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Bree & Kayden

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 7/27/08

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Title: Bree & Kayden
Studio: Adam & Eve Pictures
Category:  Lez
Director: Andre Madness
Starring: Sammie Rhodes, Alektra Blue, Kimberly Kane, Bree Olson, Alexis Love, Celeste Star, Ava Rose, Kayden Kross, Melanie Scott
Released Date: Jun 06, 2008

Bree Olsen and Kayden Kross are definitely two of the hottest girls in XXX. Add in other sexy beauties such as Celeste Star, Alexis love, Sammie Rhodes, Melanie Scott & more and you have the ingredients to have a super hot lesbian title.

Scene 1: Bree Olson & Alexis Love

Both girls emerge from a locker room shower stall after washing up together. While each is getting dressed they both share glances of lust but continue to put on their "school girl" outfits. We find ourselves in a school classroom where Bree and Alexis are doing their schoolwork. Before long we see Bree pass a note to Alexis asking if she wants to kiss? Alexis responds yes and so begins the lesbian encounter between the two. Both girls softly and seductively kiss each other. Bree begins by massaging on Alexis's body through her school girl outfit but quickly gets her skinny, sexy body undressed. Before long Bree is nude as well and finger fucking and eating Alexis shaved cunt with pleasure. The dark skin tone of Alexis paired with the platinum blond / tanned Bree looks so great here. It is not long before Bree brings in a rabbit vibrator to work over Alexis and her very wet slit. After a short while getting fucked by the Rabbit Alexis decides it's her turn to treat Bree to some sexual delight and eats Bree's cunt. After a few minutes of Bree really enjoying getting eaten out she cums. At this point Bree bends over Alexis in a doggy position and works her pussy over again with the rabbit. Bree really is just dominating over Alexis with the Vibrator, and you hear Alexis scream in pleasure many times. The girls switch position and each land up on top of a desk. Bree finger fucks Alexis while they kiss but they quickly decide to interlace their legs rub their cunts together in one of the hotter portions of the scene. Each girl moans in pleasure. Alexis wraps up the scene by fucking Bree's pussy with a silver dildo and then placing it in her mouth to get all of Bree's cunt juice off of it. Bree and Alexis kiss and the scene ends.


Scene 2: Ava Rose & Kimberly Kane

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Ava opens it up here with an opening shot of her beautiful shoes and amazing feet. The camera pans up and we get a look at a really good looking Ava Rose. Ava is wearing what looks like a leather studded top and a leather mini skirt straight out of someone's motorcycle shop collection. This outfit of Ava is wearing really wasn't my cup of tea at all but to each their own.  Ava walks over to a table that Kimberly is sitting up on top of straddling. Kim is wearing a cute black dress and some black dominatrix style high heals and no panties. The girls greet each other with an embrace and they don't waste any time petting each other's bodies and Kim is quick to get rid of Ava's mini skirt. Once the mini skirt is off Kimberly eat's Ava's cunt while she lays belly down grabbing her heals / spreading her ass cheeks on top of the table. Kimberly takes off her dress and commences to finger fuck Ava from behind. Quickly before we know it toys are introduced and Kimberly fucks Ava's pussy with a purple dildo. Ava then returns the favor and turns around Kimberly and fucks her twat with a Rabbit vibrator while at the same time licking on Kim's Ass and Clit. Ava Eventually finishes off working on Kimberly and once again bends over. Once Ava is back in submission Kim eats her wet pussy and fucks her with a dildo. Here we can see that Ava is so fucking wet that her inner thigh is just soaked and gleaming with the light that hits it. The scene ends With Kim kissing on Ava's Ass and both girls look exhausted.


Scene 3: Celeste Star & Melanie Scott


Celeste has been a very naughty girl and she is locked up. Melanie Scott is the officer in charge of watching over Celeste but shes more interested in fucking than anything else. Celeste is dressed up in her jail issued county orange shirt ( very sexy i might add)along with black and white stripped panties and matching bra and she is looking so good. Melanie being the officer that she is is dressed up like a big bad dyke in a police uniform but that's okay shes still a hottie once she takes off all that clothing. Both whores land up naked on the bed minus the sunglasses that Melanie for some reason still has on and keeps on the entire scene. Lets not forget each girls high heeled shoes remain on as well. Mel munches on Celeste's beautiful bald cunt as Celeste moans and groans in extreme pleasure. Melanie then proceeds to use a dildo on Celeste's cunt to punish her for all her crimes, she does so until Celeste finally cums. Melanie then has Celeste get on all four's where once again a dildo is shoved into the wet warm hole of Miss Star where she once again proclaims that she cums on more than one occasion. Celeste then gets into the pile driver position where Melanie works over her cunt in a frantic frenzy pace. Now that Celeste has been worked over she feels its time for Melanie to get recieve some punishment and has the officer lie back on the bed while she finger fucks her pussy and eats her out at the same time. Melanie goes crazy with Celeste working at munching her out and it appears that her pussy is just soaking wet. Celeste then proceeds to get Melanie in doggy where she dildo's her wet cunt while Melanie moans in enjoyment. The scene ends with Melanie cumming and then lighting a cigarette.


Scene 4: Sammie Rhodes & Alektra

The scene starts in black and white minus the lips, panties, and bra of Sammie which are all red. Finally after a minute or two of the black and white we get some color. Sammie is dressed in nothing more than a sexy pair of panties and matching bra while Alektra is decked out in a business suit but that quickly comes off to reveal the cutest most adorable panty and bra set ever. It is a shame but Alektra takes of the bra and panties so quickly....Come on tease me girls! Both girls get completely naked and Sammie begins to eat out Alektra.  After just a few licks of the cunt a vibrator is introduced to shove inside of the sexy twat of her partner Alektra. While using the dildo on Alektra Sammie periodically goes up and kisses on her tits, kisses her pussy or just randomly runs on her body. Sammie then moves up and has Alektra eat her sweet pussy and she really enjoys it. Positions are then switched and Alektra now gives Sammy the same type of oral, digital, and dildo pleasures just given to her by Miss Rhodes. The action then moves to a top of a desk where Sammy begins to finger fuck Alektra and the both get really into it. Sammie nearly shoves her entire fist in the wet cunt of Alektra and this is where the scene shines, both whores look really great here. To wrap up the scene both girls take turns fucking each others asshole with a glass dildo and boy did both girls enjoy the ass play.


Scene 5:  Bree Olson & Kayden Kross

Definitely the hottest scene of the movie is getting to watch Bree and Kayden go at each other. The scene starts out with both girls in their pajamas on a bed and they both look so incredible. They passionately kiss and take each others tops off before Kayden finally peels off Bree's panties to revel her beautiful cunt.  Kayden fingers / eats out Bree and they both enjoy what they are doing. Bree moans and moves in ways that you just know she loves what is being done to her. Kayden playfully giggles as she finger bangs Bree to a near orgasm. Kayden then introduces what must be a 8- 9 inch fat dildo which she rams inside of Bree who thoroughly enjoys the toy being used to fuck her. Both girls playfully talk and I really love that as both have such cute voices that it added much to the scene for me. After getting her workout Bree tells Kayden "your turn," and pulls down on Kaydens PJ's to reveal Kayden's cute little bald pussy. Bree lays her down on the bed and begins to eat out Kayden's beautiful cunt. I love the reaction we get from Kayden while getting eaten out... the visuals as well as her vocal expressions left me really turned on watching this. Bree goes from eating Kayden to finger banging her which of course Kayden seems to love. Some kissing occurs here before Bree goes back to finger fucking Kayden to a screaming orgasm which was really hot, cute, and sexy. To wrap things up Kayden gets Bree on all fours on the bed and drills her wet pussy with the dildo as hard and as fast as she can. Bree just keeps moaning "keep going your gonna make me cum," and she finally does. Before the girls finish off the scene Bree gives Kaydens cunt one last fucking with a purple dildo while Kayden rubs her Clit to yet another very loud and vocal orgasm. The girls kiss and wrap things up.

Scene 6: Kayden Kross

Kayden is having issues here. She is in front of a mirror crying and kissing the reflected back image of herself. She begins to strip off her clothing down to her panties and fishnet stockings. The girl is obviously having some sort of problem here and i just don't know what it is? Is it a broken heart.... maybe??? I think so!  Kayden then stands up to look at her ass in the mirror. She slowly pulls down her panties to once again examine her body from the mirrors reflection.  Kayden then sits in her chair facing the mirror to commence finger fucking herself while examining the pain reflected back at her.  Kayden eventually finger fucks herself to an orgasm and she has never looked so good in doing so.  She finishes up and looks into the mirror to give herself a kiss goodbye. Heartbreak at its worst.

DVD Extras.

The Extras for the title include a nearly 12 Minute BTS with interviews with all the girls from the Disc. If I said it once I will say it a million times. I love LOVE getting to see things with the girls prior to or the lead up to the sex scenes. Sometimes its the first thing I will go to when watching a DVD. I will run to check out the bts and this one was not bad at all.

Also included in the DVD Extras is a 14 minute bonus scene from "Eden" featuring Bree Olson & Evan Stone in a full on hardcore XXX scene.

In addition there is a bloopers section where you get a bit over 6 minutes of outtakes / bloopers from the DVD - Bree & Kayden.

Finally a Previews Section is included, as well as a Photo Gallery, Web Info, and More adult fun tabs.

Final thoughts

I don't know why but I had really high expectations for this DVD and while it did deliver at certain moments overall it was just missing something I cant quite put my finger on. Perhaps there was too much toy play and not enough just plain and simple girl on girl. Another low point were the setting's used.. they just felt very cheap and some what rushed. To be honest it felt like a DVD that could have been released 10 years ago with the 90's backdrops used.  Bree and Kayden's scene was great as was the Sammie Rhodes and Alektra pairing. I just felt over all it didn't keep up the heat like it should have. Don't get me wrong this is a good title just not a great one. It is a definite rent and possibly a buy if you just want to see a great scene with Kayden and Bree ( some could argue that scene alone is worth the price of the DVD).  Hell sometimes on any given Disc your lucky if you have one good scene, here you have at least two. My advise is rent it first and see who knows maybe you will enjoy it a bit more than I did and pick up your own copy.




Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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