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Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 7/24/08

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Distributor: Adam & Eve Productions       

Producer: Ethan Kane                                       

Director: Ethan Kane                    

Videographer: Chris Hall                   

BTS: Mario Rossi

Category: Feature

Genre: Letterboxed, Spoofs, Straight, Action, Anamorphic 16:9, Couples

Number of Discs: 2

Length: 1 hrs. 41 mins.

Release Date: 5/20/2008

Production Year: 09/03,09/07.09/09/2007

Condoms: No

Performers:  Alex, Ava Rose, Bree Olson, David Perry, James Brossman, Karim, Niki Blond, Roxy Panther, Steve Holmes.

Non- Sex Roles: Jeny Baby & Simony Diamond, Tibor Butch

Adam & Eve Teaser: Starring Adam & Eve Pictures Contract Stars Ava Rose and Bree Olson, in this parody of Indiana Jones unfolds in the year 1957 and shot entirely on location in Budapest, Hungary. Carolina Jones, daughter of Indy Jones meets a naive country girl Dixie in a set of bizarre circumstances. Reluctantly, Carolina allows Dixie to tag along as they venture to find the lost Arc of the Covenant. Their explorations eventually lead them to the Middle East where they come face to face with the Arc and Clause Conrad, the man who plans to use its powers to control the world. All ends well when Indy comes to their rescue.

The Movie: Last Year Adam & Eve took a chance with making Lady Scarface and it lived up to the hype around it. This time around they decide to go one step further going after the newest most anticipated mainstream summer blockbusters of 2008 Indiana Jones. One has to wonder what is in store for the so called daughter of Prof Jones, the Southern Belle Dixie and the trouble they get into. Is Carolina anything like her father? That's what I want to find out and where it leads us...

Ava Rose as " Carolina Jones"

The DVD:

Disc 1: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection. Run Time 101 mins. Disc 2: Behind the Scenes Music Video, Bloopers, Visual Effects Behind the Scenes,Glamour Photo Shoot, Trailers, Slide Show, Bonus Scenes, Int. Tel. Sex, Web Site Information. Run Time 204 mins.

Audio/Video: Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant is directed and  produced  by  Ethan  Kane for Adam& Eve,  is  presented in Anamorphic 16:9 format, filmed in High Definition and is  presented in 5.1 Digital Dolby Surround Sound . There were no echoing or any kind of audio distortions at all with the sound coming in very clearly. The colors were accurate, the flesh tones solid though in the darker scenes, the opening shot at the monastery and  at the hotel the pixilation and visible compression artifacts were  slightly noticeable.

The Extras: All of the extras are featured in the second disc ranging from seven Bonus Scenes also available from Adam & Eve, Bloopers, Photo Shoots, Music Video, BTS as well as the Visual BTS. The Bloopers are fun to watch especially in the final scene with Bree, Ava, and Karim who are going at it, they switch positions only to have Bree slap Karim's balls a bit too hard, and he comes out saying..." I ain't no Brother Love!", you  definitely will get a chuckle out off many scenes. The  Music  Video is basically documenting all the  preps on  and  off set with the ladies chiming in on the  so called  ghost that  been haunting the set. Bree Olsen gets her fair share of silliness when we first see her singing and strumming her nipples like a guitar. Then you see her again later on flashing and mooning the cameras. In the Visual BTS are outtakes before and after the special affects were added. DVD case had a book styled cover with the discs held in a booklet type of case that had a comic book approach done to the inside; similar to Lady Scarface and Eden

Alex in pain! " I aint no Brother Love....

Trailers: 21 Trailers from Adam & Eve and from Bad Seed: 1 Night In Jail, Guilty, Hello Nurse, Latin Seduction, Sunshine Highway, The Contractor#2, The  Naughty Co-Ed Caper, Bound, Hair To Stay, Stripped: Ava Rose, The Temp, 10 Dirty Talkin' Masturbators #2, 10 Monster Mug Shoots #2, Long Dong Black Kong#2, Love Hurts, MISO Horny #2, My First MILF, Take It All Volume 1, The  Mother Load, From the Hood to the Hills, Not Another Porn Movie.

Three Naughty Hookers

Bonus Scenes: The break down of the seven bonus scenes are below previously reviewed on XCritic, five of which you can read the full reviews on here and the remaining two, XCritic never gotten a copy of.

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Contractor 2: w/ Ava Rose & Carmen Luvana & Tommy Gunn

Just when Carmen and the crew thought they were in the clear and would not be bothered by the State anymore, the Congressman pays them a visit. Tommy makes then an offer which they can't turn down for the sake of the work permit. Gloating he has Carmen and Ava right were he wants them; on their knees sucking him off. Tommy does Carmen doggie while she eats out Ava. Then they switch over to doggie and CG while Ava straddles his face. The ladies switch over and Ava is riding Tommy RCG ,doggie, missionary wit the pop shot going outside of her with Carmen directly under Ava licking up the cum

Sunshine Highwayw/ Bree Olsen & Evan Stone

Bree is back once again and ready to prove that country girls know how to have fun two. Set against an old barn, Bree is wearing a long white country dress, cowboy boots and cowboy hat and waiting to have a significant role in the hay.  Extended tease and masturbation scene from Bree that includes some dirty talk, as she fingers her pussy from behind.  Her man comes into the barn, and Bree soon orally rewards him for a tough day rustling cattle. Bree works hard to get her face all down Evan Stone's massive dick, but only gets partially down the shaft. Seems like his dick is even too big for her pussy as it takes Bree several thrusts to get the whole thing in. Once it does, we are all rewarded with some great screams of passion from the blonde goddess. Hot scene that ends with cum shot into Bree's awaiting mouth. Reviewed By Colonel Mustard

My Girlfriend is a Vampire: w/ Bree Olsen, Kacey Kroft& Christian

Evan  returns to the  bar looking  for  Demonica and  ends  up finding Wendy the Witch ( Kasey Kroft) who makes Evan  drop his  pants to  check  for  vampire  bites. Wendy takes Evan over to meet some of her friend Stan the Destroyer played by Christian and Bree Olsen. After telling Evan about Demonica and how he must kill her. The trio gets busy in having some fun of their own as the ladies eagerly make a meal out of Christian. Bree and Kasey each take turns with Christian while the other watches and waits her turn.

Lady Scarface: w/ Ava Rose & Tommy Gunn

Tommy and Ava are in his bedroom carrying on like teenagers. Tommy is very patient and gentle with Ava as he makes sure he takes care of her needs first. He uses his oral skills to get her off a few times before Ava shows her skills on him. They go from missionary, VTM, 69 and back to missionary ending with a facial. Within minutes Toni enters Tommy's bedroom seeing Ava in his bed. Angry and upset with Ava, Carmen takes out her anger on Tommy.

Eden: w/ Ava Rose & Bree Olsen

This next scene  takes  the  viewer  poolside with  Ava  being  approached by Bree about how  real  her  g/g scene are on  film . Ava  responses is  exactly what  Bree  was  looking for  when Ava reaches  over  towards  her  and  kisses her. The  ladies  take it  from there and  taste and  tease the other with just the  aid of their fingers and  mouths.. 

It's All About Ava: w/ Ava Rose & Eric Masterson

Ava takes total control of an interview with Eric, showing him that it's the woman who has total control over men's cocks. She does a good job in taming Eric making sure that he pleases her fully before she let him get off.

Hell Kats: w/ Ava Rose & Bradley Hardy

Dressed up as a bobby- socker, Ava is at Bradley bed side in the hospital after getting hurt in a fight with her ex-boyfriend. Feeling bad she comforts him the only way she can... and does. She makes the first move and continues giving him her own dose of special medicine.

Disc 2: Carolina's story starts in old temple with a few followers in black hooded cloaks chanting, while making their way out of the temple. One of them breaks away from the others off and goes inside a darkened corridor and is being chased out of a restricted area. If you haven't figured it out the person being chased is our heroine, Carolina Jones (Ava Rose). Carolina (Ava Rose) goes off to rescues Dixie (Bree Olson) from Steve Holmes and Nikki Blond. Ava takes care of both of them and unties Bree, becoming her sidekick for the rest of the flick.

Scene 1: Nikki Blond & Steve Holmes & Bree Olsen

The scene opens with a tied up Bree watching on as Niki and Steve having sex. Nikki who plays Helga and is shown on the inside cover of the booklet, shows her stuff off while sucking him off. Steve is ok  for a stunt cock and doesn't  do a bad  job of making  Helga beg  for his  cock.After  some vaginal  pounding and unloading on her chest, Ava walks  in and  takes care of them  both and unties Bree making their  getaway.Ava and Bree end up at a local hotel. Ava  later that night recieves a telegram from her father, Indy Jones telling her about the covenant and to find JB. Bree offers to help with transportation which breaks down leaving them to hitchhike. A truck with a bunch of guys in the back stops and Ava and Bree have to fight them off from the guys grabbing and groping them.

Scene 2: Roxy Panther & James Brossman

Inside a mansion James is in his bedroom waiting on his butler,, he comes in with three naked women Roxy Panther, Jeny Baby and Simony Diamond and his morning  tea. He looks them all over and settling on Roxy. He leads her back to his bed where they engage in some foreplay. James and Roxy got at it in several different positions before the stop and the scene breaks away over to Ava and Bree who are busy trying to figure out a way into his bedroom.

Scene 3: Bree Olson and Alex

Bree at this point has gotten the attention of one of the younger guards and make their way into one of the back rooms. Bree has him all hot and bothered telling him that he should be rough with her because she has been a very bad girl. She finally has him literally wrapped around her pretty lil finger and has her mouth wrapped around his cock before long. Bree becomes very vocal in every position they work their way into. Alex  ends  the scene giving Bree a facial.

The camera takes you back into James's bedroom where Ava sneaks into the mansion. There we see Roxy tying and blindfolding him. We find Ava snooping around and pan back to Roxy, where she is sucking him off. Roxy leaves once she's done leaving Ava in the room. She grabs the tea kettle, straddles him, then pours steaming hot water on it his face. She takes off blindfold and asks him where the ark is. He tells her where to find the ark and the man who has it. After some more talking Ava ends up getting mad and decides to get even with him for breaking her heart. She grabs the canter honey pouring   it on his cock, then makes a trail on the floor. She breaks open his ant farm freeing them. The camera fades to black and we are left hearing James screaming.

Scene 4: Ava Rose & David Perry

After meeting up  with Bree back in the truck, Ava  reveals to her who her  father is  but  Bree thinks he is  a famous  race car driver and that  she and  James were once lovers in the past. Back at the hotel room they ladies   go back to their rooms. Ava ends up having a restless night and takes up the hotel's bellboy offer. David sees Ava naked in the bed with her legs slightly open and eagerly waiting. Here is Ava is at her best, she takes control of the situation taking what she needs from David. There isn't a lot of chemistry between them but Ava has the looks to keep you watching.

Scene 5: Bree Olsen & Ava Rose & Karim

The Infamous Map!

The next morning Bree and Ava are off the find the Ark but get captured instead then rescued by her Father Prof. Jones (Tibor Butch who doesn't look or sound anything like Harrison Ford). Father and  daughter  part ways and  Bree and Ava  are off again, this  time in a  three way with Alex who if you watched the  bloopers  got his  nuts  crushed  during the   filming of the  final scene. The ladies share cock sucking duties and take turns riding him. Bree gets it both anally and vaginally before he gives both girls a facial and they do some cum swapping.

Final Thoughts: What  should have  been a fun  porn  flick too watch,  ended up being too saturated with  corny lines and it  tried to  tie in too much  in each scene. Bree's cutesy role and southern accent ala Elly Mae Clampett after awhile got to be a bit too much. I had to ask myself  what was the real purpose of her  being in the  flick .I was excepting so much more performance wise from the cast. Ava half of the time looked like she was reading the lines from cue cards and didn't put enough feeling and emotions into her character "Carolina Jones". As far as the sex scenes go, they were rather weak through no fault of the ladies who did the best the could with the male talent they hired. There just wasn't enough there to hold my attention. I had more fun watching the bloopers and the other extras scenes in the second disc. The visual effects weren't the best, nothing to extravagant and all done by computers. I don't know just how many Indy fans will enjoy it, maybe they might more than I did. Then again you have the fans of Bree Olsen and Ava Rose watching. Overall with all the extras and the lukewarm performances, the flick wasn't that bad which is why I gave it a "Rent It". I think I might have forgotten to mention the ads for the Adam & Eve Toy line, the video coupon that you can use for  25% off of  any purchase and the Adam & Eve  VOD below.Alot of  great extras to be had!

Adam & Eve Adult Toy Line

Adam & Eve On Demand



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