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My Evil Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 8/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Title: My Evil Sluts
Studio: Evil Angel
Category: Euro, Lez, G/G/B, Gonzo
Director: Raul Christian & Clara G
Starring: Adriana, Angelica Crow, Bonny Bon, Britney, Carol , Clara G., Eve Angel, Ginger, Nikky Rider, Peaches, Regina Moon, Zafira
Released Date: 02/20/2008
Running time: 2:46

My Evil sluts from Evil angel features 6 scenes + 1 bonus for a total of 7 hardcore Euro sex that is hotter than a July heatwave. These Euro Lesbian sweethearts are amazingly beautiful and you won't believe the things they will do for fame, money, and plain old nastiness. This title is co directed by Raul Christian and Clara G. Any fan of Raul's work knows that when it comes to his style of making movies there is nothing off limits and the girls prove just that. Raul interviews and  interjects in the only way he knows how which is rude, crude, and completely raw. The man doesn't pull back in his questions, statements, and actions so it always makes for a good show and this movie here is no exception.

What makes this  movie even hotter is the fact that some of these girls could be legit runway models...yes they are that beautiful.  These women though choose a different path and love to fuck on film for the world to enjoy, God bless them.. oh wait he already did.


Scene 1: Clara G &  Bonny Bon

Clara and Bonny are sitting on a couch both dressed in sexy black stockings,  black high heels, and black bra's.  Clara and Bonny are both incredibly beautiful women and really heat it up in this scene. From lots of passionate kissing and caressing to start the scene to slapping, choking, hair pulling, toe fucking, and pissing, these girls don't mess around. After some erotic foreplay to begin the scene the action really gets going once Clara begins finger fucking Bonnie underneath her panties. After Clara is done finger fucking Bonnie Raul tells both girls to stand up turn around and  remove their panties. Once they do so Bonny sits on a stool and lays back revealing her asshole. As soon she is in just the right position Clara then pushes her panties inside Bonny's asshole only to quickly remove them with her teeth. Things only go to the far extreme from here as Clara assists Raul ( the director ) in shoving his foot inside Bonny's asshole where he foot fucks her for a minute before pulling his toes out to have Clara suck them clean of pussy juice. Bonny then steps off the stool she was just on top of only to have Clara then get on it spread her beautiful legs and proceed to have Raul foot fuck her pussy while Bonny licks the pussy juice off of his Toes. Bonnie then places another stool next to Clara's and gets on top spread eagle. With both girls on stools legs spread wide they then commence to finger fuck themselves until they squirt a ton of piss all over the floor. After some heavy slapping of both these whores by Raul both girls walk over to another chair where Bonny is instructed by Raul to get into the  doggy Position.  Clara then tells Bonny "yeah bitch I am gonna fist your ass." Clara being the dirty whore she is gets 4 fingers inside of Bonny's anus and fingers the fuck out of her asshole.  At the same time Clara is practically shoving her entire hand inside Bonny she is finger fucking her own pussy with an amazing amount of energy and force. After some frantic fisting by Clara Bonny begins to squirt a bit but Raul isn't really impressed and shows Clara he knows how to make Bonny squirt. He then fist fucks Bonny's cunt with his hand until she unloads another massive amount of piss all over the place.... it was unbelievable to watch. It is now time for Bonny to return the favor and  fist Clara's cunt. Clara sits back on the chair while Bonny has 4 fingers inside Clara's pussy while at the same time Raul is foot fucking Miss Clara G. Much of the same action occurs until the end of the scene with both girls fisting each other, Clara foot fucking Bonnie to another amazing squirt and lots of hardcore slapping and name calling by Raul Christian. This scene was definitely not for the faint of heart!

Scene 3: Clara G, Angelina Crow, & Britney

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Clara is out on the street searching for new girls to bring home to fuck. She is on the hunt for fresh meat and before long we two sexy girls walking down the street and Clara asks if they want to come closer so they can talk. Clara asks these sexy girls if they want to go see her place and they are pretty easily persuaded to do just that. These teens look like they are out on spring break with Angelina dressed in cute mini skirt and sexy top with Angelina dressed in booty shorts and a white spaghetti strapped top. I  swear these girls are smoking hot and Clara definitely found a treasure to bring home. Once they all get to Clara's house they all introduce themselves to each other and Clara wastes no time in getting to check out her guests sexy bodies. The girls enter the living room where both Britney and Angelina get into cowgirl and Clara rubs on their bodies. The girls quickly remove Clara's top and begin to suck on her nipples and Clara returns the favor. The girls waste no time in petting each other, undressing, and finger fucking. Before long toys are introduced with Clara doing mush of the dominating fucking of the other two with dildo's , fingers, and tongues in every possible position imaginable. Each girl really gets into the action and there is not a single part of this scene that wasn't as erotic as anything i have ever seen. After Clara has dominated over the two girls for most of the scene Angelina and Britney get Clara in doggy and fuck the hell out of her twat with a huge dildo.  After Doggy they move Clara into missionary where the once again continue to toy and eat her sweet pussy.  After the two girls finish off fucking Clara all three are exhausted and lay back side by side to say goodbye to the camera.


Scene 4: Zafria & Ginger B
Directed by: Clara G

The scene starts off with a distant view of two girls walking do the street. As they get closer we notice that it is Zafria and Ginger both dressed in back thigh high stockings, tiny black panties, and some very cute tops.  These girls are knockouts no doubt! The girls walk to Clara's house where both girls begin by slapping on each others beautifully firm and sexy asses. Both girls rub all over each others body and Zafria gets on her knees gently slaps and kisses on Ginger's ass. Zafria stands up and Clara asks the girls age as well as where they are from. Ginger says she is 20 and Zafria 22 and both are from Budapest. The action gets started when Zafria lays down ginger on some outdoor furniture and begins to suck on her tits.  She removes the top of Ginger to reveal some extremely beautiful and firm tits which Zafria cant get enough of and neither can I. Before long Zafria's top gets thrown off and Ginger pulls her panties aside so Zafria can eat her pussy. Quickly both girls are fingering each others clit and then Ginger goes down on Zafria while exposing her beautiful tight cunt to the camera. The girls move to another spot where Ginger lays back and Zafria  finger fucks her cunt. A this point Clara says why don't we go inside. Once inside both girls show off their ass and beautiful cunts in doggy where Clara finger fucks Zafria's anus and then proceeds to have Zafria lick her ass off her finger. Ginger then proceeds to eat out and finger fuck Zafria in doggy . After a few minutes of this Ginger gets on her back spread eagle and has Zafria lick her pussy. Clara gives Zafria a dildo and both girls suck on it. Before long Ginger gets in doggy where Zafria fucks Gingers beautiful cunt with the dildo.  Zafria works over Ginger for a good while with lots of good visuals before she get's the favor returned and Ginger fucks her with the dildo she just got fucked with.  Clara then hands Zafria a corn on the cob dildo ( yes a corn on the cob  shaped dildo) which she sucks on for a  minute while getting fucked by Ginger. Before long a double ended didlo in introduced to the action and this is where I could hardly control myself. The visuals of these two sexy girls fucking each other at the same time with this toy was just too hot! By far the best part of the DVD was witnessing this act. Once they are done they remove they toy from their respective cunts and suck on their end. Zafria and Ginger kiss to end the scene.

Scene 5: Clara G & Carol
Directed by: Clara G

Clara is in Budapest to film a girl she has only seen in photos and in one DVD. Clara goes up to the 4th floor of an apartment complex to pick up Carol, a newbie to the biz, and take her to the location of the shoot. Clara knocks on the Door and a stunning blond with huge tits answers the door and Clara asks if Carol is ready to go to the shoot. They leave and on the way to the location Clara interviews Carol about all the things she would like to do to during the shoot today and mentions that she loves big dildos. Clara mentions that just being around Carol and listening to all the things she would like to do is getting her wet. At the location we see Carol has changed into a sexy outfit of back high heels, knee high socks and a one piece bathing suit type of outfit with leopard print on the breast cups. Clara mentions that Carol has fantastic tits and i totally agree.. they are spectacular. Carol beings by playfully undressing for the camera exposing her amazing tits. Clara then tells Carol to turn around pull down her top and expose her ass. WOW... once again this girl is perfection. He ass, legs and pussy are just exquisite. Clara momentarily fingers Carol's ass before having Carol turn around lie back on the couch and  begin to play for the camera. Carol does a lot of teasing before fingering her pussy, licking on her own tits and then getting a huge black dildo handed to her which she quickly sucks on. Clara aids carol by mouth fucking her with the dildo and before too long Carol is on all fours in the doggy position where she fucks herself with the huge black toy. After a few minutes a second dildo is brought in and Carol uses it to fuck her ass before yet a 3rd dildo is brought into the setting by Clara to fuck Carol's pussy while the other is still  Carol's asshole. Clara fucks Carol's pussy with the dildo while Carol fucks her own asshole with lots of beautiful camera work present. Before long Carol is soaking wet and so creamy its just beautiful. After some extreme vaginal toying Carol rubs on her tits stands up revealing her amazing body once again and the scene ends.

Scene 6: Clara G, Nikki Rider, & Peaches

Clara exists a store where she just finished shopping for some great outfits for herself, Nikki Rider, and Peaches. The three meet in the parking lot and Clara asks if they want to go have fun and go party at her place with the new outfits she just purchased. Next thing we know we are at Clara's backyard and the girls are all dressed up in their vinyl sex wear Clara just purchased for them earlier. All three girls begin by rubbing on each other and slapping on each of their asses. Nikki and Clara get peaches bent over and lick and finger her ass and pussy. Peaches gets up from where she was laying and her and Nikki then turn to undressing Clara who then lays back on the couch and has both the girls finger fuck and lick on her pussy and tits. After this the girls walk inside to continue with their lesbian sex romp. Once inside all thee are naked only their shoes remain on but nothing else. Clara And Nikki get Peaches on the floor have her spread her legs exposing her wet pussy and begin to work her over, kissing and fingering fucking her asshole and cunt. After a few minutes the girls get Peaches in doggy with her ass up in the air where they shove a huge pink double ended dildo inside of her while Nikki and Clara periodically suck on the other end. Peaches and Clara then throw Nikki on the couch spread eagle and begin to finger fuck her soaking wet twat and suck on her tits. This goes on for a short time before the attention goes to Clara. Clara sits on a glass table where Peaches fucks her pussy with a vibrator while Nikki grabs a hold of her throat and rubs her on her clit with a fast pace. Clara loves the attention and really goes wild. This goes on for a while until Peaches lies back in missionary on the couch with her legs pulled way back behind her head. In this position Nikki sucks on peaches clit while Clara shoves the double ended dildo into peaches beautiful ass.  To wrap up the scene Clara gets on all fours and has Nikki fuck her ass with a huge toy until all three fall to the floor in exhaustion

DVD Extras:

The DVD extras included a 30 Minute Lesbian scene with Clara G, Eve Angel, and Adrianna Russo.

No BTS was included here which as a shame but the Disc was already packed with over 3 hours of sex so i cant really complain although a bonus disc with some BTS would have thrown this title over the top.

Also include in the Extras is a Photo Gallery, a Cast list, and finally a tab for Website information. 

Final thoughts:

All i can say i wow!!!! What a DVD this turned out to be. It has a bit of everything i could ever want.  Visually it was stunning and the Audio was great as well. The action was erotic, explosive, raw, and downright nasty. Although the last few scenes were not as rough as the first two it didn't matter due to the quality of girls throughout. This title definitely hit the bulls eye and this is one Disc I will watch again and again. The quality of girls who made up this title are second to none. If you are a fan of super hot girls being super nasty pick up a copy of this ASAP!


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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