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Tenga - Soft Tube Cup

Studio: Toy Demon » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 7/31/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

In the field of adult toys the number of gadgets for women greatly outnumber the ones for men. That's why I'm always excited to test drive a new product designed especially for men. 

I had previously reviewed the Fleshlight (and a new extensive review of their complete line is forthcoming) and really enjoyed the 'personal masturbator' concept.  When I discovered Toy Demon and their Japanese imported "Tenga Onacup" I realized I HAD to give it a go.

Unlike the Fleshlight which is designed for multiple uses, the Tenga is a single use product. You peel back the wrapper, twist off the cap, unseal the suction hole, insert your cock and rock and roll. After you cum you put the cap back on and toss it out.  By design the Tenga Onacup isn't really all that environmentally friendly, but it does fill a unique need that no other product is addressing.

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While I am a huge fan of the Fleshlight I can't possibly imagine throwing it in my suitcase and taking it with me on a trip. With an active partner I find that I spend less 'me' time when I am at home than when I am on the road. The Tenga is perfectly suited to throwing in your travel bag for some fun on the road. The red and silver striped packaging makes the Tenga look more like a tube of lotion or the packaging for some cologne, if not for the small diagrams on the back you wouldn't know this was a sex toy.

The Tenga is also idea for someone who simply doesn't have the privacy to store sex toys. Tenga could easily be thrown in a bathroom drawer and no one would really notice.  This simplicity makes the Tenga a really attractive option.

This Tenga, the Soft Tube Cup is designed so that the outer package can be squeezed for varying levels of tightness. At 6 1/2 inches in length, the soft tube cup is not designed for anyone larger than 'average size'. Pre-lubed with a water based lubricant I found the soft tube cup fairly easy to penetrate. I was happy that it had just the right amount of lube, as I don't see a scenario where you'd want to add lube to it, as it defeats the entire purpose of a portable disposable masturbator.

Inside the soft tube cup are a number of small nubs which stimulate you as you masturbate.  Squeezing the soft sides does regulate the tightness as does holding your finger over the suction hole at the end of the tube.  I found my time with The Soft Tube Cup to be quite enjoyable. The stimulation was just about right and it delivered a solid orgasm.

Clean up was amazingly simple and being able to toss it away, rather than meticulously clean and dry it was nice (given that environmentally it's probably not the best thing).  The lube also wiped away clean and wasn't overly sticky, giving this product one of the quickest and easiest clean ups on the market.

The price for The Tenga is also fairly reasonable. The Soft Tube sells for just under $10 which is a fair price for what you get. It's also a good way to try out a personal masturbator before plunking down the money for a non-disposable one.

For masturbators my preference still lies with the Fleshlight, but given that Tenga is designed to be portable, easy and discrete I can absolutely see picking a few of these up for when I travel. It's a simple, well designed product that delivers exactly what it promises and I highly recommend it.

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