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Inflatable Hot Seat

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/12/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Okay, as a pioneer in terms of reviewing and experimenting with sex toys, I know that not all of them live up to the marketing hype.  Truth be told, few of them seem to do so with most of the advertising copy written by people that haven't even seen the toys in question, at least that is my take on it having discussed the matter at conventions.  That is why reviews for toys can be important, not so much to take the word of the reviewer as sacrosanct so much as to get a better idea of how a toy measures up and any problems that arose (other than a massive boner wanting to be the tested toy of the day).  My latest venture into toy testing land was one such case.  The name of the device was the Adam & Eve Inflatable Hot Seat and it was a large device in some ways but not living up to the company name in others.

Since most of the toy is inflatable, the 17" diameter wasn't as big an issue shipping as it could have been, nor was the almost 6" hard plastic penis atop the 8" thick pillow section.  On each side were two hard plastic handles for the gal to grab hold of when bouncing for fun and it came with a small vial of repair adhesive as well as a dirt cheap black little blindfold in the package.  My first concern was inflating this puppy, needing to remind myself of all the pool floats I used to easily inflate with my grand lungs back in my prime.  Needless to say, that was long ago and getting this one up to snuff in a hurry gave me a head rush but it was ready as promised when Madison (my "fluffy" tester) came over the other day.

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The multi-speed vibrator uses two AA batteries that go inside a connected little hand control unit attached to the vibrator's base with a 2' long thin cord.  I would have rather it went inside the toy and came out the side or other end of the cushion, especially considering the dong portion did not detach for easy cleaning.  The Pipedreams logo was featured on the controlller and that was when I noticed that it must have been built by them for Adam & Eve, each company having plenty of toys to cheer about from the limited number I've seen.  So, cleaning the felt like cushion and vibrating dildo will be an issue for you, as will the thin electrical cord if you are not careful.

Made in China, the toy also said it was a novelty only and not made for internal use.  If you expect to ride this puppy like the pretty young model on the cover suggests, that could get kind of tricky but I understand these warnings are for the small percentage of the population that is allergic to toys inserted inside their vaginal passages or merely just lawsuit happy should they rip a delicate lining and see "green".  The back cover said it holds "up to 300 pounds" which could mean it holds 200 pounds or some engineer did his mass x velocity calculations and couldn't agree with how much bouncing a gal could do on the toy.  In any case, Madison informed me that she was well within the stated parameters and when to riding as soon as she stopped laughing atthe idea itself.

The firstthing she pointed out was how it "pinched" her, apparently the length of the dong not so bad that she couldn't completely envelope it inside of herself, the bottom connecting part squeezing just right to cause irritation.  That limited the trials substantially but she did find the amount of viabration on the highest setting to be pretty decent.  She tried to get me to substitute but as my precious pucker is not meant to handle objects larger than a gal willing to play the rusty trombone, I passed on this golden opportunity.  Most of the time, she was busy laughing at the two of us trying to make it work for her body shape, though a smaller gal might have issues too, depending on how the flexible connecting membrane pinches others.  As an aside, there was no mention of this one being phthalate free so buyer beware in that regard too.

In all, there was a minimal amount of pleasure to be had and probably enough to justify picking one up on sale for a gag gift that gets tried out a time or two but ultimately, both Pipedreams and Adam & Eve each make a whole lot of superior toys compared to this one so I had to rate it as a Skip It.  There exists the possibility that a frisky friend of Madison might come over to try a second round of fun and while it may require the presence and assistance of either Stoya or Penny Flame (not to mention body shots!), I'll see what I can do since she's not as outgoing as my fluffy assistant.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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