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I Love Big Toys #11 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Aaron Scott » Review Date: 8/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Wondering just what women would do when faced with sex toys that would make King King envious?  Well, wonder no more.  Proving once again that bigger is better, these ladies aim to prove that they can handle the biggest rubber dongs of them all.

Each of the five scenes on the disc follow the same chain of events.  First the lady strips seductively for the camera before lying back and rubbing herself.  Then it is on to the toys, where the gals take their shot at giant white, black, and even Smurf-like blue ones until they just cant take the pussy stretching any more.

The girls cum in this order - Leighlani, Jandi, Kelly, Jaclyn, and Carmella.  All are more than capable of handling their oversized fake cocks, and all seem to be enjoying themselves (though some more than others).

Of all the performers, I found Jandi to be the sexiest.  Of course, I do have a soft spot for those Asian ladies, and Jandi hit it with her exotic, come-get-me glances.  Leighlani, with her auburn hair, was also at the top of the group as far as looks and passion goes. 

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Kelly, though sporting what appeared to be a bad boob job (more on this when I touch on the video quality), more than made up for her average looks when we see her begin to drip at the slightest touch of her clit.  Definately a hot moment!

Jaclyn and Carmella round out the cast, and while Carmella was another of the better-than-average girls, it was Jaclyn that seemed to be spaced out and looked as if she had better things to do.

Now, about that video quality.

Porn in high-def is both a blessing and a curse.  Sure, the image quality is stellar, and at times it seems like you could reach out and grab a breast or two, but the downside is that every imprefection in magnified.  It might be a pimple, or scratch.  A stretch mark, implant scar, or not-quite-bare shave job.  In some cases, it might even be a performer that most would consider a butterface.  All of these things could likely be covered up on standard definition via makeup or lighting, but there is no escaping it in HD.  Sadly, I fear that HD may end some promising careers before they even begin.

In compilations such as this, the sound quality probably isn't the most important selling point, but this disc had no issues of note.  Normal talking by the girls was clear and understandable, but the moaning, the important part, sounded as if they were right there next to you.

High-def discs offer lots more capacity for extras, and sadly this disc fails to deliver.  With no alternate audio, no angles to switch to, and no subtitles, one can only hope that there would be some additions outside of the main feature.  There isn't.  A short behind the scenes feature (7:36) only shows Carmella and Jandi chatting while getting their hair done, and showing off scratches and tattoos.  The three other girls should have been used here.  No outtakes?  This type of disc screams for a blooper reel.  Make it happen on part 12, guys.

Rounding out the extras is a short (about 2 min) slide show, followed by a static screen for company info (which includes the mailing address for Digital Sin, as well as their website and that of newsensations). 

Overall, the action is hot, but the lack of extras as well as the flaws exposed by the medium make this a RENT IT only.  In fact, this may be one situation where the standard definition disc is actually preferred.

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