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Fresh Outta High School 3 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/23/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Fresh Outta High School #3 (Blu-Ray)

Digital Sin

Genre: Vignette

Directors: Greg Lansky & Mike Adriano

Cast: McKenzee Miles, Mark Davis, Audrey Bitoni, Mike Adriano, Bree Olson, Paulina James, Maya Hills, Chris Charming, Kissy Kapri, John Strong

Length: 152:33 minutes

Dates of Production: 10/13/2006, 10/16/2006, 10/18/2006, 10/24/2006, 10/25/2006

Extras: There was a double sided DVD cover and a photogallery but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fresh Outta High School #3 (Blu-Ray) was presented in widescreen color with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 as shot by directors Greg Lansky & Mike Adriano for Digital Sin using the AVC codec for the Blu-Ray version (my TV showing the material was in 1080i but as discussed elsewhere, that doesn't mean it didn't look just fine in terms of the mastering). Like earlier volumes in the series Greg partnered up with Mike to offer the best of both worlds, this one showing each of them firmly at the helm as they set the lighting reasonably well to eliminate the grain, video noise, and other things that bother picky fans. The camera angles were a bit mixed in terms of making the ladies look their best but the editing covered many of the minor issues and the shaky camera did not get in the way too much. The bitrate of the show seemed to hover around the mid 18 Mbps area but I did not see compression artifacts at all. The picture generally looked decent overall with some shadows getting in the way in a couple scenes more than others (like the first one) but it seemed competently handled. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 224 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate, the vocals tending to be minimal once the sex started as did the music but the lack of separation and limited dynamic range were about what I expected of the aural characteristics of the movie. On a side note, the vocals seemed to be lower than the opening music (substantially lower at that) so be prepared to adjust them once you've started the movie if you care to hear what is said in the vignettes.

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Body of Review: Greg Lansky & Mike Adriano came out of nowhere several years ago, tackling a number of series based on youth for Digital Sin and sister company New Sensations. That isn't my favorite genre but fans of their work profess that many of the ladies used are the type that fit the bill, "young, hot, and fuckable" with an attempt to use ladies that are not shot out by all of their competitors. Now that the company is making the move to release a bunch of titles on the superior Blu-Ray format, it may even find itself back in the driver's seat as it used to be as one of the top companies for technical values, much like it had been when the DVD format arrived so long ago. The first such release making it my way is the well received Fresh Outta High School #3 (Blu-Ray), a title starring some of the most fan friendly gals in porn, including Bree Olson, Paulina James, Audrey Bitoni, and Maya Hills from when they were new to the industry. Here's what the back cover said about the show: "School's out and these girls need somethin' in their mouths! 6 gorgeous graduates are ready to leave their degrees behind so they can ride a cock and grind. Mike Adriano gives Bree Olson and Paulina James a lesson in tough cock. Maya Hills and Chris Charming go for a hard hitting session of Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am. While Kissy Kapri gets enrolled in DP 101 with John Strong and Mike Adriano. Audrey Bitoni and Mckenzee Miles also get in the action when they spread wide open and get their pussies fucked. We're hung... They're young... and they're Fresh Outta High School!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: McKenzee Miles, a fetching young lady with a lean physique and a pouty look to her face, was up first as she attempted to save someone from debts owed to a mean biker played by Mark Davis. She didn't have any money to speak of and he was intent on collecting so she plied his interest with her best asset, her body, in typical porn fashion. They kissed on the living room couch and she put on a little tease act for him, the aging lothario responding like most straight men would be feeling her up and sexually engaging her willing body in a variety of tricks. McKenzee had some serious knowledge of how to actively suck a dick, working the rod aggressively in her mouth as it got longer and harder, going from no hands to grabbing the base only, Mark reciprocating to her delight. He ate her box until it was time to plunder her perfect pussy, McKenzee actively pumping her hips on his dick as she rode really well for a newcomer. Several positions later, he was rubbing out a load of population pudding to her face, the gal looking up at the camera with her perfect eyes (saying "thank you daddy!".

Scene Two: Audrey Bitoni, the busty brunette with the large implants, was up next on the living room couch as she bantered back and forth with Mike Adriano. She was in her school girl garb and he was dressed like a thug, the theme of an exchange of goods for services coming up quickly as she rubbed his leg. Neither one of them looked their character's age here but the fantasy of porn took over as they kissed, stripping off clothing to fulfill the sexual aspect of the scene just the same. He sucked her nipple and she moved her way down to his cock after he went down on her, aggressively slobbing his knob like a seasoned professional. Rather than go into performance mode like she tends to do these days, she kept eye contact with Mike too, elevating the heat of the scene for me more than if it were strictly a performance where she looked at the camera all the time. This led to a moderately active vaginal ride once she was on top of him, pumping her ass up and down while I found the volume control since the audio was so much louder as she spewed her grunts, groans, and verbal commentary. Most of his wad went into her mouth or onto her face, Audrey continuing her "good little whore" routine by providing some post coital sucking (and him giving her a 50% discount).

Scene Three: Bree Olson, the cute blond on the front cover, and Houstonian Paulina James (the brunette beside her), were up next on the couch with Mike Adriano; little set up or tease provided as Paulina showed Bree how to aggressively suck cock. This led to the ladies double teaming his penis orally, competing for his affections in a way that I enjoyed. Paulina was the dominant one initially as she dictated (no pun intended) how inexperienced Bree should attack the rod, both gals providing slightly different skills during the vaginal plowing portion of the show. Now that Paulina is on hiatus in Houston, perhaps never to return, this is a great looking scene of hers for new generation format lovers (and I reiterate that she is not pregnant by me or shacking up in my house despite scurrilous rumors to that effect) and Bree is just as fresh. The oral was the most consistent part of the show in terms of how good they were sexually but the intermittent energy levels of the vaginal screwing were not to be easily dismissed either. Bree did a passive anal and Paulina enjoyed some ATM but the cumswapped facial was pretty solid too. Sweet!

Scene Four: Maya Hills, playing a na´ve daughter dressed up to look younger than average, was up next as she let in her father's friend played by Chris Charming to the house. They chatted in the living room and he helped her with her homework, her two hours of work yielding few results so they made yet another infamous porn deal; Chris helped her with math and she helped him with "fucky fucky sucky sucky". The first impression I got was how skilled Maya was with a cock in her mouth, her experience level much better than what she claimed, inhaling much of his lengthy meat pipe while he throat fucked her hard. The resulting banter between them with him as the teacher and her the willing student was cute but not needed, Chris less talented orally but his size making up for it as far as I could tell. This was not Maya's best scene for riding but she definitely was not at her worst either, several positions of fucking vaginally resulting in his balls drained onto her waiting face.

Scene Five: Kissy Kapri, one of the youngest looking blonds of the show, was up last as she sat patiently doing homework while studly John Strong left her for a "few hours" outside the apartment of Mike Adriano. Sensing her golden opportunity, she knocked on Mike's window, the two hooking up in his place as they explored each other. She wore the standard issue outfit of the series and he ate both her ass & pussy, Kissy softly moaning in pleasure as he fingered her ass. John, as her bodyguard, came back and interrupted them, the deal struck for him to join in and get to fuck her ass after both men were blown. Kissy's oral skills as seen in the movie were pretty weak and her riding skills were about the same but she did manage to continue taste testing as the scene wore on. She had the look if not the best sexual skills of the cast and the double facial at the end was as plentiful as any of the others here.

Summary: Fresh Outta High School #3 (Blu-Ray) by directors Greg Lansky & Mike Adriano for Digital Sin might not have been their very best volume in the series (I haven't seen many of them) but it certainly had a wealth of hot young ladies that later went on to become bigger names in the industry. The technical values were solid and while I'm disappointed that the bonus scene was not present in this version, nor were any substantial extras, the movie itself only dropped one category to a healthy Recommended in my eyes. In short, Fresh Outta High School #3 (Blu-Ray) should prove to offer a decent alternative for those of you that do not want your high definition porn full of filters, gels, and other post production tricks that weaken the reality look of the sex acts.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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