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Sperm Swap 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 8/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: Sperm Swap Vol. 4
Studio: Evil Angel
Category: Gonzo, DP, Cum Swap
Director: Raul Cristian
Starring: Beatrix Saint, Carla Cox, Claudia, Electra Angels, Emile, Honey, Jenyfer Sweet, Katy Sweet, Nella Wan Hells, Sandra, Sarah, Veronica Sanchez 
Released Date: 04/30/2008
Running time: 3:09
Condoms: None

Sperm Swap 4 features 13 sexy and seductive Euro Babes proving that sharing is in fact caring. These girls love being nasty and cum so much that they cant help but cum swap the creamy loads deposited into their mouths.

Scene #1: Katy Sweet & Carla Cox

The girls begin the scene standing up rubbing all over each others amazingly beautiful bodies. Raul talks to both girls and has then walk over to a kitchen island where they sit on top and we get to find out a bit more about both. Raul has the girls get into the doggy position where he hands Carla a butt plug and she shoves it inside Katy. Both stand up and once again show off for the camera licking and rubbing all over each other. The girls undress and eventually Katy lands up eating out Carla's pussy. Carla then bends over Katy and grabs the butt plug inserted inside of her with her teeth and face fucks Katy's ass. Before too long we notice two guys standing just feet from where these sexy girls are doing these and they are jacking themselves off. One guy enters the action and finger bangs Katy's ass and has Carla suck his cock.  This continues for a while until three guys are in the room and the girls get on their knees to suck them off and get face fucked. This continues for a while until the girls get taken to a couch where the gentlemen begin to frantically fuck both these girls in many positions. Since there are 3 guys and only two girts there is lots of two on on and double penetration action. There is a lot going on on screen so there is never a dull moment and the girls look fantastic. After the guys furiously fuck these girls on the sofa they take then to the shower where they continue to have sex. Eventually all three guys take the girls out the shower place them on their knees and proceed to cum into Katy's mouth. After all three loads are in her mouth she shows the cum off to the camera and cum swaps into Carla's mouth and she swallows.

Scene #2: Sandra & Sarah

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The girls are sitting on some stairs where Raul asks both girls where are they from; Sandra says she is from Slovakia and Sarah says she is from Prague. Raul then has both get up and walk over to a sofa where they get into the doggy position and show off their nice asses for the camera. They spread their cheeks and Raul takes time to slap and play with both of them.  The girls then get up walk over to a kitchen island where they get on their knees  and once again show off their asses.  Sandra lands up fingering Sarah's asshole with two fingers before Raul introduces a large glass dildo which he immediately shoves into Sarah's ass. A pair of guys come into the room and one begins by fucking Sarah's ass and the other fucks Sandra's with the glass dildo. After some fucking and ass play both girls get face fucked on both the kitchen island and then on the floor. After quite a bit of oral sex both Sandra and Sarah get fucked in doggy style on the floor. The action then moves to the sofa where both girls get their ass pounded side by side in reverse cowgirl. After some reverse Sandra gets moved into cowgirl where she gets double penetrated. After Sandra's DP Sarah gets her turn in a reverse cowgirl position. Both girls looked really good with two cocks inside of them at the same time. The next thing you know Both the girls are on their knees and both of the men cum into Sandra's mouth  and she spits in back into Sarah's.

Scene #3: Claudia & Emile

Claude and Emile are sitting on a pair of bar stools when Raul asks both girls how old they are; Claudia says she is 19 and Emile says she is 22. Both girls are very attractive and they both have very nice bodies and amazing eyes. Both the girls stand up and Emile rubs all over Claudia while the camera pans to show both girls nice bodies especially their very nice asses. Lots of rubbing and caressing takes place until the girls eventually undress revealing what great bodies they have. After getting undressed and showing off for the camera Emile goes down and eats out on Claudia's beautiful bald pussy. While Emile is eating out Claudia 3 gentlemen enter the room and before long all the attention has turned to them and the girls suck all three of them off. After some oral and nice face fucking the sex begins with both girls getting entered. The girls get fucked side by side in many positions while one girl is in reverse cowgirl the other in in cowgirl. The action is quick and with so many people in the room the camera pans from one girl getting fucked to cock sucking and back to the other with a cock in her bald pussy. The girls get cock in lots of positions and the one with Emile on top of Claudia both girls in doggy getting fucked was absolutely great. Before long both girls are on their knees and ready for their cum. The three guys shoot their cum into Emile's sexy open mouth and she cum swaps it into Claudia's mouth and she swallows.

Scene #4: Nella Wan Hells & Honey

Nella Wan Hells And Honey are both from the Czech Republic and both girls are adorable. The girls are on top of a sofa and look absolutely great. Honey is a pink little bra and mini skirt and Nella in a matching white one. The girls begin by erotically massaging over each others body and showing off their asses and very nice tits.  After lots of teasing we see Nella lie back on the couch and Honey eat her out. After a bit of getting munched out  Nella returns the favor and pulls down Honey's panties and eats out her nice bald cunt. The girls continue with eating each others pussies until three guys enter the room and quickly begin to fuck. Honey gets bent over in doggy while Nella sucks on two cocks at the same time.  Eventually two guys find their way to honey and one fucks her asshole while the other fucks her mouth. While this is happening Nella is bust sucking off the third guy in the room. The girls land up side by side on the couch getting fucked at the same time. Each girl gets fucked nicely switching though various positions. Honey and Nella both look wonderful getting boned and made for some great chemistry on film. Eventually all 5 land up on the floor where Honey gets a DP in the doggy position while Nella is getting abused by the other stunt cock. Ultimately all three guys land up busting their nut into Nella's mouth and she  swaps it over to the very beautiful Honey and she swallows.

Scene #5: Maya Bee & Beatrix

Maya Bee and Beatrix are both standing outside looking very hot. The girls start out with some nice kissing and showing off of their bodies to the camera. The girls land up showing off what great asses they have before Raul has then head inside the house. Once inside the girls are on a couch and continue with the tantalizing foreplay and showing off of themselves. Maya Bee eventually gets into the doggy position where Beatrix pulls her panties aside and begins to eat out her pussy. In enters a pair of guys and before long both girls are on the floor sucking cock and getting milk spit into their mouths which the girls swap like it was cum. The girls then commence to get fucked; Beatrix in reverse cowgirl and Maya in doggy.  They then continue by moving into an ottoman and recliner where Beatrix and Maya each get worked over in missionary. After a bit Beatrix gets bend over the recliner and gets fucked with one guy puts whipped cream on his cock and both girls suck it off but things do get messy. Beatrix eventually gets a DP on the ottoman in cowgirl while Maya waits on her turn to get fucked. The guys then proceed to take the girls into a bedroom there Maya gets fucked in doggy and Maya gets fucked in missionary. The action continues with the girls switching through a few very nice positions including a Beatrix DP in her pussy which was great! The guys land up nutting into Maya Bee's mouth and she spits it into a glass and Raul drips it into Beatrix's mouth and she swallows.

Scene #6: Jenyfer Sweet & Electra Angels

First thing i notice about this scene is Raul asking the girls what their respective names are and each one answers a completely different in nearly inaudible version that that which they are listed as.  All i know is one is a redhead and the other is a brunette. The girls do some nice soft touching of each other before eventually getting nude. Once nude the girls land up on the floor in the doggy position where the commence to kiss for a minute. Once they are done kissing they move to a sofa where they both get up on and spread their legs revealing their beautiful pussies. After a bit of pussy rubbing two guys enter the room and the girls begin by sucking on both of their cocks. After some nice cock sucking the girls get fucked side by side on the sofa. With the brunette in reverse cowgirl and the redhead in cowgirl. After some nice fucking in those positions the girls change and now the redhead is in doggy while the brunette is in cowgirl. Eventually the redhead lands up in the reverse cowgirl position getting fucked in her ass while the brunette beside her getting fucked in missionary. The redhead then gets a DP in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while the brunette sits to the side playing with her own pussy. The girls land up sitting next to each other on the floor and both of the guys cum into the brunettes mouth and she proceeds to spit into the mouth of the redhead who gulps it down.

DVD Extras:

A 20 minute "extra scene" is included in the Disc which featured Claudia and  Veronica Sanchez.

Also included was a Photo Gallery And a Web Info Tab.

Final thoughts:

Sperm swap 4 was a very good title. The scenes of Nella Wan Hells & Honey & Maya Bee & Beatrix were great and i intend to watch them again in the future. As with most every thing Raul Christen does is is a bit on the rough side but i do enjoy that aspect of things but it definitely will not be to everyones liking. As with almost every Evil Angel title i have ever viewed the lighting and sound was great and really left me with no complaints. The added extras with only one bonus scene and really not much else was a let down but all in all the DVD was very good and i would recommend this title in a heartbeat.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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