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Whale Tail #4

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 9/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Whale Tail #4

A Smash Picture Directed by David Lord
Starring:  Phoenix Marie, Missy Stone*, Emma Cummings*, Stephanie Cane & Lexi Belle.
With Nick Manning, Jenner, Christian & Van Damage.
Runtime:  2hr 13min
Condoms?:  None
Brief Synopsis:  In case the vernacular escapes you, the "Whale Tail" of the title refers to the thong triangle witnessed via back-end cleavage, and in this case, that of a lovely lady.  Since even the most moderate climate can feel left out of this phenomenon (I had supposed it had more to do with anal sex, but I'm crude - sorry!), director David Lord snared five beautiful tails for us to take in all the year-round, safe from the harm of the high seas and/or the toasty temperatures associated with old fashioned, public whale tailing.  For practical purposes, the soft disclaimer which begins our journey begins:

[Scene One]  Phoenix Marie  (with Christian)

With a sunny disposition, Phoenix peels away during the introduction tease, cutting swiftly between a few telling glances and dropping her bra away to show off her enhanced chestal regions.  In the scope of balance, Phoenix is as stacked in front as she is behind, a rump that Christian jiggles around as he slips in to kiss her.  He grips her curves with both hands, running his tongue against her pried open ass and dotting her rear with a few fingered jolts before Phoenix doles out a blow job upon Christian's already rocked knob.

Phoenix works his rod over with a series of neck stretches, attending to him in a no-hands manner, easing her way to the edge of the couch, fellating his fillet with her tongue all along the way.  Christian plucks himself away long enough to guide Phoenix onto her knees for a slide between her breasts, prompting her to squeeze the sisters together and form a makeshift sleeve with the palms of her hands.  Afterward, Christian teases her rear hole a bit more, beginning the pussy penetration doggy style.  Phoenix keeps her heels on during the first run, though she makes her arches more comfortable as Christian speeds his plow and warms her crotch with his hands.  The two segue into spooning eventually, and Phoenix utters out a few wobbly lines of patter among the more believable moans and squeals which Christian ekes out of her from his choice cradle hold. 

Reverse cowgirl comes up next, allowing Phoenix to gravitate her force atop of her partner in a series of jumped and bouncy moves, with a variety of both her own and Christian's fingers walloping her clitoris amidst the tumult.  They fall back onto the couch for a final run of spooned fucking, leading to an acceleratation before Christian stands and delivers his smattering of seed along Phoenix's open mouth and drizzles the rest down her chin.

Though it would seem that the more gonzo aspects are absent in this scene (i.e. pussy to mouth tasting, innumerable positions, etc.), the focus on the sex is actually quite high.  The chemistry between the two is quite favorable, leading to an incredibly enjoyable scene.  Though Phoenix's dirty talk may need a bit of squeak shining, the effort drawn out of both her and her partner is more focused on each other, and the camera is more than happy to take it all in.  The positions last quite longer than most, too, and lends an almost (dare I say it) romantic quality to the work, though the minutae of seeing our girl every which way from Sunday is perhaps worth the mystery it costs.  With as sumptuous an ass as Ms. Marie, I surely hope that she's got even more in store for us!

[Scene Two]  Missy Stone  (with Nick Manning)

We begin with a glance of Missy watering a lawn in mid-day, and homeowner Nick wondering why, exactly, she's doing him this favor in the first place.  A few leers later,  Missy, the kind neighbor, takes up his offer to water his indoor plants, with an emphasis on Nick's trouser hose (of course!).  She begins by crouching and kneeling on the carpet, bringing Nick's snake down into the furrows of her mouth before he juts into her mouth in face fucking mode.  As a reward for her good duty, Nick angles the now naked Missy's ass out for a good finger licking, holding her tiny framed ass apart as he lets his fingers wander into both her holes, from behind.  He dives deep in between her legs as she flips over and spreads out, keeping a few digits jutting in and out as he laps up and around Missy's clit.  This prompts a flurry of beautiful squeals, a trend that does not let up, especially as the events drive toward classic missionary.

Nick breaks Missy's ground and aims her toes straight to the ceiling, her legs now like the shaft of a sailboat, and she is no doubt elated to be his prop!  Flipped back around, ass out, Missy attunes her vocal frequencies to an even higher pitch as Nick hammers in from behind, gripping her ass as he pistons into her slit in a long, glorious bout.  Afterward, the party veers into reverse cowgirl, this time with Nick plugging Missy's ass with his thick saber in short jabs, at first, alleviating the pressure with deeper pushes and even more deft room-filling vocals, courtesy Ms. Stone.  She keeps her hands at her crotch in self-fiddle mode throughout, turning into standard cowgirl, and Missy occasionally pries her cheeks apart as Nick continues the ass pumping, with each partner shifting their lead off until the final pop-off.  Rising swiftly, Nick grips his reed and jerks out his wad onto Missy's lips and chest, culminating with a post-taste test (ass to mouth), and the glory of the fade-out bringing it all to a close.

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A great run by both performers here, overall, especially Missy's tumbling towers of ebullient and enticing screams of joy that she builds and topples and rebuilds again, all with the assistance of a very attentive Nick and his well-equipped fingers, tongue and schlong keeping the heat up at all times.  As in the previous scene, the meat is in the long stretches of position footage in combination with the few, more believable amount of positions, lending an almost down-to-earth variety to the proceedings.  The twists and turns seem to rely more on the partners themselves, less on the whim of the camera, and that leads to a very relaxed (though hyper-sexed) set of footage; hot like a sunburn, but twice as enjoyable!

[Scene Three]  Emma Cummings  (with Jenner)

Saucy Latina Emma displays her very appealing amount of ass in an introductory tease, flashed quickly through a series of peel-off of clothing and music until the moment when Jenner appears to smooth his hands against her ripened booty.  He tugs and pulls at her underwear, flossing her crack and easing the fabric between her cheeks and pussy lips as she groans with approval.  He lies down, allowing Emma to topple above him and smother his face as Jenner nibbles at her crotch in between red-faced breaths.  Emma's ride only lasts for a few minutes, and she she shifts her body down in a near 69 position as Jenner minces her labia and tears the thin barrier of her panties with both his hands in one long rip!  A little bit of smothering and face-grinding later, Jenner dips his fingers into Emma's ass, cracking open her dot and breaking in room for his rod.  Emma bends over and blows him, nearly gargling the expanse of his whole scope down to the balls, bobbing her head down in sharp turns as Jenner occasionally grabs hold of her scalp for a more direct aim.

A missionary run of slit-rubbed shuttling begins the penetrative assault, with Emma gracing her fingers against her clit while Jenner bumps through and keeps a steady pace.  He shifts her legs up in a half-spooned position, keeping, at first, one finger set inside Emma's asshole, and soon upping the number to a peace-sign of two as he keeps on trucking.  Emma crows with delight as her back end is cracked apart with each new slide, and the anal begins afterward in reverse cowgirl (she at first adjusts during the early part of the ass sticking by hovering a purple dildo with a swollen head atop her clit, letting it fall away as she replaces it with her own fingers).  Jenner serves a few smacks to Emma's crotch in the meantime, amping the tease and push to the point that she earmarks the room with a few bubbly flutters of blissful cries.  A final run of doggy-style anal seals the deal, and Emma opens wide to accept Jenner's coconut milk, one shot hitting her brow and streaking across her face, and another down her chin and the top of her chest.  The few remaining sputters are sucked out with Emma's post-taste, and she spits the last drops out onto her chin as the darkness fades in.

All in all, Emma seems to have a good time with Jenner and his own set of good graces, though she has a tendency to perform less for him and more for the camera.  Thankfully, this happens less than it does often, and her partner's bag of tricks is certainly a fulfilling watch, especially with her very curvy set of front and back mounds.  She has an inkling of a mommy tummy (no complaints, but just so you know), though naysayers will probably more focused on her enhanced chest and wonderful ass (especially during the smothering - wow!).  As with the previous scenes, the trend of lingering on specific acts and positions is a boon to the scene, and lends a you-are-there quality - so very good!

[Scene Four]  Stephanie Cane  (with Christian)

Out biking on a sunny day, Christian spies Stephanie in his sights and hurries to catch up with her.  On the way up, he inches closer in to capture a few glances of her tail, tipping itself out of her seat.  Dizzy and quite excited, he crashes into the hedge of a nearby driveway, tumbling to the ground.  Ever the concerned citizen, Stephanie looks over his bruises and invites him to her place for a cleanup, wherein the two find themselves face to face and lip to lip.  Stephanie begins the downward dance by swabbing Christian's erection with her tongue, showing off a few tattoos in the process.  Unclothed, Christian does his own bit of licking on the part of Stephanie's smooth crotch, sitting her frame atop his rod for a start-off in standard cowgirl.  Her casual pigtails bop and wiggle around as Stephanie squeaks out an adorable amount of vocals, and Christian ups the knobbery in reverse cowgirl to squeeze out more hot coos of her.

Stephanie's slight frame is all the more apparent once Christian barrels down in standard missionary, whipping against her splayed, trim and skinny legs, prompting a long string of "oh my god" as the thumping rises and the riding continues.  "Fuckin' A!" finds its way out of Stephanie's mouth soon enough, along with a run of equally enthusiastic "yeah yeah YEAH!"s, urging Christian to keep up his fine amount of slaying, edging into a doggy, pussy-bound position before too long.  With that change, Stephanie gurgles out a tormented amount of screaming (believable, and almost unreal!), which breaks Christian off in a stream of semen aimed at her opened mouth, and with which Stephanie oozes out the side of her chin as her parnter softens post-climax.

Stephanie truly runs away with the scene here, brought to the surface by Christian, who does a fine service to us all in his shaft swinging that he lets Ms. Crane crown into the forefront.  It's very easy to lose yourself in the amount of exhuberance Stephanie portrays and exhibits here, which makes the scene flow quite quickly, though the attention and position grip is certainly quite welcome here as the previous sections.  It almost seems as if she's about to shatter into a million pieces with each subsequent thump, and you'll be on the edge of your seat dying to find out if she does (she does!).  Glorious!

[Scene Five]  Lexi Belle  (with Van Damage)

With her pants pretty much pulled down when we first meet her, Lexi does the self-slap & tickle for her introductory tease, smacking her ass as she sticks it out and does a few jaunts across and around the couch.  As Van Damage enters the scene, Lexi immediately slips his johnson in between her cheeks, slowly blowing him, veering into a bit of forceful face fucking soon after.  She vacillates between hands and no-hands duty, leading to a missionary first-run of pussy poking on the part of her co-star.  Van hammers into Lexi with soft jaunts at first, soon huddling his weight down into his pelvis, yielding a high amount of reaction from his fresh-faced partner.  Lexi taunts him by smacking his neck and stomach with her hands as the burners are turned up, and she lifts up her shirt to expose her tits while slipping into a snowstorm of "fuck me fuck me fuck me!", and Van stops short every so often to, understandably, gain his composure (and to torture her, it would seem!). 

In a half-spooned position, the two continue as Lexi diddles away at her clit in between gauging her balance from the onslaught of Van's heady bumping.  Reverse cowgirl turns into a bit of a balancing act, with Lexi attempting to gain the deepest, sweetest angle into her pussy, at times perching her feet atop Van's thighs, and at others scissoring down onto his crotch with a hand clamped and spinning around her engorged ruby.  The room is filled with the echoey escapes rattled out of Lexi's throat, screams that keep going as she and Van shift to standard cowgirl play.  Like Stephanie, Lexi has a similar floral motif strewn across her backside, and the cowgirl position allows her to straddle and ride Van in a fast moving groove, upping the revolutions per minute (and excitement per minute) into sky-high proportions.  All of this bopping and squeezing finally pays of after a final doggy run of slit skewering, and Van garners his froth across Lexi's mouth, falling down the edges of her chin.

Lexi herself is quite a force to be reckoned with here, and Van is mighty in his quest to fulfill her climactic whims, and understandably, she lets us know with each and every move she makes.  The focus here is strictly with her partner, with very very few sidelong glances toward the camera (thank you, Lexi!), allowing us to take in the truly voyeuristic space, free of any severe break in attention to the job at hand.  It's fantastic to watch, and incredibly addictive (as with Stephanie's similar performance).  Some may find Lexi's less-than-stellar complexion a detriment to the enjoyability (we all have bad days, people!), but more, I feel, will side-step that small annoyance and chalk it up to her youthful looks; she certainly will make you a believer, and she will probably leave you with your chin on the ground, too! 


Bonus Features

A Behind the Scenes installment (clocking in at 15:28) allows for a bit of a peek behind the curtain, with our director guiding his stars among their photoshoots (Phoenix), suitcases full of underwear (Stephanie), make-up (Emma) and the pre-scene ass stretching so necessary to accommodate a smooth shoot (Missy).  It all seems more man on the street than actual backstage bareness, though a mini-interview with Emma exudes her cuteness, which seems a bit lost in her actual scene.  Elsewhere, Lexi gets a few words in regarding the age she looks vs. the her real age, and a few mid-scene drop outs are included strictly for giggles.  It's all good fun, but not too enlightening overall.

A revolving Photo Gallery (5:32) is also included, as well as a series of eight Previews for other Smash releases, and Web Links round out the section.  While not stellar, it all could serve as a bit of a break in between the mainline of the main feature.

Audio/Visual Quality
The 1.77:1 image is spread across a 16x9 enhanced screen (including the Behind the Scenes footage), with the majority of scenes shot indoors (only plot elements are filmed outdoors).  Stephanie's scene is probably the most garishly lit of all, with the most of the elements of the room being blown out white, though Phoenix's scene is similar in the spectrum shift (the former into white, the latter into an almost harsh yellow).  Missy and Nick's scene is the most appealing to these eyes, with a small amount of outdoor bleed gracing the set with a good amount of realistic neutrality.  In between both ends of light and dark is Lexi's, which tends to muddle in a mid-range grip that it can't seem to shake.  Elsewhere, the shroud of shadows produced by the camera and its holder sometimes casts a darkened light across the performers, sometimes close enough to escape the fill lights on the either side of the lens.  In terms of audio, the 2.0 standard stereo channels are filled more with a muffling than a clear-ended, breathable amount of space (almost all the scenes are effected by this), and I believe one scene may have had a touch of audio looping to lighten up a bit of dead space, but nothing that truly screamed of a clipped hit or a botched area that would effect viewing.  It's not the best presentation, though it suffices for the time being.  I do wonder, however, why seeing solo shots of the male talent about to break their pops off (a la the gas face?) is even used at all these days, as they are here, but I'm willing to give them all the benefit of the doubt, though it still irks me.

From the main menu, a selectable Positions Menu offers up the footage by specific position (Blow Job, Doggy, Missionary, Anal, Cowgirl & Cum Shot), and the feature can be played either With Story (2hrs 13min total running time) or Straight to Sex (1hr 49min overall), the latter of which edits all the introductory tease and storyline with nary a break, for those who prefer it.

End of Story
Though I'm not quite sure that the feature fulfills the request of a true amount of whale tail admiration, the end result of Whale Tail #4 is more about what that fixation results in, less about the fetish in general.  The tease is all the better for it (though you could skip it - but why?), and the payoff sex is certainly dynamite grade at its best (specifically Lexi and Stephanie's scenes).  Director David Lord opts to keep his focus on the chemistry between his partners and less on the trappings of gonzo sex (position after recurring position, etc.), which perhaps will alienate a few, but steers the whole with a head-on approach to the sex, further intensifying the happenings to the point of shattering (Emma and Missy's anal-centric appearances are certainly part of this, too).  It is in this solemnity, this capture that feels real, decidedly intimate, though with a few understandable bumps along the way (the audio/visual presentation).  However, once it's all added up, the appeal remains, even if it's not necessarily as specific to the carrier of its series' title.  Recommended!   

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