass into the air, wetting a few fingers to warm herself up before Steve arrives to carry the torch.  He laps his mouth muscles against both her holes, lapping up and diving in face first.  Sitting up, he cradles Cindy's head in one of his arms for a firm amount of face fucking, with either of their free hands wandering between her thighs and keeping her cherry quite warm throughout.  The blow job becomes more of a spectacle for a brief amount of time, and Steve spoons into her slit as he holds onto her chest from behind.  He keeps his fingers poked into Cindy's behind as she rides atop of him in cowgirl, each of them taking turns in the heavy lifting department before sticking his pole into her asshole in doggy.  The action shifts along to close, intimate spooning, wherein Cindy utters a steady amount of vocal gyrations as Steve slays her with his saber.  Cindy's cooch is almost never without a few fingers pulsing into and around and among her clit at all times, even as the anal sections off into reverse cowgirl, with an ass-to-mouth taste afterward.

Even more anal play in doggy and tried and true missionary keep Cindy and Steve's efforts ever so strong, as well as a copious amount of breathe & stop tasting to keep the mood going and quite dirty!  After one last blow job break, Steve does a glory grip into Cindy's ass, with her caustic mutterings now reaching a boiling point with "stick that thing into my fuckhole...my dirty, nasty dirtbox", which prompts her to giggle at her own word choice, followed directly with "stick that shit in my pussy...my cunt hole?  You like sniffin' it?" as Steve leans down to nibble, nose deep, into her crotch.  After this exchange, Steve pops off into Cindy's ass, causing a swift spill and a final suck off before the camera fades out, again, frustratingly quickly.  Even though the final moments don't quite linger long enough to satiate an adequate cool down after such a great scene, Cindy is the star, a hellcat in her own right, who does right by her own sexual needs while keeping her partner's cock up and advances keen through it all.  Cindy knows just how to finesse the appropriate energy from all the involved parties (that includes you, cameraman!), without letting anyone feel left out, and without losing focus of the events at hand.  Some may find her dialog exchange above less than fulfilling, but I felt that her on-the-spot wordplay was on point and more realistic than most (I think Steve would probably agree, too), displaying a particular personality that is rarer than hen's teeth.  And who could argue with such a gorgeous, filthy-tongued petite princess?

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[Scene Three]  Claudia Rossi  (with Mark Wood)

Sultry Euro lass Claudia slinks into the room, practically falling out of her wisp of an outfit, and soon crawls over the head of a beige leather couch to aim and point a series of sultry poses for us, with every new move serving up a plate of madness with each well-guided turn.  The smokiness in her eyes is set deeper by the heaves of breath that she draws in, and her hands work their way across the expanse of her fishnet covered ass before she rips the seat out of them with both hands.  All the better to knead her jiggly envelope with those fingers, it seems, and to graze the small patch of cleanly kept fur that greets the entrance of that slit.  After a small spell of more net ripping, Claudia kicks herself out of those heels and spreads her legs out, dipping a few fingers into her asshole as Mark appears and lends his hands and drooling mouth for willing service for the cause.


Classic missionary is the first of Mark's charges, and Claudia vocalizes each of his sharp pumps with a heavy accent that fills the acoustics of the room and bounces back with each new plop.  Afterward, Claudia perks her ass into the air, prompting Mark to slurp and dangle his tongue down into her brownest hole, slipping into her pussy for a doggy bump, followed by a post-taste by dear Claudia, and onto reverse cowgirl, mound-bound.  At this point, the audio sync fails for a solid minute (in wood burning time, it might as well have been a glass of cold water), but both Claudia and Mark return to their past glory, bumping and grinding and squealing all manners of cries and pants that raise the elements past any technical glitches, damn them!  Another taste takes Claudia into standard cowgirl position, allowing her to vamp it up as Mark slips in from below. 

The anal play begins after Claudia does a pre-glory sample of Mark's dick, sopping it up with a light sheen before he winds his rod into her ass, doggy style.  At first, his dick can't get much traction, so Mark widens Claudia's gap with his fingers, upping the digit score with each prod, soon laying pipe into her with a slow ease.  More tasting onward, Claudia all but slays Mark with her combination of sultry gazes, finger self-diddles, cries of joy and her wonderfully shaped ass as he keeps his rhythm in a forward pass of reverse cowgirl anal love.  Claudia truly works over his joint in reverse with her supple legs, and the delightful strain is apparent in both performers' every move and utterance.  The ass-to-mouth keeps on to introduce missionary anal (along with more self-rubbing), and Mark clasps Claudia's legs together in an upward fashion, taking every last bit of her portrait in as he prods his stem into her back end.  His thrusts end with a closed crack shot into Claudia's rear, and her hole winks out a few drops before she digs around with a finger, on her tip toes, hoping to crack more salve out.  Only a few more droplets eke out, but the camera falls back and fades out quickly (again!), somewhat robbing the situation of a final, evidence-laden outcome.  Claudia is as close to being on fire here as any performer could possibly be, by combination of her exotic, perfect 10 looks and her highly believable sexuality that just oozes out of her in her voice, her physicality, and her overall presence of mind.  I admit that I feared the worst after her entrance, but she proved me wrong, beyond any doubt!  The technical glitch in the middle was a bit of a bone-killer, but Claudia, obviously, rose above and beyond it, and then even further beyond that!  My goodness!

[Scene Four]  Holly West  (with John Strong)


Set in a room of white, Holly teases from the outset, drawing her hands across her sequined bikini with enough strength to pull a select few off the fabric and onto the couch.  After a viable amount of self-exposure, she produces a glass dildo which she courses along her crotch before splitting her thighs apart for a submersion between her kitty's lips.  The masturbation session, along with a few self-tastes, continues in a doggy position, wherein Holly continues her glassy moves, along with a few fingers circling and massaging her asshole.  Back in recline, she offers up her mouth for John as soon as he arrives, stroking and leaning into his wood, earning an anal licking before he fucks her pussy from behind, doggy-style.  He reddens her ass with a series of worthy smacks, causing Holly to bust out in a series of restraint screams and shout-outs, veering the action into cowgirl (vaginal), with John jolting from below.  He continues to clench and smack at Holly's ass in the interim, arching her on her side for a run in spoon while she keeps petting her clit in the midst of the transom.  

Finding in this position an opportunity, John seizes Holly's ass and plies his dick into it, raising one of her legs in the air.  Post plugging, she samples the assadelic sword a bit before going onto reverse cowgirl, anal, and John socks it to her while they take turns flipping their fingers between her quivering slit.  Another taste takes them into missionary based anal and even more self-diddle, back into spooning with quavers of excitement wafting in the room by way of Holly's furrowed brow and beautiful cries out toward the ceiling.  A final bout of ass-pointed missionary seals the deal, and John shoots his seed into her closed cheeks, a clear spout of jizz falling out of Holly's ass and onto the floor as the camera fades out faster than you could read this sentence!  While I wasn't warm to Holly's introductory tease, her motivation overall was predominantly camera-oriented, with less emphasis on her partner than I would have preferred.  However, her enthusiasm for being fucked plays out quite well despite it all, and she produced a treat of a scene, for sure!

[Scene Five]  Alexa Benson  (with John Strong)

The exuberant Alexa is more than happy to oblige the cameraman an introductory tease, pulling up her sheer top before spreading her legs apart for a more serious offer.  Once she pulls back her undies, she flexes a pink butt plug that seems to have been inside of her ass for a little while, in preparation!  She pushes her ass to the forefront for a bit, sliding back into a relaxed, seated position to work a glass toy into her pussy, tasting the resultant glaze that a few precious strokes grant the device.  John arrives and immediately is doled out a blow job, for which Alexa kneels down for, jerking his carrot and rubbing herself in the during.  Raising her rear once again, Alexa is boffed vaginally in doggy, and John keeps a keen eye on that ass plug as he rams into her from behind.  With her panties pushed down to her knees, John uncorks the pink surrogate and feeds it to Alexa, who takes it down with gusto.  Her pangs of delight rise up like an escalator while John does his work, and soon he's putting into her asshole, still in doggy, as Alexa rubs her ribbon below. 

The movement shifts to spooning (again, anally), and Alexa's furious self-love continues onward through each pump.  Alexa and John take turns spreading the expanse of her ass cheeks as she rides in cowgirl, her bottom getting kicked with John's northbound rod, the parting stretching the hole with each newly minted stroke.  Reverse cowgirl and a half-spoon march continue the action, and once again back to reverse ends the service with John unloading his wad into Alexa's ass, popping out to let it all ride out of her ass before the final fade out.  Even though I dug her initial wily nature at first, Alexa didn't exactly ring any bells too terribly loud, though her efforts are commendable at best.  The final series of positions felt more like a slog than enjoyment, though perhaps others would find more to mine than I did.  Good, but not great!

[Scene Six]  Maya Gates  (with Mick Blue)


Ooh, Maya Gates!  With that smile and that broken dialect of hers, she wastes almost no time working her fingers into her ass, reaching for a turquoise vibrator to satiate her needs almost immediately!    It doesn't take long for that toy to glide in and out of Maya's brown hole and into her mouth, either, and it's almost startling how quick it all happens!  Mick jumps in as Maya slathers her lips with the makings of her own mess, and Maya keeps her mouth and hands occupied with his schlong before propping herself up for reverse cowgirl (vaginal, for now).   Mick does the brunt of the work at first, with Maya keeping her clit warmed in a flurry of blurred digits, and soon she takes control to slow the reverse glide down.  She spreads her legs apart as she lifts herself atop of Mick's dick, bumping until cannily shifting to missionary position, during which Mick licks and laps at her fleshy curtains before cocking his rock back inside of her.  After a close kiss, Mick rises up and face fucks Maya, prompting even more pussy eating and rubbing before a classic run of cowgirl opens the book for free-wheeling anal play.

Reverse cowgirl truly allows Maya to gain a foothold (literally) atop of Mick's thighs as he plugs her ass from below.  She keeps herself in good self-rubbed standing all the while, perching and leaning into Mick's tower of prick, spinning into spooned anal, and a three-fingered stuffing into her vagina.  In standard cowgirl, the ass party continues with Mick, again, taking the lead, and missionary back-end bumping leads to a culminating position, wherein Maya props herself upside down at the foot of the couch, prying her ass apart and allowing her ankles to dangle near her head.  Mick then proceeds to unload a gravy boatload worth of sauce across Maya's gaping asshole (pulled apart and inside with her long fingers), which seems to delight her to no end, and is truly fucking messy!  "Your sperm is so hot," she says with her tangy accent, and we are allowed to linger for just a few moments, long enough to pick our jaw from off the floor.  Maya does come off as a touch self-involved (letting Mick do most of the heavy lifting, even in cowgirl!), though her near-pretzel/gymnastic feats and bordering-on-insane cum shot position truly took the scene off the charts.  The few moments of kissing were a boon, as well (thanks, Mick!), though Maya seemed only about halfway into the whole overall.  The stunning end, I feel, is worth the trip!


Bonus Features

A Behind the Scenes feature runs just under a scant three minutes, and mostly wanders between on-camera interviews with Alexa (pictured above right, who suffers the jittery cameraman asking middling questions) and Claudia (who suffers a kind of homesickness for her country and her horses).  More substantially, an extended reel of Additional Tease footage (8:57) compiles the introductory sequences that didn't make the final cut (including the eternally fresh Cindy, above left).  Each of the girls is featured, though the inclusion to the feature itself would have been a more adequate and fulfilling decision, methinks.  A Cum Shot recap scrunches together the final bursts (4:40), and a Photo Gallery (3:23) shows off the still poses of each respective scene.  It all comes off as a nice garnish, a little zing to take you past the main feature, but not exactly revelatory overall, with the Tease reel being the main highlight.

Audio/Visual Quality
The picture is presented in 1.77:1, 16x9 enhanced widescreen, which blooms out in a beige to yellow tinge in the highlight range, peaking out a soothing palette that borders on the unnatural (but otherwise extends the quality of each respective performer's sunbakedness), the only exception being Holly's mostly white-based light scheme, which feels a bit cleaner to the eye.  As the footage was shot indoors, the range of the source light is based on the particular place of action (i.e. Cassidy's stair step introduction vs. her couch-bound sex with Steve, which loses a bit of sparkle as the shadows eke into the scene), with an additional array of studio fills punching in the highlights.  Those shadows are most suspect when the camera draws in for close-ups, via the cameraman himself, but even those happen rarely and don't quite distract enough to lose the action completely.  The audio was presented in normal 2-channel stereo, with one particular sync problem between the 53 and 54 minute mark that guffs up the middle of Claudia's scene for exactly one minute.  A little annoying and as eternal as that minute feels when it happens in such a great scene, the rest of the disc keeps the heaving and huffing under control, easy on the ears and equally as well on the brain.

The End of the Affair
If you're a fan of the internal affairs that just hug the edge of the porniest of porno, you could do worse than Filled to the Rim 6.  However, the main caveat is the restraint that plagues the conclusive cum shots per each scene:  despite however messy any of it became post-fade out, we, the viewers, deserve more than a quick jolt out of the scene, and we do love our cream pie events more than baseball (probably!).  Despite that pecking flaw, the meat of the work here is relatively top notch (Cindy's ebullient effort, Cassidy's proto-MILFY ways, and the out-of-this-world Claudia) with the flaws being more about enthusiasm and keeping us interested despite them.  The overall scope of anal within the feature is nothing to scoff at, which is primarily why I'm offering a Recommended scope; while being slightly formulaic as a whole, the positives truly outweigh the negatives, and I hope that next time (there will always be a next time!) we have all the luck, no matter how dirty it gets!  I'll even bring my own mop!

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