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Hazzard Zone

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 130 minutes

Director: Chi Chi Larue

Cast: Johnny Hazzard, Vinnie D'Angelo, Josh West, Aron Ridge, Brodie Newport, Geoffrey Paine, Jason Longh, and Vin Costes

Body Types: body builders, older and younger guys, guys with tattoos, big dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: rough sex, spit swapping, facials, threesomes, armpit licking

Plot: Johnny and Vinnie cruise around their local sex club.

The Movie:

I can see why Johnny Hazzard has developed a loyal following of viewers, so much so that this film is named after him.  In many ways, he serves as the bridge between the older, beefier models of leather porn and the younger, freshly waxed models of Bel Ami titles.  I guess you could say that he can have his cake and eat it too, since he has the face of a young Richard Gere, and the tattooed body of someone who spent a few decades at sea.  It is because of young Johnny that the film will have more mainstream appeal, especially with those viewers who wouldn't normally consider buying leather daddy porn. 

Taking place in a darkly lit sex club, Johnny Hazzard and friends have aggressive sex in hallways, staircases, and industrial looking rooms.  The sex could be considered aggressive since there is some rough fucking, serious ass rimming, and some spit play.  However, the actors aren't demeaning towards each other, and some scenes the actors can be downright lovable with their partners - at least until the fucking starts.  The models are all very handsome, with a nice range of age and degrees of hairiness.  It was a pleasure to see models with actual hair on the balls, and several of the guys have some pretty elaborate tattoos (Geoffrey Paine for example).  Overall, Hazzard Zone has much to offer in terms of well shot (and hot!) sex scenes and some cute models. 

Scene one: Jason Longh and Geoffrey Paine

Geoffrey strokes his cock in a darkly lit hall, hoping that some guy will stop to play.  Johnny Hazzard and Vinnie D'Angelo both walk bye, but they don't stick around to help out the guy.  Fortunately, a cute Latin stud (Jason) walks over to Geoffrey and starts to stroke his cock in front of him.  Jason then gets on his knees so that he can taste the goods, so to say.  While Jason sucks away, Geoffrey spits into his mouth and face-fucks him.  

After that, Jason gets on the ground so that Geoffrey can rim his little hole.  Geoffrey rims all over his ass area, probes deep with his tongue and fingers, and even rubs his head all over Jason's ass region.  Unable to control his hunger for ass, Geoffrey fucks him from behind.  Jason receives one hell of a fucking, though he seems more than capable of handling himself.  The guys then switch so that Jason's ass is held up in the air while Geoffrey fucks him in the opposite direction.  Finally, Jason shoots his cum onto Geoffrey's bearded face and rubs it around, followed by a cum dripping facial for Jason as well. 

Scene two: Josh West, Vin Costes, and Johnny Hazzard

Josh and Vin kiss romantically in a darkly lit room.  The action heats up when Josh unzips and pulls out his big pecker.  Josh has an incredibly thick dick that bends slightly downward.  Vin attempts to suck on the big dick and Josh rubs it all over Vin's pretty face.  Johnny then heads over and starts to watch the guys in action.  Johnny kneels down and starts to suck on the guys.  Both guys face fuck him, though Johnny has no problems keeping up.  Johnny even plays around with Vin's foreskin.  The action reaches a scorching hot level when Johnny and Josh suck on Vin's cock together.  Each guy takes one side and allows Vin to pump his cock back and forth; their tongues guiding up and down his shaft. 

After that, Johnny lies down so that the guys can have their way with him.  Josh licks in Johnny's armpits and Vin takes care of his cock.  The guys also stand Johnny up above them so that they can rim his hairy hole at the same time.  Vin also receives some hot rimming action, with Johnny and Josh practically fighting over who gets to rim his back door.  With their hole loosened and cleaned, Johnny is fucked by Vin while he sucks on Josh's cock through a prison door wall section.  Josh also gets a turn to fuck Johnny, which he does quite forcefully.  At the end, the guys shoot their loads onto Johnny.

Scene three: Brodie Newport and Aron Ridge

The scene starts out with Brodie being rimmed by Aron.  Brodie's hole is probed and fingered diligently.  Brodie even gyrates his ass so that his hole is rubbed all over Aron's face.  The scene then shifts to Brodie being fucked from behind by Aron's massive black cock.  Brodie's hole seems to accommodate most of Aron's shaft.  The guys then shift to fucking with Brodie's legs held up in the air.  From this angle, Aron's cock is even more noticeable as it goes in and out of Brodie.  Finally, Aron shoots his creamy load onto Brodie's chest, followed by Bordie cumming on the ground. 

Scene four: Johnny Hazzard and Vinnie D'Angelo

Johnny heads up a dark staircase and finds Vinnie waiting for him at the top.  The guys begin to compare their bulges with each other until Vinnie heads down and starts to make out with Johnny.  The gentle kissing is short-lived because the guys start to spit on each other.  Vinnie even spits into Johnny's open mouth.  Amidst the spitting, the guys worship each other's muscled chests and armpits. 

Next, Johnny pulls open Vinnie's pants to reveal a jockstrap with a rather larger bulge.  Johnny begins by sucking on Vinnie's cock through the jockstrap and then pulls it out for some good old fashioned dick sucking.  Vinnie then sucks on Johnny's cock and sticks his fingers under Johnny's balls so that Johnny can smell and taste his own manly scent.  In an acrobatic maneuver, Johnny props his legs up on the stair rails so that Vinnie can rim and finger him below.  Johnny also rims Vinnie before the guys start to screw.  Vinnie fucks Johnny from behind, making Johnny squeal with pleasure.  Finally, Johnny tosses out a load while being fucked and then Vinnie shoots cum onto the floor. 


The DVD:


Shot in non-anamorphic widescreen, I found the image to be a fairly average transfer.  Grain was noticeable (though not distracting) and colors weren't vibrant enough.  However, the image is still very pleasing and sharp.


The sound is decent.  All of the action can be heard and the soundtrack wasn't distracting.


Extras are surprisingly robust.  In addition to scene selection, popshot-on-demand, and a safe sex announcement, the DVD includes a lengthy behind the scenes segment, as well as photo shoot footage.  The behind the scenes segment is close to a half hour.  It includes numerous interviews with the cast and some extra footage during the shoot.  The audio could have been better, but this feature is a welcomed addition. 

Final thoughts:

The likelihood of wanting to see Hazzard Zone might depend on whether rough sex, including spit play, is your cup of tea.  Speaking of sex, all of the scenes are pretty good, though the threesome in scene two is simply outstanding.  The oral action between the three participants is incredibly well staged and so darn hot.  In addition to the sex, there are some nice special features.  Therefore, there is way too much to like about this DVD.  If you like Johnny Hazzard then this might be just the right film to bring you into the world of muscled men and leather.  Highly Recommended.

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