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Cry Wolf

Studio: Vivid » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 7/28/08

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Studio: Vivid

Length: 2 hrs. 9 mins.

Release Date: 6/18/2008

Production Year: 2006

Category:  Feature

Genre:Letterboxed, Straight, Anal, Anamorphic 16:9, Big Budget, Couples

Writer: Tony G. 

Producer: Shylar Cobi 

Director: Paul Thomas

Condoms: Yes

Performers: Carly Parker, Devon Lee, Holly Wellin, Jay Huntington, Jayna Oso, Lexxi Tyler, Marcos Leon, Marlie Moore, Monique Alexander, Mr. Marcus, Riley Mason, Staci Thorn, Stefani Morgan, Steven St. Croix, Tory Lane, Tyla Wynn.

Vivid Teaser: Monique Alexander says she's been brutally violated, gagged, and left for dead in a cold stone basement. Or was she? By wild luck, her ex-boyfriend hears her muffled cries and rescues her. Or does he? How did he know she was down there...naked, bleeding, and violated? As this darkly sexual tale unfolds we are led to wonder...was she even hurt at all? If so, who is the culprit? The only thing we really know is that payback's a bitch. Literally. Cry Wolf is destined to become a classic in the Paul Thomas tradition of AVN Best Picture Classics. Hear the Cry. Now.

The Movie:

The Vivid teaser does justice to Cry Wolf from the very beginning. From opening shot we all watched as Danny rapes her. However, it wasn't rape was it? The story goes back and forth trying to explain what really happened to Sylvia that night and leaves Danny holding the bag getting the short end of the stick at the end. Can anyone be trusted when it comes to compromising your integrity for love, money, and drugs?  With all of the unexpected curveballs, Cry Wolf  keeps you watching until the very end.  

Note to the viewers: There is a rape scene and choking involved for those that are either  offended by it  or  turned off by  the actions.

The DVD:

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Positions Room, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scene, Slide Show, Previews, Bonus Scenes, Monique Alexander's Biography,Int. Tel. Sex, Web Site Information

Audio/Video: Cry Wolf was directed by Paul Thomas for Vivid, filmed in High Definition, shot on film , given an anamorphic transfer ,presented in wide screen format in 16:9 ratio and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-5 Mbps. The sound portion was good presented in 5.1 Digital Dolby surround sound and there was no echoing or any kind of audio distortions. The colors were accurate, the flesh tones solid.

The Extras: Include a 20 minute BTS, five bonus sex scenes, one deleted scene, a widescreen photo gallery. Monique's interview during the BTS is very interesting as she compares working on an episode of Entourage to shooting adult movies. The following bonus scenes are included: Tory Lane in $2 Bill, Lanny Barby and Staci Thorn in Cheap Booze and Cigarettes, Jayna Oso from Pillow Talk, Stefani Morgan and Joey from I like to Watch, and Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander from Sunny Loves Matt. There's also a deleted scene from the extended scene with Riley Mason.

Trailers: King Cobra, Virtual Vivid Girls: The Love Twins, Where the Boys Aren't 19, Arabian Nights, The Expert Guide to Positions.

Bonus Scenes: $2 Bill, Cheap Booze and Cigarettes, I Like to Watch, Pillow Talk, Sunny Loves Matt. All of which the full reviews can be read here on XCritic.Com.

$2 Bill: w/ Tory Lane

Getting Into It: Tory Lane, one of the most skilled brunette newcomers in porn, was up next in a bedroom scene with Trent Tesoro as he diddled her pussy with a large metallic vibrator upon arriving home to their apartment. She turned on her special reserve of energy and gave him a powerfully sweet blowjob, never losing eye contact with him as she worked him over in a passionate fashion. He gave her some oral too but it wasn't on the same scale of quality as hers was. In my estimation, she's one of the premiere oralists in porn and this scene showed it in spades. The scene then switched to vaginal sex and she was just as active as he boned home on her tight pussy, making me think she was a close second place to Lanny (though more vocal) for passion and heat. The scene ended when he bathed her from crotch to neck in semen. Reviewed By Don Houston.

Cheap Booze and Cigarettes: w/ Lanny Barby & Staci Thorn

Lanny Barby and Staci Thorn were up next over at the brick warehouse where Jay Huntington was looking for love. Nautica left the situation in good hands as her two friends took charge of his needs really well. They were all over Jay with their hands and tongues; blowing him passionately and allowing Lanny to sit on his face. Lanny also got the first dibs on the cock inside of her cookie, Staci massaging her as Jay drilled away to balls deep levels. Staci was active with the cock in her ass (maybe more than when it was tapping her pussy) but the soft focus aside, Lanny won out in terms of the quality of the entire package. Jay popped on Lanny, who then shared it with Staci, the trio covered in sweat before the scene finished up. Reviewed By Don Houston

I Like to Watch: w/ Stefani Morgan and Joey

-- sponsored by --

Joey, a sexy former contract gal for Hustler, was up next as she masturbated with toys and responded to the interview questions (remember that these were unspoken in most cases, Paul being heard on occasion as the crew could be seen lurking for those who pay attention). She diddled herself soundly and looked inviting, soon finding herself joined by sexy cutie Stefani Morgan and a surprise appearance by Kurt "not advertised on the front cover or in the credits" Lockwood. I can appreciate why a company having spent millions of dollars on good will would seek to exclude crediting a guy that goes out of his way to alienate most in the industry but Kurt isn't a bad performer sexually from what I understand and consumers might want to know if he is in a movie (some so they can avoid it altogether while others that accept the level of male talent being really limited on certain days; hence Van in the last scene). Kurt played a bartender in the house as a variety of uncredited folks hung out, Stefani and Joey getting physical in some lesbian work before allowing him to join them. They went to the office to have the scene and a few people could be seen watching them in the background as the gals took turns blowing him and sitting on his face. Stefani was the clear draw here and managed to showcase her talents nicely as the otherwise mundane action continued with oral and vaginal sex; enhanced by the trio showing some energy, albeit mechanical energy, before the facial graced Joey's clamped shut eyes for cum swapping on Stefani. Reviewed By Don Houston.

Pillow Talk: w/ Jayna Oso

In this next scene, we have Jayna sitting on the sofa with Evan's shirt on as she listens to him read a letter he has written to her. Jayna basking in the glow of how Evan's letter makes her feel, she shows the sensuality in her long and passionate kiss afterwards. The heat between these two is enough to set off the smoke alarms as they each tease and taunt the other. He spreads her legs to taste her before he penetrates her vaginally .Jayna ride him cowgirl and RCG before he take her back door in several different positions, Evan eats her pussy before he dips his rod in it. They fuck in the missionary position and have cowgirl style sex. To end the scene, Evan unloads his juice onto Jayna's stomach. Reviewed By Ravyn

Sunny Loves Matt: w/ Monique Alexander

Refreshingly, and thankfully, the double team of Sunny and Monique taking on slugger Matt is just what the doctor ordered, with plenty of round-robin rogering from (almost) all sides!  The girls begin a poolside tease, breaking free of their bikinis via a series of kisses and hand hugs, soon taking on Matt's formidable member in long swigs.  Sunny is the first in missionary, with Monique flipping onto erect peen next for reverse cowgirl bounding.  Spooning Sunny allows Matt to thump along nicely from her side, and Monique brattles about with a few turned fingers upon Sunny's winking coochie.   Soon enough, our blonde queens Lady Leone as Matt strides toward missionary, and both ladies take turns gobbling his cock.  Monique goes on all fours for doggy as Sunny licks her perked behind while Matt, once again, bolts into our light-skinned bombshell.  He pulls out as Sunny opens wide, teeth glimmering, as she sets her face against Monique's ass, snagging a few spots of seed as they fall down her girlfriend's ass and curtains.  A fine display by all concerned, and a definitely welcome crowning following the preceding, uneventful scenes.  So snappy!  Reviewed By Wind Tunnel

Marco Leon as "Roger"

Opening Scene: Cry Wolf opens with Marcos Leon (Roger) playing a former child star named Roger, returning home from a date with Monique Alexander (Sylvia). Roger, who has done very well for himself, finds himself dating a child hood sweetheart. The two go inside Roger's mansion and Sylvia's clothes start to come off in the den where she demands a tour of the house. Roger gives her a quick tour and end up in the kitchen where they get involved in some foreplay. For there they make their way to his bedroom where things begin to go wrong...horribly wrong

Foolin Around In the Kitchen

Scene 1: Marcos Leon & Monique Alexander

After slipping him a pill to help with Roger's lack of wood, Sylvia continues to bait him pointing out his downfalls. Roger demands that she leaves, and she makes her way into the hallway where he grabs her pulling her down to the floor with him. She laughs at him as if at first to belittle him. They kiss again and at first you think that the sex is consensual but its not. Roger grabs her a few times pulling her into the bathroom and forcing himself on her. Monique does a great job of playing a rape victim very believable. After all is said and done, Roger picks up the phone to call Danny to help him with a problem he has.. The problem is that he has... Sylvia... I don't want to give too much away..

Mr. Marcus as " Danny"

Scene 2: Devon Lee, Holly Wellin, Mr. Marcus

Going back six months in time, you have Marcus with two ladies carrying on while he watches at first. The ladies take turns sucking him off as well as getting pounded by him both vaginally and anally. The  funnies part of this scene is in the end when the  ladies ask him for  some  dope and he tells them  both that he is no longer in that  business and they  both  walk out  fussing at him after they both  got laid.

Scene 3: Monique Alexander, Mr. Marcus

Danny meets up with Sylvia as he is closing up the bar. She claims that she was being hassled by a few men at the bar and is afraid to go out to her car alone. He closes up shop and walks her to her car and it turns out to be a date. One thing leads to another and they are back at his place making out. The scene is nice and slow touching on the seducing the mind and body. It looked like Monique didn't have any trouble at all with Marcus size. Marcus makes sure he nails her in several positions before he unloads on her ass. As the scene goes on Danny and Sylvia are paid a visit by some goons and are taken to his place. We also find out that discover that Sylvia and Danny not only knew each other, but they were lovers in the past and also find out that Danny did some time for selling drugs. The drug dealer Leon played by Steven St. Croix, wants Danny to repay the money he lost to the  cops or take it out in trade with Sylvia.

Scene 4: Carly Parker, Jay Huntington, Steven St. Croix, Tory Lane, Lexxi Tyler

Steven St. Croix as "Drug Lord Leon"

While Danny and  Sylvia are  guest of Leon, there is an all out  orgy  going on with the  ladies  taking hits  from  what suppose to be coke on a  table .Its hard to make  out  who is  banging who here  but the one of the ladies  gets a bit  carried away  rubbing some "blow" on her  clit.

Scene 5: Jayna Oso, Marcos Leon, Stefani Morgan

Roger opens up to Danny about the moral clause in his contract that cost him his job. Roger was  having  sex  back in his  room with the  windows and  curtains  wide  open while  the neighbors looked on and  took  pictures to  blackmail him.

Scene 6: Steven St. Croix, Marlie Moore,Holly Wellin, Riley Mason, Tyla Wynn

After running the ladies in his own version of Leon Says at poolside, he has his other girl (Craig) do a personal taste  test of  each of the  ladies. Each of the ladies has one minute to have an orgasm from him

Scene 7: Holly Wellin, Mr. Marcus, Riley Mason, Staci Thorn ,Steven St. Croix

Back inside the house , Leon has his  mouth  busy  buried  deep inside of the ladies while the other have  toys to get off  with. Marcus makes a   quick appearance to do business with Leon.

Scene 8: Monique Alexander, Steven St. Croix, Tyla Wynn

After letting Leon whore eat her  pussy  for a bit, Sylvia makes her moves on Leon. She straddles his face  for a bit before  she  sucks him off. Tyla is seen in the background playing with herself as she watches them. Monique then grabs her by the hair dragging her into the bathroom and you next see the  ladies in the  tub with Monique  wearing a strap-on doing Tyla from behind. Done with Tyla she  goes  back  over to the  bed with Steven finishing him off as well. There is  still much  more to be seen after Monique makes  another  deal with  Steven but I  wont  spoil the  ending  for you! All I will say  is  "Paybacks a Bitch!"

Final Thoughts: Paul Thomas had the right combination of cast members working together in Cry Wolf. Monique out did herself from the very beginning playing the role of a rape victim. As I watched, I wonder how she was able to get inside the mind of a rape victim and how one would reaction, was all too real for my book. The emotions she carried over into her scene, made me wonder if she has ever been in that position and I pray not. The excellent storyline was very well written and an engaging film that should keep you glued to the television not exclusively for the sex, but for the plot as well. Mr. Marcus and  Monique  worked  very well together and  left  me  feeling bad for him in the  film  for being duped by her in her  sick and  twisted  role-playing  game. Seeing Steven St. Croix, as a pimp-villain was different from the  previous roles I have usually seen him in and he portrayed the role very well. Playing the role of a villain did him very well. Even Marco's Leon role was very believable. I didn't feel sorry for him when Sylvia got even with him at the end, he got exactly what he dished out to Sylvia and then some! Cry Wolf shows just how much betrayal went on between the characters and what each one gained or lost. In some case some lost more than the others. Overall Cry Wolf is a  must  watch for the  two "firsts" for Monique Alexander, her  first anal scene with Marco Leon and  working  together with Mr. Marcus, who I must  say is one  very  good looking man. One that I would love to have a sit down with him. With all the  plot  twist and  turns, I can't imagine  Cry Wolf not being nominated  for a few AVN awards.


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