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Paging Dr. Finger

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 8/12/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date:  February 2008

Directed By: Steven Scarborough

The Movie:

"Report to the ER stat! We've got an emergency room full of hot men with raging hard-ons that won't go down, hungry holes jammed with butt plugs, and a horny staff eager to ease their pain!"


Johnny Gunn, Ross Hurston, Ty LeBeouf, Francesco D'Macho, C.J. Knight, Dillon Crow, Vinnie D'Angelo, Trevor Knight, Bo Dixon, Kai Ford, Jackson Wild, and Jake Dakota.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 48 Minutes

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One:

Jackson Wild's (cute with short black hair, toned/lightly hairy body) character in the movie ain't too bright. Dude has a big back butt plug up his asshole and then high-tails it to the ER complaining of "extreme abdominal pains".  Luckily for Mr. Wild, horny doctor Trevor Knight (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body) is on duty. "I'm going to examine your rectum!" Jackson's white briefs are quickly cut off revealing shortly trimmed pubes, plump balls, hard cut cock, and of course that blasted butt plug! EMT Kai Ford (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) pulls his pants open showing off his dark pubes 'n big fat clipped meat and crams it down Jackson's willing throat.

Jackson gorges on that tasty pork giving some very good head that leads to a fast 'n furious face fuck. A second EMT, Dillon Crow (cute with shaved head, toned/smooth body with heavy tatts), joins the "treatment" and chows down on Jackson's prick sliding his mouth up 'n down giving a groovy blowjob. Trevor works and twists that butt plug in 'n out of Jackson's hole while Jackson blows Dillon's stiff clipped dick. Trevor finally pulls the sex toy out and spreads Jackson's butt cheeks wide apart exposing his tight shaved pink bunghole. Dillon gets down on Trevor's big cut cock jacking the shaft giving excellent deep throat and gets a good gullet thumping. Trevor munches down on Jackson's pouting pucker while Kai gets down on Dillon's tight lightly hairy bunghole for some good old-fashioned ass eating. Although the action can be clearly seen, there are no close-ups of the butt munch.

Trevor fucks Jackson doggy-style using long, fast, 'n hard strokes with plenty of excellent penetrations shots from behind. At the same time, Kai drills Dillon's ass doggy-style using quick 'n lubed strokes with some very hot penetration shots from below. Kai ends up playing a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Trevor's cock as Trevor humps up 'n down to fuck that tight shaved touchhole while Dillon pounds Jackson doggy-style. There are plenty of nice penetration shots here. Jackson shoots a thick load on his fist and stomach, Kai squirts a large load on his inside thigh, Dillon cuts loose with thick jizz on Jackson's back, and Trevor busts a large thick nut.

Scene Two:

In the examination room, C.J. Knight (good-looking with dark hair, muscular/smooth body) sits on the exam table wearing a hospital gown and clutching his big boner through the cheap material while complaining of a "chronic hard-on that just won't go away". Well, it's a good thang that Nurse Johnny Gunn (good-looking cover dude with buzz cut, beard, and toned/hairy body) knows how to handle the situation.  In a quick move, Johnny chows down on C.J.'s big fat cut cock giving some very good head while sliding his wet mouth up 'n down the shaft and licks 'n sucks those tasty plump nuts as C.J. pinches his own hard nipples.  C.J. digs the head and fills the room with very hot low moaning and heavy breathing while Johnny deep throats that fucker down to some shortly trimmed pubes.

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The dudes soon find themselves in a traditional sixty-nine on the exam table with Johnny on top continuing to suck C.J. while C.J. spreads Johnny's butt cheeks exposing that tight shaved bunghole and begins licking and teasing the pulsing pink pucker with his tongue. "Yeah! Fuckin' eat that ass!" Again, while there are some nice shots of the ass eating, there are no close-ups. Johnny sinks down on that hard prick sliding his tight hole up 'n down the well-lubed fuck stick while his hard cock slaps up 'n down. The dudes are very into the action and each other and go to town with some nice penetration shots from the front. Johnny goes fucking nuts on that cock crying out, pinching his own hard nipples, and riding it like a man out of control. The guys gets down to some fast, smooth, 'n hard side/missionary and then on to the missionary position where Johnny fucks C.J. like there's no tomorrow.  C.J. jacks off shooting a thick load on his stomach while Johnny lets go with a large thick stream of goo on C.J.'s stomach and fat cock. Hot!

Scene Three:

Jake Dakota (good-looking with shaved head, beard, toned/tight/hairy body) is in the ER complaining of migraine headaches. Doctor Vinnie D'Angelo (good-looking with dark hair, goatee, muscular/hairy body) snaps on some blue latex gloves and gets Jake's legs up in the stirrups for a "complete examination". Vinnie lubes up and begins sliding three digits up Jake's tight bunghole with Jake's full dark pubes, plump balls, and cut dick are on full display. The Doc is soon sliding his mouth up 'n down Jake's hard tool giving some tasty head while continuing to finger fuck him with a nice smooth tempo.  Before long, Vinnie can no longer hide his big fat clipped throbber, slides a condom on, and fucks Jake in the missionary position nice 'n smooth pulling all the way out and sliding back in with some nice penetration shots from the side.

Switching to the side/missionary position, Vinnie pounds that ass fast, hard, 'n smooth and then repositions for some doggy-style while the dudes kiss with heavy wet tongues. Vinnie has another "cure" in mind and pulls a long black dildo out and begins fucking Jake long 'n smooth making Jake grunt 'n groan with pleasure. Although the viewer will be able to see all the action, close-ups are oddly missing here. Changing up, Jake fucks Vinnie's tight shaved hole fast 'n hard doggy-style with some hot penetration shots from below of that cock sliding in 'n out. Hot! Jake man-handles Vinnie into the missionary position and fucks the heck outta him! In the end, Jake jerks off shooting a large load on his pubes and hairy stomach. Vinnie cuts loose with a large thick load on Jake's hairy stomach and cock. Hot sweaty man-sex!!

Scene Four:

Hospital employees Ty LeBeouf (good-looking with shaved head, goatee, toned/ lightly body) and Bo Dixon (handsome with short dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body) turn the break room into their own private den of carnal desire with some hot deep wet kissing and body rubbing. Bo pulls Ty's pants down exposing a very tasty bubble butt that looks ripe for the pickin' while he rubs those round man melons. Ty sinks to his knees and yanks Bo's pants down revealing full brown pubes, plump balls, and a fat hard clipped boner. He gives excellent head while working his hungry throat up 'n down cramming his gullet full. These dudes are definitely very into each other and the action. Ty practically worships his coworker's cock while Bo pinches his own hard nipples. At one point, Ty pulls his own butt cheeks apart and exposes his tight pink shaved bunghole for the camera.

 Bo easily picks his new buddy up and sits him down on a table in the missionary position where he munches down on Ty's puckered man-pussy. There is a nice close-up of that pouting starfish but none of the actual ass eating. Bo fucks Ty's tight hole in the missionary position slowly sinking his big dick up that chute using long full strokes and a nice temp making Ty breathe heavy and moan. Picking up some speed, Bo fucks faster 'n harder with some penetration shots from behind as Ty grunts over and over, "Yeah! Fuck yeah!"  Ty pinches his own hard nipples while Bo plows him and cries out, "Fuck that ass!" Switching to another position, Bo drills his pal from behind while Ty beats his meat and shoots a large load on the table and then licks it up. Bo busts a thick nut on his fist and Ty's back.

Scene Five:

Back in the ER, Francesco D'Macho (handsome with short dark hair, beard, muscular/hairy body with tattoos) has become an unruly patient so Doctor Ross Hurston (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, muscular/hairy body) and trusty Nurse Johnny Gunn (scene two) give him laughing gas. The dudes decide to teach Francesco a "lesson" for taking illicit drugs by yanking off the passed-out guy's clothing revealing that beautiful body and big uncut dong. Ross and Johnny have their hands full feeling their patient up, kissing with deep wet tongues, and Ross chowing down giving that big thang some very good head while cramming it down his windpipe. When Francesco begins to wake up, Ross gives him more nitrous so that Johnny can get a good ol' taste of that unclipped pork leading the two to share it with plenty of deep throat.

When Francesco is finally fully awake, he gladly joins right in on the hot sweaty man action as Johnny straddles him leading Francesco to slide two digits up Johnny's tight shaved bunghole for a tasty finger fuck with some nice camera shots of the penetration.  Johnny sinks down on that big boner sliding his tight man hole up 'n down moaning 'n groaning as Ross jerks Johnny's stiff cut prick. There are some nice penetration shots from behind and front here.  Francesco fucks Ross's tight shaved touchhole in the missionary position using fast, smooth 'n hard strokes with plenty of hot penetration shots from below while Johnny milks Ross's hard cut cock with his throat. Switching up, Ross pounds Francesco's tight shaved asshole in the missionary position fast 'n smooth with penetration shots from above while Francesco strokes his own dick working the foreskin back 'n forth. To finish up, the dudes pull pork with Ross squirting a large thick load of jizz on Francesco's chest, fist, and stomach while Johnny shoots a large thick wad and Francesco busts a thick load on his inner thigh and fist. Hot!


Paging Dr. Finger is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. For the most part, the videography by Richard Board, Mr. Pam, and Tony DiMarco is strong with full coverage of all the action and close-ups of the cock sucking, bungholes, and butt sex penetration. Where the videography runs into trouble is that there are no close-ups of the ass eating and some missed opportunities for more close-ups of the penetration. I find this very odd especially since this is a Hot House release. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes speak and make all sorts of wild noises as they enjoy each other sexually.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, cumshot compilation, fucking compilation, a very nice three minute slide show of high quality publicity and XXX photographs, and trailers for: Stark Naked, Head Hunters, Inc, Verboten Parts I & II, and Jockstrap.


Paging Dr. Finger features some very hot action between the twelve very appealing dudes who give strong energetic performances and are clearly into each other and the action. My favorites here are Bo Dixon, Johnny Gunn, Dillon Crow, Ty LeBeouf, and Francesco D'Macho. The direction is strong creating five hot scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. As mentioned earlier, my only problem with the movie is the lack of ass eating close-ups and missed opportunities for more penetration close-ups. I find this very odd since director Steven Scarborough usually does not shy away from close-ups and no other Hot House movie I've reviewed has. I'm lowering my overall score because of this to a Recommended. The sex is truly fucking hot!

Bo Dixon

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