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Meggan and Hannah Love Manuel

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hanna Hilton and Manuel Ferrara (click for trailer)

Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel

Vivid Entertainment

Dana DeArmond and Meggan Mallone with Trent Tesoro and Tony DeSergio

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Meggan Mallone!

Cast: Hanna Hilton, Manuel Ferrara, Meggan Mallone, Dana DeArmond, Trent Tesoro, Tony DeSergio

Length: 134:22 minutes

Hanna Hilton!

Date of Production: 5/5/2008

Extras: The best extras for most people will be the five bonus scenes from other company projects, scene descriptions offered below to assist you in determining their value to you but 73:46 minutes of extras sex is always welcome in my book. There were also biographies for Hanna Hilton and Meggan Mallone (misspelling of the Houston native's name aside, pretty detailed too), a photogallery, four trailers, spam, and my favorite title-specific extra being the 9:18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. The BTS looked really rough but it gave some insights to the movie all the same even if it was largely blooper oriented (Jimmy D. seen holding a camera at the very end of it).

Meggan Mallone and Hanna Hilton with Manuel Ferrara!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel was presented in anamorphic widescreen color using a 1.78:1 ratio offering as shot by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment in the MPEG-2 codec used for standard definition releases (the high definition upgrade coming soon). This one was shot in HD in 1080i60 and edited on Final Cut Pro by Fletcher Martin, the man doing a solid job, so being presented in the SD format will make a difference if it is ever upgraded to high definition. The lighting was reasonably well handled (with minor exceptions in a few of the scenes that had less lighting and appeared overly saturated), limiting the grain, video noise, and other distracting flaws seen all too often in porn these days; appearing to be shot nicely by talented cameraman Jimmy D. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were not always optimal this time, the camera spending too little time in the first scene and too long on some of the later establishing shots. The fleshtones were usually accurate this time and the DVD mastering was well done, making it look pretty solid in terms of visual quality (though perhaps the compression ratio was set too high as the bitrate was averaging about 4.5 Mbps). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital offering (at 192 Kbps using the standard 48 kHz sampling rate) with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent thanks to Kyle Caruso. For some reason, the levels were mixed lower than usual but aside from the added background noise from doing so; the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal tracks nonexistent.

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Body of Review: Paul Thomas is generally considered the leading director at Vivid Entertainment these days and has been for some time. His many awards and accolades for a variety of fuck flicks have given the man enough room to experiment with a variety of approaches, many of them serving up some decent pairings while others fell flat. His latest release to make it my way was Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel, a story of lust in a sexual triangle starring two of the newest contract gals the company has to offer, perky blond Hanna Hilton, and hotty Houstonian Meggan Mallone, as the two compete for the affections of studly Manuel Ferrara. The box cover said it like this: "Hanna is a real estate agent who meets Manuel while showing him an exclusive seaside apartment. She sells him the place...and her pussy...closing the apartment's lounge to fuck his brains out. Being Manuel, the next day she finds him in bed with Meggan, the main girl he neglected to tell her about. Just so happens, Hanna lives in the apartment right next door, and that's just where Hanna and Miguel catch her jacking off to Manuel's private tapes. There's only one logical porno punishment for that...Meggan and Manuel must fuck Hanna every which way but loose. This scalding hot 3-way is worth the price of admission alone. See why Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel...and why Vivid made them Contract Stars!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: A New Tenant: Hanna Hilton, the cute and busty blond featured all over the appealing cover, was up first in a scene with Manuel Ferrara; the gal playing a real estate agent trying to close a deal but falling for her client at the same time. He liked what he saw and her brilliant blue eyes drew him in, Manuel circling her like prey as he scoped her out. The playful nature of these two was evident from the beginning, Hanna stripping her clothing off to provide him a better look at the curves he found so enticing, her all natural breasts looking almost as good as her firm young ass. She teased him for awhile and he kissed her, preferring she grind her ass into his face as he savored the taste of her crotch and backside before she actively blew him. Her lips were no strangers to wrapping around a cock either, she was skilled at slobbing a knob from what I could see, using her hand to generate even more friction in a delightful manner before they started bumping uglies actively. Multiple positions later, after she had done some PTM and other playful tricks, he rubbed out his load of population pudding to her chest, Hanna rubbing the semen into her breasts as she completed the deal. Yum!

Scene Two: Meggan After Hours: Meggan Mallone, an equally attractive brunette as seen all over the front cover, was then up with far more experienced Dana DeArmond, the couple getting it on in the home bar as mopers Trent Tesoro and Tony DeSergio encouraged them. I know a lot of people think Dana looks like a tranny or think she's too old for porn but she was the driving force of the scene from the beginning to the end, actively working over Meggan and the guys with equal vigor as Meggan went off to the sidelines to masturbate. Dana slobbed their knobs and gave some lessons to Meggan that she would do well to learn too, the titty play and cunnilingus between the ladies a decent homage to foreplay for the more expansive scene. Dana then actively rode the cocks she sucked off so effectively, Meggan's oral potential quite high if largely unrealized this time. Dana seemed to prefer getting fucked in the ass but was more aggressively riding during the vaginal portions of the scene, adding more mechanical energy to the movie than most of the other scenes combined (only lacking chemistry keeping it from being better than the rest of the movie). The scene ended when the men rubbed out loads to her face, Meggan largely discarded by that point in time but looking far cuter than her associate to say the least.

Scene Three: Making Up: Meggan Mallone, now playing the sexually frustrated and jealous girlfriend, was up on the bed with relentless Manuel Ferrara, the guy massaging her perfect ass as she fretted about what she saw as his cheating ways. She allowed him to make it up to her by stuffing his face in her ass cheeks, savoring her aroma as he gave her significant pleasure; eating her out on both sides of the well groomed hotty as she gave him explicit directions as to what she wanted him to do. While she seemed to go a bit overboard with the moaning, she caught herself and seemed to give a credible sexual performance after that, showing her some of the tricks she learned in her hometown of Houston. Manuel was too large for her to actively ride at first, the gal warming up as he drilled her and their chemistry growing as much as their passion for one another. They took a break after she did some more oral on him (PTM blowjob), Meggan masturbating on the couch beside the bed as he jerked off. She then climbed back on top of him to fuck some more, leading to him jerking off to her sweet little titties. Sweet!

Scene Four: Nosey Neighbor: Hanna Hilton, also desirous of Manuel's charms, then broke into his place to view a home movie of the previous couple, diddling herself on the busy couch to reveal her ability to get dripping wet. This was a hands on job with no toys, the action by her inspirational couple substantially better.

Scene Five: Trio: Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, and Manuel Ferrara were up last as the trio came to grips with their growing attraction for one another. Meggan had now embraced the appeal of a third partner in their lovemaking, spending as much time on Hanna as she did on Manuel. There was some pussy eating and blowjobs by both ladies, the teasing nature of the foreplay enhancing the mood to make this the best scene for me overall. I'd be surprised if it wasn't nominated for a few categories by AVN, the seductive nature of the scene better for replay value than a straight out gonzo type of screwing. The titty play and oral aside, the ladies were also pretty solid at riding his cock and assisting each other, macking out with Manuel along the way. Fans of foot fetish material will also enjoy the sexual play here though it was only given a little bit of screen time, and Meggan shined as the primary partner of the scene. The action ended when Manuel jerked off to their faces in the bathroom, Hanna getting her breasts hit more than anything but the scene was smoking hot too. I really liked how the rough edges were kept in to make it seem more realistic than a glossed over bit of boning, this being a better depiction of sex with a third partner for the first time as the movie's theme seemed to be. Hot!

Bonus Scene: Kayden's First Time: Kayden Kross, Kimberly Kane, Manuel Ferrara: Kimberly Kane, hanging in a metal cage in Kylie's dungeon, was up next as she hovered near beautiful Kayden Kross that was overly made up and on the plastic sheets below with Manuel Ferrara. He was eating out an appreciative Kayden before she gave a passing attempt at oral and a handjob; leading to another passive ride on her part. Her cookie looked red and inflamed, the real action beginning when Kimberly joined them. The lesbian face sitting and active riding by the formerly caged princess of alt-porn certainly livened things up, with Kayden getting a little more action before he let loose with his man juice on Kimberly's crotch. It was a large load and Kayden licked at it a bit, the scene ending the movie for the credits to roll. (review by me)

Bonus Scene: Shooting Savanna: Kimberly Kane, Britney Stevens, Evan Stone: Britney Stevens, a busty brunette, and lean alt-queen Kimberly Kane, were next up as they posed for a photographer, finding some comfort in the arms of the mighty Evan Stone. I found it interesting that the ladies spent so much time addressing each other while Evan assisted (holding Britney while Kimberly fingered and ate the lady) but he was rewarded by both of them with some fine oral too. The cunnilingus and blowjob quality aside, Evan tore off his jumpsuit and upped the ante by banging the ladies, all three of them dripping in sweat that only blu-ray could show so perfectly. Both ladies were active riders and while I preferred the nuances offered by Britney, I'd have done Kim if given a shot too. Fans of "squirting" will delight in Britney's waterworks too but the ending came soon after with the ladies taking the facial pop; Britney getting the lion's share and giving a bit of it to Kimberly. (review by me)

Bonus Scene: Miles From Needles: Over a plate of cold eggs and turkey-basted mystery brine, the creepiness continues for our girls, who are now cuffed and chained to their dining table seats. Kimberly shouts and yells at Constance (James Deen), the youngest member of the unhinged clan, to keep his distance from the prisoners, though they do offer a group "hug" in concordance with his assistance once the room is clear of Mater and Pater. The trio move to his bedroom, and James tossed April onto the bed as he rushes to kiss Savanna. They play along, but soon find that in a house like this, no one is ever really alone. Peeling back a curtain, the terrorized twins see Kimberly and Evan hackling away as they sit and watch the ordeal go down. April channels her fury into pleasure as she gathers the lion's share of the action, though James doesn't neglect Savanna too often, either. A two-mouthed blow job (one on the balls, another on the chain) leads to an inordinate amount of boob squeezing and rubbing, followed by a plowing into April as Savanna queens her quivering face. James flips over April for doggy as she noshes on Savanna's spread gooeyness, cycling into a pattern of reverse and standard cowgirl by each female companion. Missionary with Savanna finishes off the groin-grabblingly good time, and April glints her shiny tongue out to carry James' gush down the reaches of her chin and neck (eventually giving Savanna a taste before it's all said and done). A delectable amount of candy-pulling here, with the green-thumbed April showing off her skills in a stunning way. But even those fine qualities can't save her from her tormentor's hand of chance, now forcing the two ladies into a darkened room of ill-repute. (review by Wind Tunnel)

Bonus Scene: I-Rock: Franchezca Valentina, Victoria, Manuel Ferrara: This scene is hard to watch throughout the whole scene to be honest. The camera is doing some weird stuff and they did some effect that were hard to watch. I know Victoria and Manuel are in this scene and I can't identify who the other girl is for sure but I think she's Franchezca, either that or she is someone not listed on box cover or opening credits. Like I said hard to watch and I couldn't even make all the way through because it was giving me headaches but what I did see was pretty good. Manuel is always good in his scenes. (review by Porn Princess)

Bonus Scene: Sunny Loves Matt: Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander, Matt Erickson: Sunny Leone, in a yellow patterned bikini out by the pool with hotty Monique Alexander, who was wearing a pink satin bikini, frolicked playfully for the last 40 minutes of the movie. The home movie approach as an introduction worked to add something for me, perhaps memories of bygone times I had myself years ago, lucky Matt Erickson getting a bird's eye view of the two beauties. The ladies were putting on a show to get him worked up, succeeding with me as a home viewer equally as well in the process of their removing clothing. The trio went inside after the lesbian action to go all the way, the ladies sucking him silly before taking turns mounting him. Sunny went first as she gyrated her hips and pumped on the chump while Monique massaged her breasts from behind. They spoke to one another in a form of verbal coaxing that I appreciated as maintaining an open line of communication for what they wanted to do too, Monique's brand new wrist tattoo healing (it was a week old). Monique was a more energetic rider this time but both of them were in their zone regarding how well they impaled themselves on his rod. My only real complaint for the scene was how Sunny masturbated instead of keeping some form of contact with her two partners when they were screwing as Monique had done though; perhaps her voyeuristic tendencies getting the better of her. It didn't really diminish the heat of the ménage a trios but as a personal preference, I prefer it as a means of establishing their continued connection to one another. The gals took turns getting the cock though and Matt got in some intermittent oral as well, the ending load going to Sunny's mouth and dripping onto Monique's biscuit before they both gave him some last minute head. Of note as well was how much Sunny looked like another major hotty at the company, Lanny Barby, during most of her missionary positions, whether on purpose or not irrelevant since I find both of them so fetching. Sweet! (review by me)

Summary: Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment was a surprising little feature that was light on story but solid on sex as a pleasing vehicle to serve both Hanna Hilton and Meggan Mallone in their earlier efforts at the company. Thomas showed he really hadn't lost his touch and especially the finale scene showed the kind of sexual exploration that worked enough from me to rate as Recommended. In short, Meggan & Hanna Love Manuel was a decent little fuck flick full of frisky fucking and starring two very attractive young ladies. The high definition version will enhance the look of the technical values substantially from what I've seen but this was well worth checking out if you like the cast.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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