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Double Play #6 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/23/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Double Play #6 (Blu-Ray)

Digital Sin

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mark Ashley

Cast: Audrey Bitoni, Adriana Neveah, Mark Ashley, Crista Moore, Nichole Heiress, Ben English, Shawna Lenee, Jessica Lynn, Viki La Vie, Leigh Livingston, Victoria Vonn, Raquelle De Rossi, John Strong

Length: 174:03 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/9/2007, 12/7/2007, 12/10/2007, 12/11/2007, 1/22/2008

Extras: The best extra was the 21:25 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included interviews, more sex, and even some cleaning up, though I'll be the first to admit that the interviewer (whose name shall go unmentioned) acted more like a fanboy than a seasoned professional with a script to follow. Still, compared to my experiences with Fresh Outta High School #3 (Blu-Ray), this was a refreshing change even if the bonus scene was missing from this one too, the feature mastered in high definition too. There was also a true double sided DVD cover and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Double Play #6 (Blu-Ray) was presented in widescreen color with an aspect ratio of about 1.78:1 as shot by director Mark Ashley for Digital Sin using the AVC codec for the Blu-Ray version (my TV showing the material was in 1080i but as discussed elsewhere, that doesn't mean it didn't look just fine in terms of the mastering). Like earlier volumes in the series, Mark set the lighting reasonably well to eliminate the grain, video noise, and other things that bother picky fans like myself; the greater amount of attention given here to the chemistry between the ladies from what I could discern. The camera angles were a bit mixed in terms of making the ladies look their best but the editing covered many of the minor issues and the shaky camera did not get in the way too much. The bitrate of the show seemed to hover around the mid 17 Mbps area but I did not see compression artifacts at all. The picture generally looked decent overall with some shadows getting in the way in a couple scenes more than others but it seemed competently handled. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 224 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate, the vocals tending to be minimal once the sex started as did the music but the lack of separation and limited dynamic range were about what I expected of the aural characteristics of the movie. On a side note, the vocals seemed to be lower than the opening music (substantially lower at that) so be prepared to adjust them once you've started the movie if you care to hear what is said in the scenes, but as the ladies heated up, they got louder too.

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Body of Review: Mark Ashley is often considered one of the hardest pounding meat puppets this side of Erik Everhard or Manuel Ferrara these days but his work as a director has gone largely ignored by the masses from what I've seen. That's too bad considering he brings a drive to his directing efforts much like his scenes, pushing gals to have fun but provide some serious upgrades to their scenes as a result, such as his work for Digital Sin. His latest release making it my way was a high definition porno mastered in 1080i called Double Play #6 (Blu-Ray), a series dedicated to scenes where two ladies gang up on a single guy to give him the time of his life, often Mark himself. My buddies have favorably reviewed a number of the past volumes in the series so I was looking forward to seeing how the company did on a relatively newer title rather than merely back catalog stuff released for sake of popularity. The back of the cover said it like this: "It's time for a double play, and we're not talking about baseball! Nichole Heiress and Crista Moore get obliterated by Ben English's one-eyed beast. Raquelle De Rossi and Victoria Vonn double team John Strong for maximum pleasure. Then Mark Ashley goes to work on Audrey Bitoni and Adriana Nevaeh as he pulverizes their pussies like a bat out of hell! After that, he's in double the trouble when Jessica Lynn and Shawna Lenee take turns bouncing on his massive cock. And finally, he faces the deadly duo of Leah Livingston and Viki La Vie, and they're about to work him twice as hard with their dripping wet cunts and big juicy jugs. This looks to be a fuckin' mess when we're through, but who cares because we've got 2 chicks for every dick!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Audrey Bitoni, a well liked brunette with huge implants, and leaner cutie Adriana Neveah, were up first to establish the formula of the series being two ladies working over one guy sexually in a living room. They were lucky enough to score Mark Ashley himself, the women making out on the couch in their bikinis before he joined them. The slow pace of the lesbian acts served as a teaser for the hardcore porn, the ladies showing some affinity for gal on gal antics as well as chemistry for each other with some titty play and crotch loving, both livening up however when Mark appeared from behind the scenes. This not being an anal series, the sex was limited to vaginal and oral only but truth be told, it worked as a result of Audrey taking the lead and Mark giving them both what they wanted; a good hard pounding from his member. Initially, the ladies appeared to fight over his cock a bit, each wanting to savor it for themselves, but they learned that sharing is caring, building on the tempo as time passed. Audrey was the more active rider of the ladies but the youthful appeal of Adriana should not be discounted either, the dynamic between the trio setting the stage for the ending facial of population pudding as well as the other scenes. Nice!

Scene Two: Crista Moore and Nichole Heiress, both light haired lasses with lean bodies and some kicking curves, were then up in another living room as they played on a chair (in lesbian style) until joined by Ben English. There appeared to be a lap dance theme going on here and the lesbian tricks were such that as awkward as they were, I wanted to stop reviewing for a moment even though it was mostly mechanical in nature, Ben grounding the action when they teamed up to suck him off aggressively. The smile on his face said it all about how talented the gals were, jerking him off during the hummers in preparation for the frictional pussy play that would follow. Ben was mostly low key here, not dominating the scene as he tends to do, allowing the ladies to ply their wares in a teasing fashion, the active rides both ladies provided adding to the appeal of the movie. It was funny the few times I caught the ladies looking off camera (as if trying to understand what directions they were given) but they spent most of the scene looking at each other; the informal communication making it better in my estimation. The ending facial had Ben lining them up for his seed, sharing the semen orally after he rubbed them out all over the place.

Scene Three: Shawna Lenee, the wonderfully cute blond kneeling on the front cover, and hotty Jessica Lynn standing with her perfect ass beside the gal, were up next with lucky Mark Ashley after some lesbian antics. I find both ladies really appealing physically, Shawna getting an extra nod due to how outgoing and nice she was back in January ('nuff said!) at the AEE. They played on the bed with an emphasis on cunnilingus, Shawna spending additional time sucking on Jessica's clitoris to rev her up to maximum. Their bikini outfits clung to them for longer than usual here, Mark coming in to pound them vaginally without a word. The ladies did manage to blow him and do taste testing but the sole limitation of the action was that the ladies sometimes concentrated too much on their pleasure and not enough actively riding the cock. Mark's large wad of spew landed on Jessica's ass with Shawna licking it up and swallowing it, some lesbian kissing sharing the taint of spew on the ladies to close things up.

Scene Four: Viki La Vie, a skinny blond foreigner, and curvy redhead Leigh Livingston, were up next as they licked one another and generally followed the established formula before Mark Ashley came into the living room set up. He started by drilling Viki as the gal ate Leigh, the ladies giving him some head on his juice-soaked penis. The oral was fine but the vaginal portion of the scene was a bit too ordinary, little to differentiate it from the scores of similar scenes and not quite living up to the weaker scenes here. They weren't bad at what they were doing but the energy displayed with sporadic and the chemistry lacking most of the time, the positions chosen not letting the ladies truly strut their stuff very well. The ending load of semen went to the face of Viki for sharing and Leigh seemed apathetic to doing so (looking off camera as if saying "do I have to do this?" to some unknown friend.

Scene Five: Victoria Vonn, a curvy blond dressed in blue slutware, and Raquelle De Rossi, dressed in black attire, were up last with seasoned professional John Strong. I always give the man his due that he loves the ladies (I've seen him talking to some off camera and in person a number of times) and really gets into his scenes. The ladies looked almost as if they were new to on camera lesbian antics and the rougher manner in which they explored was kind of interesting, as if taking queues from out of sight of the camera but enjoying the dynamic too. They looked off camera several times in fact but as much as that bugs me, they did seem to perform pretty well together. The lesbian licking turned to John's penis where the ladies sucked him off aggressively; neither gal a stranger to wrapping her lips around a penis and inhaling like crazy. Victoria licked his balls a lot while Raquelle concentrated on the shaft but each lady was well versed in the art of slobbing a knob; making this a nice oral tribute to the series. The vaginal penetration was active too, Raquelle and Victoria seeming to try to determine who could bounce more actively, the ladies participating even when they weren't the one getting stuffed. I found it tough to walk after this one and high definition definitely livened this one up for me a lot. The playful trio ended their fun romp with a blowjob that milked John dry, the ladies sharing the sperm willingly in a fit of chemistry. Yum!

Summary: Double Play #6 (Blu-Ray) by director Mark Ashley for Digital Sin was a nice showing of where the company was going in terms of their high definition efforts, the release one of the best I've seen in awhile for how straightforward it was, how the looks of the ladies were enhanced rather than detracted from, and the amount of fuck for the buck so I rated it as Recommended. I can't say what the SD version of the movie looked like for comparison purposes but this was one you will find strokable and replayable for some time to come. In short, Double Play #6 (Blu-Ray) challenges the perception that only big budget features are destined for the high definition format in such a way that I think others might follow rather than be left behind. I'd like better extras (especially unique to the BR version) to add value but I couldn't deny that this was a winner for me.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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