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Shooting Savanna

Studio: Vivid » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 7/31/08

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Studio: Vivid

Director: B. Skow

Release Date: 6/10/2008

Production Year: 06/08/2007

Category:  Gonzo

Genre: Vignette

Condoms: None

Performers:  Alan Stafford, April Blossom, Britney Stevens, Charles Dera, Evan Stone, Kimberly Kane, Marco Banderas, Savanna Samson.

Vivid Teaser: Savanna. April. Britney. Kimberly. What's it like when the cameras start flashing and so do they? When the voyeuristic thrill they get lifting their shirts and then their skirts, and spreading their moist shaved pussies overtakes them? No one coaxes the slut from the star like maverick director B Skow...and in Shooting Savanna, we take a full-on, hard-core, behind-the-scenes look at Skow's inimitable techniques, as well as the stars that make him sweat! Shooting Savanna will have you shooting something else in no time!

The Movie: The majority of the readers have already read the review for the Blu-ray release of Shooting Savanna by Don Houston; there are no major changes to the review going from BR to SD. In the SD version, Vivid includes the standard five bonus scenes were in BR they are only two due to space limitations on BR.

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Shooting Savanna was directed by B.Skow for Vivid, filmed in High Definition, presented in anamorphic wide screen format in 16:9 ratio and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-5 Mbps. The sound portion was good presented in 5.1 Digital Dolby surround sound and there was no echoing or any kind of audio distortions. The flesh tones and colors were too bright, looking too red at some points. The brightness also took away from the flick making it hard on the eyes. There was also a lot of movement of the camera in each scene.

The Extras:

Feature: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery,Trailers, Bonus Scenes, Previews, Positions Room, Previews for: Team Squirt #5, Cry Wolf, Irock, Watching My Wife, Bonus Scenes from: 59 Seconds, Miles from Needles, Pay Or Play, Savanna Loves Sex, Stood Up.

Bonus Scenes: 59 Seconds: Savanna & Evan Stone & Marco Banderas & Jay Huntington & Christian

Study Hall: Savanna Samson, up last as a teacher in front of a group of meat puppets including Evan Stone, Marco Banderas, Christian, and Jay Huntington, showed her last gangbang was not a fluke; she really likes a bunch of guys at the same time. She made sure each of the men had learned the lessons she was teaching by testing them with an impromptu quiz involving skills; Evan playing dumb which resulted in her calling him "Mr. Smarty Trousers" (making me laugh out loud). Evan's cock was the first one to fuck her face and the others soon joined him as they took turns getting blowjobs and tapping her pussy on the table. Savanna was have a tremendous amount of fun with this scenario and considering the first scene of hers I ever saw was a gangbang, it made sense to me that as her career slowly starts ending, she return to her roots. She did some anal here and pushed back against the cock penetrating her pucker, but it was largely driven by oral and vaginal sex before the men popped loads of semen on her face and crotch. Whoa! Reviewed by Don Houston

Miles From Needles: Savanna Samson& April Blossom& James Deen

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Over a plate of cold eggs and turkey-basted mystery brine, the creepiness continues for our girls, who are now cuffed and chained to their dining table seats.  Kimberly shouts and yells at Constance (James Deen), the youngest member of the unhinged clan, to keep his distance from the prisoners, though they do offer a group "hug" in concordance with his assistance once the room is clear of Mater and Pater.  The trio move to his bedroom, and James tossed April onto the bed as he rushes to kiss Savanna.  They play along, but soon find that in a house like this, no one is ever really alone. Peeling back a curtain, the terrorized twins see Kimberly and Evan hackling away as they sit and watch the ordeal go down.  April channels her fury into pleasure as she gathers the lion's share of the action, though James doesn't neglect Savanna too often, either.  A two-mouthed blow job (one on the balls, another on the chain) leads to an inordinate amount of boob squeezing and rubbing, followed by a plowing into April as Savanna queens her quivering face. James flips over April for doggy as she noshes on Savanna's spread gooeyness, cycling into a pattern of reverse and standard cowgirl by each female companion.  Missionary with Savanna finishes off the groin-grabblingly good time, and April  glints her shiny tongue out to carry James' gush down the reaches of her chin and neck (eventually giving Savanna a taste before it's all said and done).  A delectable amount of candy-pulling here, with the green-thumbed April showing off her skills in a stunning way. But even those fine qualities can't save her from her tormentor's hand of chance, now forcing the two ladies into a darkened room of ill-repute.Thankfully, the duo thwarts their attacker, Evan, and run off to hide in the shadows of a garage stowaway nook, away from his stun gun, but in full view of Brian Surewood and Maria Belucci wrecking each other atop another bare mattress. Reviewed by Wind Tunnel

Pay Or Play: Nick Manning & Kimberly Kane

Love Or Money: Kimberly Kane, one of the leading ladies of alternative porn, was up first as a hooker in the back of a limousine with Nick "I don't pay for sex" Manning playing himself. They negotiated a price and he agreed to it, the couple consummating the deal in a motel room of sorts. She aggressively slobbed his knob with streamers flying everywhere; the bed serving as her platform of lust as Nick gave up some dirty talk (like always). While the artistic style of the debut scene left me wanting something more traditional, the performers did their job reasonably well even as Nick gave her some oral pleasuring. He did most of the work during the vaginally penetrative sex, pumping away into her cookie as she choked herself with a studded belt (later easing up to use the device to tie her hands up for his bondage fantasy). It ended when he gave his characteristic battle cry while rubbing out a load of population pudding to her mouth; Kimberly providing some post coital sucking but not looking as messed up as he claimed she would in the end. Reviewed by Don Houston

Savanna Loves Sex: I Just Love Sex w/ Savanna Samson, Live Wilder, and Marco Banderas

Next we have Savanna in b/w talking to the camera about just how much she loves sex. As she continues she breaks out her purple toy and begins to fuck her pussy with it. Savanna is very descriptive about what she wants and how she wants you to do her as she toys with herself. She  goes on to  say that  she  cant wait for her friends to return and  find  out  what  they  did  on the  boat. She finds them on the sofa making out watches for a few and then joins them. The trio goes back and forth sharing each other and Marco cock in several positions before he unloads on Savanna's face.

Stood Up: Evan Stone & Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane, Savanna Samson, and the mighty Evan Stone, were up next as Bob toured the southern states to find the hillbilly heaven of Georgia in 1992 to be a pit hole where an anonymous clone playing Jeff Foxworthy was the latest wannabe comedian to steal his act. Some of the losers in the bar might have passed for redneck losers like another wannabe in the form of someone named "South", missing teeth and more than a few brain cells from what their limited dialogue could show. Aside from giving a whole new meaning to the term "family relations", the setting gave some satisfaction in Bob getting his comeuppance when Evan and Kimberly knocked the snot out of him. Savanna paid them back with a little sexual fun, the trio moving to the trailer where some comedic talk led to more serious fucking. The emphasis on blowjobs and pussy was clear here and he went back and forth between them as the greedy gals tried to dominate who would get the most cock from the big guy. The closed quarters of the location proved to be a bit tougher to shoot them in a variety of styles but the lighting and limited camera angles aside, they did a solid job. It ended with some minor waterworks from Savanna and a shared facial that the women clamored for, the post coital sucking finishing it up nicely. Reviewed by Don Houston

Scene 1: Marco Banderas & Savanna Samson

Savanna, featured on the cover with Marco, starts the scene showing off her body by teasing the viewers dancing around the room and showing a bit of   pink from under her dress. Marco soon joins her and Savanna is counting his six pack. She eagerly sucks him off with Marco   making a meal out of her. They get into several positions that they can on the black leather sofa with out Savanna falling off. Savanna and Marco have good chemistry together and you can see exactly when she is having her orgasm. Marco ends the scene giving her a facial and Savanna licking him clean.

Scene 2: Britney Stevens & Evan Stone & Kimberly Kane

In this scene you have the ladies up first having some fun before being joined by Evan. What I couldn't help notice that  Britney  during the  beginning portion of the scene  didn't  seem to want to be there. Her facial expressions stated so and even on the BTS it was noticeable. Both Britney and Kimberly get their fair share of pounding by Evan. Kimberly  was more of the energetic of the  two while  Britney  gave   the  golden showers ending with  the  ladies sharing the  facial.

Scene 3: Alan Stafford & April Blossom

Next up you have April who in the BTS was teasing Alan about just how good he is and about if he does measure up April would pass the word on to  others. I guess April did find out just how good he was! They had a nice outdoors scene with April starting it off playing with herself and Alan jumping in for some fun of is own. The chemistry between the two was lacking making for a weak sex scene.

Scene 4: Charles Dera & Savanna Samson

I'm supposed to do what with that??

After a few more poses and showing some more skin, Charles Dera has his package sticking through the zipper joins Savanna on set. She gets right to work sucking him off showing off her excellent oral skills. You can tell that Savanna is very much into him as they go further into the foreplay and the vaginally pounding.

Final Thoughts: B. Skow has made a huge name for himself with Vivid and is noticed for his work by a lot of people. His style is a rather unique one that everyone enjoys, except me. I do enjoy gonzo but the constant movement of the camera in certain scene just didn't do it for me. The background music was too harsh for me (Yes, Don it was too LOUD! ). I am not a fan of heavy metal or Metallica, so when it's used in porn it kills it for me. For that matter, turning down the volume was my only option that or muting the sound altogether. Two out of the fours scenes were enjoyable and that was with the volume turned down. Gonzo isn't for everyone, its an acquired taste for that matter. In my opinion it could have been better with just  Savanna and  the guys in it.



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