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Revenge of The MILFS

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Milf

Director: Richard De Montfort

Cast: Rhyse Richards, Heidi Mayne, Tyann Mason, Nikki Score, Friday, Kiwi Ling, Criss Strokes, Ethan Hunt, Phatzane, Trent Soluri, Jenner

Length: 106 minutes

Date of Production: 6/3/2008

Extras: The best of the special features is the Behind the Scenes segments. The five main actresses are interviewed. Heidi Mayne comes across as fun. Tyann is very charming. Friday is adorable and sexy even when she is not trying to be. Nikki is mesmerizing and Rhyse is her super hot stuff even in a dark room. There are seven Hustler DVD trailers. Three of the trailers are Taboo 11 Taking Control, Little Latina Cum Queens, and Chasey Lain MILF Trainer. They provide a good sample of included scenes. The Photo Gallery Slideshow is worth watching. These photos are sexy and hot. They include all of the six women in this movie. Lastly, there is a commercial for Hustler Hollywood.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The lighting is good although there are some shadowy features. It is not bad. Although in the Rhyse Richards' footage in Behind the Scenes, the room is a dark-lit room. There are small lamps next to the bed to provide the small amount of lighting. As for the audio, it is good as well. A widescreen is used for the entire movie and the behind the scenes footage.

Overview: Hustler Video comes from the same people who publish Hustler Magazine. Their brand name solidifies credibility and quality to their products. In Revenge of the MILFS, each episodic scene has a believable and effective plotline. Furthermore, the women entertainers have good acting skills to make the audience care for them.

Scene One: Pretty and pissed off Tyann Mason walks in on her cheating husband who is fingering Kiwi Ling on the living room couch. She is angry that her hubby was fooling around while she was out shopping all day. He tries to explain that they have been married for a long time and he wants something new even though any other horny man would love to have Tyann as his wife. Anyways, she gets back at him by shoving Kiwi's mouth on her pussy and making her hubby watch her get eaten. The scene changes moments later as Ms. Mason answers her front door. A Mormon is standing in front of her and asking her if she wants to be saved. The still pissed off wife pulls him inside and leads him into the living room. She makes a pass at him and he mentions he has never done this before. The seductive woman comforts him by saying that she will train him as she informs her new student that her husband had cheated on her. He feels sorry for her. Suddenly, she grabs his cock and licks the tip and then, her mouth goes down his shaft. The scene gets hotter when she pleasures his sack. Her lips look incredible around his hard dick. I like the camera angles while she is performing oral on him especially the tight close-ups. Later on, he asks her if he could return the favor and she gives her consent by saying "Of course.' He sucks her sweet pussy as she sits on his face. I enjoy her sexy voice. He also gives oral attention to her asshole. Then, they do a sixty-nine. By the look on her face, one can tell that she is enjoying herself. Right before the vaginal fucking begins, she says "It's payback time now." That is the cue for her reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and missionary fuck scenes. Her vocal "Oh Yeah" moans were big turn-ons which added depth into her performance. After tit fucking her, he cums on her mouth and chest. The guy states "I'm glad I came over." I totally agree with his sentiment.

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Scene Two: An angry and beautiful Heidi Mayne is speaking to her husband George over the phone wondering where he is at. Once she finds out that he is at work, she is furious with him. He had forgotten her birthday. She dressed sexy for him and he is no where to be seen. Forgetful George is going to pay. The next scene shows Heidi telling her hubby over the phone that she is about to fuck his brother. When she slowly pulls down her brother-in-law's pants and sees his cock, the hot woman gleefully says "Happy Birthday to me" as she takes his hard rod into her warm mouth. It is impossible not to notice her enticing eyes. I like how she continues to look up at him while doing the oral stuff. It gives the scene a more personal touch. There is real chemistry between her and him. Ms. Mayne turns around and wiggles her nice ass at him. With his fingers, he spreads her lovely looking pussy and fingers her butthole. There are excellent very tight close-up shots of this action.

He spits on her asshole to lubricate it so he can perform anal on her. Unfortunately, the ass humping does not occur next. Instead we get a very good vaginal fuck. Later, she rides him cowgirl style and her round ass bounces on his dick. We can see that his cock is very wet during this fuck scene. When she gets back to giving him a blow job, her eyes are looking straight at his face again. She is amazing. Then, the brother-in-law sticks a butt plug into her for the upcoming anal experience. The director or the actor must get a lot of credit for how the following anal scene comes out. First, the actor butt fucked her facing her, then he butt fucked her facing away from her, and then, he butt fucked her facing her again. He even shoves two fingers in her ass while still having his dick in her asshole. I love the creativity and talent. Moments later, she rides his cock again and the camera angle which looks upwards to her body is pretty hot. At the end, he sprays his load on her mouth. Her unbelievable eyes are locked onto his face again and then, she looks at the camera and fades out. This is an excellent scene. I came out if her scene thinking that Heidi Mayne is a breath of fresh air.

Scene Three: This episode begins with Nikki Score walking into the living room and being angry with her daughter. She had taken her car and her money. While her daughter's boyfriend is sitting next to her, she tells him that she left the best thing behind. The seductive woman comes onto him and they kiss. She unzips his pants and takes out his dick. The close-ups and camera angles are good. Nikki is sexy with her green skirt on. She looks very sophisticated as she sucks him when she is not wearing her glasses. However, in the moments when she is wearing those glasses, she reminds me of Velma in those Scooby-Doo cartoons. The tight close-ups of her mouth and his cock are priceless. After some pussy and asshole sucking, Ms. Score rides him reverse cowgirl style. It is pretty good. She removes her glasses when the humping becomes more intense. When she reverses and faces him, we can see the red scratch marks on her cute ass. Later on, we find out that Nikki is a squirter during the missionary scene. That was a nice surprise. Nevertheless, the action does not stop. They continue to have fuck scenes. She is a great performer. After he cums on her, she tells him to pack his bags. They are going to go to Las Vegas to catch her daughter. That dude is a lucky sucker.

Scene Four: Blonde beauty Rhyse Richards is informing her friend that since she slept with her boyfriend, Ms. Richards is going to do the same to hers. Isn't payback a sweet thing? On the bed, she rubs his dick through his boxers. She tells him that his cock is bigger than her no good boyfriend's. After a brief moment of the man kissing her breasts, Rhyse pulls off his pants from his crotch area so she can dive into his penis. She is very talented in the art of oral pleasure. She does not waste any inch of his meat and sack. Not only does she give notice to his balls, but she also licks the bottom of his shaft and pays close attention to the tip of his penis head. I also like how she strokes his dick with her hand while sucking him. Then, while sitting on her torso, he slides his cock in between her tits and into her mouth. This would be a good time to mention that Rhyse has a cute voice. Later, he fucks her through her pussy. We see her breasts jiggle up and down as he repeatedly works her over with his rod. She also has a very pretty face. We get a cool view of her ass while she is on top of him. Sexy Rhyse smiles throughout the entire scene several times. After a brief 69, he cums in her mouth. Payback Ms. Richards calls her friend again to inform her that his cum is all over her face. Isn't payback sweet? My only disappointment of this scene is that it ended too soon.

Scene Five: The buxom blonde Friday walks into her masturbating husband as he is watching a porn flick. She becomes angry at him for finding out what he does all day. She cannot understand why she is not good enough for him. He tells her that he is addicted to porn. She is not buying any of his explanation and walks out of the room not before telling him that he was going to regret it. When we see Friday again, she is with a man on a bed. He sucks her large breasts and she, in a sultry manner, kisses down his body. I enjoy how she did not rush. She took her sweet time. She even kissed his cock for several moments, before she took it in her mouth. Now, that is a way to get a man wired. His cock is very wet. She sucks it harder. Her left breast is rubbing against his balls. Then, she sucks his asshole while stroking him by hand. Then, she gives her mouth something to do with his cock again. By now, the viewer would have to agree that she gives great head. Several times, she has difficulty breathing on account of taking him deeper down her mouth. Later on, he is sucking her pussy. Friday has very cute legs. It is also noticeable that the high heels that she is wearing are sexy and hot. They compliment her legs extremely well. When she is in cowgirl position, he pumps her hard. Her left butt cheek is very red from the spanking. While listening to her moans, I got breathless when she was doing the reverse cowgirl. A glimpse of her sexy high heel appears when he does her from behind. Friday can definitely wear hot heels to its full potential. When she is splattered by his goo on her face, there is a very tight close-up on her mouth. She has his dick in her mouth with the white goo flowing alongside of her lips and on the sides of her mouth. It is a very hot scene.

Final Thoughts: Veteran Hustler continues to make very good adult DVDs. Their plotlines are entertaining and fun to watch. They always find beautiful women to cast in their movies. I highly recommend it. The buyer will hardly go wrong in purchasing Hustler videos and Revenge of the MILFS is a great buy.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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