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Breeder Fever

Studio: French Connection » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2003, 2006, and 2007

Length: 122 minutes

Director: Doug and Jay

Cast: Axe, Rodd, Christopher, Dalton, Jay, Kai, Spence, Nate, Skyler, Talon, Vince, and Paul

Body Types: young guys, body builder types, guys with tattoos

Condoms: yes

Things to see: amateur sex, straight boy seductions, facial and oral cumshots

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Plot: no plot

The Movie:

I get the impression that the directors, Doug and Jay, enjoy their profession... a lot.  While you won't find them on Oprah talking about how they fulfill their dreams, you will find them acting out their fantasies for our enjoyment.  Whether filming straight guys having sex with men for the first time or using Jay's oral skills to suck out all of a straight guy's cum, this director duo look like they are having a blast.  After all, who could blame them for trying out some of their hot straight models?  

Breeder Fever doesn't stray far from the format that Doug and Jay have used in their past titles.  Using an interactive interview approach, the directors chat with the models before, during, and after the sex.  Occasionally, the directors might reach over and giggle a guy's low hanging balls or coax the model into delivering an extra cumshot .  On other occasions, Jay is paired with a straight stud or two where he sucks the guys off and (typically) swallows their loads.  Other scenes involve actual models having sex with each other.  These set-ups work well since the models appear to be straight. 

The DVD will be highly appealing to amateur porn lovers or guys who enjoy watching straight guy seductions.  Unlike other straight seduction DVD's , the models here appear relaxed and comfortable, which makes them do things that they most certainly wouldn't do out in the real world.

Scene one: Axe and Rodd

Rodd, a fresh faced brunette, apparently loves getting fucked by his girlfriend.  He has been fucked by one guy before so he is looking for a repeat opportunity.  His ass-savior is named Axe, a tattooed, redheaded muscle stud.  As the scene begins, Rodd already has his dick out since he is very excited to get fucked.  With straight porn playing, Axe gives Rodd a wet blow job.  Axe then puts on a condom and shoves himself into Rodd.  Rodd clearly enjoys being penetrated since he is quite hard.  Axe fucks him with his legs up while Rodd plays with his dick.  Within just a few minutes, Rodd tosses out his load onto his chest.  Since he came so quickly, he allows Axe to fuck him some more.  Axe fucks him good until he busts his nut all over Rodd's cock.  The boys then head to the shower afterwards. 

Scene two: Christopher

Christopher is a tall Southern boy with a well toned body and an absolutely perfect uncut cock; it's pink, long, and veined.  Asleep in his bed,the directors pull down the sheets to check out his fine ass.  Still in a sleepy state, Christopher turns over and allows the guys to play with his beautiful uncut cock.  His cock gets hard easily, so the director uses his hand to glide up and down Christopher's cock.  It doesn't take long for the young stud to shoot out a creamy white load.  The director then wolfs down all of his spunk.  After that, the camera follows him back to the shower.  While showering, the director chats with him and compliments him on his nice body (it's true, he has a very nice body!).  The director asks him how many times he thinks he could get off in one day.  This leads Christopher to start touching himself and deciding to masturbate again.  With the warm shower running, he strokes his cock some more and shoots off another load.  Very hot! 

Scene three: Dalton and Jay

A friend of Jay's family, Dalton is a country boy that Jay has been lusting after for years.  Fortunately, he finally gets his chance to taste the goods, so to say.  Resembling a sexier version of Tom from Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List, he has a very nice natural looking body.  He begins by touching himself, though Jay quickly takes over by sucking on his cock.  Dalton looks surprised at how good it feels to be sucked by a guy.  He then takes off all of his clothes, props himself up on the corner of the bed, and continues to alternate between watching the pussy porn and watching Jay go down on his lengthy cock.  At one point, Jay even flips him up so that he can rim out his straight hole.  Jay continues to suck until Dalton takes over at the end.  Finally, Dalton shoots his load close to Jay's face and onto his shirt.   

Scene four: Kai and Spence

Loosened up by a few beers, straight guys Kai and Spence stroke their cocks next to each other.  The director eggs them on to try things with each other, including using their feet to stimulate his package.  Kai begins by sucking on Spence's cock and fingering his hole.  Kai even sucks on the director's cock and then returns back to Spence.  The boys then switch so that Spence is face-fucked.  Kai also straddles Spence's bare cock, pretending to fuck it.  The guys then sit down, with their legs overlapping, so that they can watch/stroke/finger each other at the same time.  Each guy seems incredibly turned on by having their hole fingered by another straight dude.  Eventually, Spence bends over so that he can have his virgin hole penetrated by his first dick.  Spence grunts in pain, though he still maintains his hard-on.  As the guys fuck, Kai continues to remark about how tight Spence's hole is, and Spence keeps calling Kai a motherfucker.  As Spence continues to grunt like the straight sex pig he is, he then says that he can't hold back cumming any more so he lets out a huge load onto the sheets.  He looks into the camera and says how surprisingly good that felt.  Finally, Kai shoots his load onto Spence's used hole, and rubs his dick around.  What a hot scene this was! 


Scene five: Nate, Skyler, Talon, and Vince

The younger boys (Vince and Skyler) are paired with the "men" Talon and Nate.  All four of the guys are handsome, with nice bodies and a range of different looking dicks.  All of the guys start out the scene by stroking their cocks next to each other.  The atmosphere is jovial and the guys cant' help but giggle.  Eventually, Vince starts to suck on Talon's rod, and Skyler blows Nate.  Talon and Nate both casually talk to each other, chatting about how good this feels.  Vince and Skyler then have their asses lubed up for action.  The men start to fuck their bitches, side by side.  At this point, Vince's joking stops and he starts to moan like a little sex piggy.  Displaying their straight camaraderie, Talon and Nate occasionally talk to each other and check each other out while they fuck Vince and Skyler.  After some ass pounding, the conversation shifts to Talon and Nate asking the boys if they want a face full or a mouthful of cum.  Talon tells Vince that if he wants it, he's going to have to beg for it!  Finally, Nate delivers a tasty looking facial and oral cumshot for Skyler, and Talon creams Vince's face, with some of it shooting into his ear cavity. 

Scene six: Paul

Paul is a Southern brunette with a pussy eater's goatee.  He begins by stroking his cock to straight porn.  The director sits nearby and eventually starts to stroke Paul.  He looks orgasmic and makes a funny squinting pirate face while his dick is stroked.  Paul mostly avoids eye contact with the director, but he certainly doesn't mind the extra hand.  Paul then starts to finger his hole while his dick is being stroked.  The director encourages him to keep doing this, so they switch hands, with the director now fingering and Paul stroking his own cock.  It doesn't take long for Paul to bust his nut, all over his chest and into Jay's mouth.  The director then follows Paul to the shower where they have a lengthy conversation about southern things. 

Scene seven: Christopher (bonus scene)

While Jay sleep in bed, Christopher heads over and starts to stroke his beautiful cock next to Jay.  With a hard penis hitting his face, Jay wakes up (just barely) and starts to give him a blowjob.  It doesn't take long for Christopher to release his load, with all of it landing in Jay's mouth.

The DVD:


The DVD features a fullscreen presentation.  The image can be both sharp and fuzzy at the same time.  The colors are bright and the lighting is perfect for each scene.  Overall, it's a rather nice transfer.


The sound is good for this amateur title.  All of the actors can be heard without a hitch.


Extras include scene selection and animated menus.

Final thoughts:

Breeder Feveris a fantastic straight seduction DVD.  The straight actors are effectively seduced into trying things with each other, like sucking dick and being fucked.  Fortunately, the models appear to be comfortable, despite any internal qualms with doing something that isn't "straight."  The sex scenes are very hot, and the actors have a nice range of sexy body frames.  Therefore, this title easily comes highly recommended, especially for those of you who want to see straight boys having sex with each other.

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