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Butt Licking Anal Whores 10

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Courtney James and Audrey Hollander

Butt Licking Anal Whores 10

JM Productions/Pariah Pictures

Jaelyn Fox and Brittany Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Khan Tusion

Shy Love and Crissy Moon

Cast: Audrey Hollander, Courtney James, Otto Bauer, Brittany Angel, Jaelyn Fox, Dirty Harry, Shy Love, Crissy Moon, Jack, Shyla Stylez, Dakoda Brookes, Van Damage
Non-sex role: Khan Tusion

Length: 150:26 minutes

Shyla Styles and Dakota Brookes

Date of Production: 3/7/2008

Extras: There was a photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Butt Licking Anal Whores 10 was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Khan Tusion for JM Productions/Pariah Pictures and released in standard definition using the MPEG-2 codec. I haven't seen a JM Productions release in years so I was pleasantly surprised that this one had such solid lighting, leading to low grain, video noise, moiré, and other issues directly related to this aspect of production. The fleshtones were accurate and aside from a few places where the lighting was too bright (when Audrey spread her legs wide near the beginning: her fair skin reflecting much of it back at the camera), the ladies were shown in all their glory. The bitrate hovered around the mid 5 Mbps range when I spot checked it too, the resolution and detail of the visuals nicely complimenting the camerawork that did not spend too much time on extreme close up shots. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English using a 48 kHz sampling rate and the usual 192 Kbps audio bitrate. There wasn't any noticed separation but the vocals were clearly heard and on par with any other gonzo release I've heard in the past year.

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Body of Review: Khan Tusion is one of the few people in porn willing to push the limits of the ladies in politically incorrect ways these days, joining Max Hardcore, Jake Malone, Belladonna, and Brandon Iron in what amounts to an exclusive club of people all but daring the government to prosecute them under obscenity statutes. As a supporter of freedom of choice, I intellectually support their decisions to use consenting adults in porn made exclusively for an adult audience of folks that want to see hardcore sex acts. Some companies focus on couples porn, others on lipstick lesbian works, and still others on slightly edgy material that always pulls back from the precipice of bad taste but precious few are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to "abuse porn". That said, my preferred niches in porn have nothing to do with footage so raw, so anti-woman, or so devoted to the fringe elements but I have found myself enjoying it from time to time (usually in small doses) for something other than the spectator effect of circus act porn. My first recent release from JM Productions by Khan came in this week in the form of Butt Licking Anal Whores 10, and I found out what some have said about the director to be accurate. Whether you consider that a compliment or complaint, porn is all about choice to me and everything in the four scenes seemed to be accurately marketed. Using some top extreme queens to their fullest, Khan makes sure that all the ladies admit to their whoredom, all of them lick lots of ass, and all of them were pushed to their limits, even hotty Audrey Hollander. Granted, some of the gals gave the director the evil eye but suffice it to say that anyone complaining about the action here must not be able to read the cover. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Audrey Hollander, Courtney James, and Otto Bauer were up first after Khan worked the ladies over a little on the couch. He slapped Audrey around so much that she looked like she was going to cry, nearly choking her out to unconsciousness as Courtney licked her perfect pucker. Neither gal was spared his tough but Otto came in to push them further still, the cock sucking and ass fucking brutally powerful as he hammered them endlessly. The company website said it like this: "In this installment of Anal Lick Fest we have for you redheaded whore Audrey Hollander and the cute girl next door Courtney James. Khan made the formal introductions as he laid it into Audrey as he reminisced about the good ol glory days. After the introduction, the ass licking fun began as both Courtney and Audrey used their tongues as paintbrushes on everyone's asshole. After the ass licking, the fun really began as Audreys tight asshole was introduced to a hefty cock that laid into her without mercy. You do not want to miss this scene!" The anal creampie to Audrey by the end of the scene was wild, her torn apart ass looking the worse for wear, with the gals cumswapping the remains to close things up. Yikes!

Scene Two: Brittany Angel, Jaelyn Fox, and Dirty Harry were up next, Jaelyn copping an attitude early on to drive Khan to mess with her extra hard. Jaelyn looked a little like a younger Teagan Presley, rolling her eyes at him and answering his questions as if she'd be waiting for him in the alley after the scene. Brittany was a bit more compliant with his orders, never spared from the dirty shit but seeming to get off on the circus act abuse a whole lot more. As with the last scene, the emphasis was on oral tricks (eating each other out vaginally and anally as well as tossing Harry's salad) and anal pounding, both gals riding him very actively in a few positions. Khan shouted out orders too often but the scene was another worth checking out of you like seeing females get treated poorly. The anal creampie cumswap was followed to except that Jaelyn stole the load and swallowed it down, resulting in a slap from Brittany. The company website said it like this: "In this installment of Anal Lick Fest we have two hot teen whores who's passion in life is shopping, spending guy's money and licking ass. We didn't want to disappoint them today and offered them a buffet of ass licking opportunities. The first one goes by then name of Jaelyn. She's a filthy fucking whore. She will lick anyone's ass, as long as you flash the cash. The other whore goes by the name of Brittany Angel. She loves asshole and has no shame in it. She also loves getting her tight ass drilled, as she graciously spread that ass for that fat cock we had for her. These two whores give new meaning to filthy...this scene is not to be missed!"

Scene Three: Shy Love, Crissy Moon, and Jack were up next as the formula was followed. Both gals admitted to being a "piece of shit ass licker". Shy told Khan that she wasn't an ass kisser or licker, nor was she going to "play his game", altering the dynamic a bit from the friendly routine he would always start with right into the harder side of the guy he portrayed each time. I haven't seen Shy much of late and she responded as if to provoke him, her flawless skin in stark contrast to Audrey's scene (where the gal was bruised up to varying degrees, some of the bruises days old) but she helped instill her usual attitude as the bad girl of the day. The scene ended up with a lot of laughter, Jack taking over to get some spanking and his salad tossed by the ladies since they liked him (unlike Khan). It was different from the other scenes in terms of how the action played out thematically (the trio appreciating each other more than trying to outdo themselves) but that added some variety too. The ladies ate each other out anally and Shy rode his cock anally too, even more actively than their vaginal work from what I could tell. The scene closed up with a gushing facial to Crissy that Shy helped lick off, ending another good scene of depravity. The company website said it like this: "In this special installment of Anal Lick Fest we have for you pornstar extraordinare Shy Love. You seen Shy Love all over the internet, but you never seen Shy Love lick ass, because according to her....'My tongue was not made for licking ass or kissing ass"...She quickly changed her mind as we flashed a few hundred extra dollars in her face. And she licked that ass like no other. It was like there was money in that asshole and she was trying to lap up each single cent in there. Anyways we also stuffed her tiny petite ass with a nice thick sized cock and let the other whore clean up the mess. This scene is outta control!"

Scene Four: Shyla Stylez, Dakoda Brookes, and Van Damage were up last. Shyla, a busty blond with few limits these days, was the sexually dominant gal of the two, laying claim to 19 year old Dakota well before Van's diseased cock (the skin has that ravaged look to it attributed to STDs) made it into their mouths or other holes. Van looked rough before the scene even started and I noticed the ladies spent more time on each other licking ass than him, but Shyla was the better of the two gals during the penetrative sex, her ass getting ripped into by the guy as she pushed back on him to meet his thrusts. Shyla even took the mouth pop to share with Dakota like a champ, the scene described by the company website like this: "We have for you the one and only Shyla Stylez....aka the ultimate pornstar whore who all you guys have probably masturbated to once in your internet porn viewing life. Anyways she was down for an ass licking and ass fucking escapade...for a hefty price that is. We paid her and honestly she was worth every penny as she licked everyones asshole as clean as a whistle and took a cock in her ass like a pro. We also had tiny teen slut Dakota Brookes on hand to clean up any remaining asshole that needed cleaning."

Summary: Butt Licking Anal Whores 10 will not be for everyone so unless you enjoy watching women lick old guy ass, suck cock liked seasoned professionals, and take a dick in the pooper so easily as to suggest that there have been a great many foreign objects placed inside of them, you might want to consider something else. For those of you that like abuse porn, seeing females pushed pretty far, and all sorts of kinky and nasty sex tricks, consider this one as Recommended. Those that hate choking need not apply but the technical matters were well handled and the lack of quality extras not enough to dissuade me from liking it myself. In short, Butt Licking Anal Whores 10 showed the director as willing to provide something off the beaten track unlike most of his peers in the industry, resulting in the kind of edgy porn many of them "think" they themselves provide but doing so for fans of dirty, nasty sex.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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