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Folsom Prison (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Titan » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/18/08

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Date of Production: 2007

Length: 156 minutes

Director: Brian Mills

Cast: Alex Baresi, Bjoern Giger, Chad Manning, Dak Ramsey, Damien Crosse, Derek DaSilva, Diesel Washington, Dominic Sol, Markus Ram, Mathew Ford, Rick Van Sant, Tony Buff, Trey Casteel, Vinnie D'Angelo  

Body Types: body builders, older guys, younger guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: rough sex, rape, pissing, fisting, gagging, spit play

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Plot: Life in prison can be rough, especially since Tony Buff is the head guard.  

The Movie:

Thanks to shows like HBO's OZ and MSNBC's Lock-up, audiences have been exposed to the harsh and dangerous prison life for both the inmates and the guards.  While these shows discuss prison sex, and OZ even simulated it in a few episodes, there has yet to be an accurate portrayal of the type of sexual behaviors that the prisoners often engage in.  Along comes the film Folsom Prison, where nothing is left to the imagination, whether from gang rapes in the showers to overzealous guards who make prisoners into their personal bitches.  Clearly the film is not in any way a realistic portrayal of what happens in prison, but after seeing these guys in action, you almost hope that these sort of erotic activities do occur.

What needs to be mentioned first about the film is the fact that this is the uncensored director's version, so fisting and water sports are present in nearly every scene.  Two of the scenes feature actors peeing into their own mouths, or into another guys eager mouth.  Other scenes have some extremely rough ass pounding and simulated violence, which might put off even more fans.  These revelations might send some viewers packing, fearing that the film won't be their cup of "porn tea."  However, fans will be missing out on a well made and extremely hot film, should they choose to not give this film a chance.

Folsom Prisonfeatures some extremely erotic scenarios involving the prisoners vs. the mean head guard (Tony Buff).  Tony looks like he was born to play the role of a cop/prison guard since he resembles some of those fine specimens of officers that I sometimes see picking up coffee.  He fills out his suit perfectly, with a well chiseled chest and a fantastic cock.  Fortunately, Tony is wisely featured in several scenes.  Thanks to his acting ability, his good looks, and his powerful fucking skills, Tony practically steals the show and will have you rewinding scenes just to see him in action.  Other actors do a good job too, including Vinnie D'Angelo as another mean prison guard, Chad Manning as the the object of Tony's affection,  Trey Casteel as a filthy motherfucker who is hell bent on getting off after escaping from jail, and (finally) the uber bottom boy Derek De Salva, who is gang raped, beat up, has his balls tasered, and guys piss all over him, including in his mouth. I'm amazed Derek was able to walk after the scene was finished. 

The film sports very high production values, both in the acting department and the sets.  The shower room looks fairly convincing and the interrogation rooms look nearly authentic.  Moody lighting enhance most scenes, especially the blue-lit blowjob through-the-bars scene with Tony Buff and Chad Manning.  Only one scene takes place outdoors when Casteel and Manning escape from prison and find a submissive cowboy alone in the woods.  The rest of the feature reflects the dark and seamy prison environment, right down to mice crawling next to inmate's beds. 

Folsom Prison might disgust you or turn you on, or perhaps a little of both.  It will be a divisive film for viewers, but if you have fantasized about what it must be like to be someones prison bitch, then here's your opportunity!  On a final irksome note, I wonder about the actors' comfort levels with some of the acts.  Sure, the guys will tolerate being pissed on, but the film takes the pedestrian approach with most or all of the cumshots landing on guy's chests.  For a movie bent on showing aspects of humiliation, why not have a bukake style facial where the guy looks like a frosted doughnut afterward?

Scene one: Diesel Washington, Markus Ram, and Bjoern Giger

Prison guards Ram and Giger enter Washington's cell to teach him how things work in the slammer.  Both guards punch him and beat him into submission.  The mean guards then chain his hands up so that he is dangling in the air and they place duct tape over his mouth so that no one can hear him scream.  In front of the submissive prisoner Markus unzips to reveal his huge black dick.  He makes Bjoern blow him until he leaks jizz onto Bjoern's guard uniform. 

The guards taunt the inmate some more but then Markus tells Bjoern to "go grab his tools."  Markus punishes Diesel some more until he then starts to play with Diesel's dick.  Markus rips off the guy's boxers, leaving him completely bare and hard.  Markus strokes Diesel's cock and forcefully grabs his nuts.  To mark him, Markus takes his hard cock and pisses all over Diesel.  The guard then gently strokes off the inmate, telling him that he liked to watch.  Markus licks all over the prisoner's body without him being able to do anything about it.  Markus then sucks on Diesel's cock, resulting in him letting loose a big load onto the floor.  With his guard down, Diesel breaks free, puts his legs around Markus, and knocks him to the ground.  Diesel handcuffs Markus and violently punches him on the ground.

Bjoern then returns, so Diesel subdues him and throws him against the wall to fuck him.  Diesel fucks him so incredibly hard and deep, making Bjoern wince with both pain and pleasure.  During the action, Markus plays with his cock, while wearing the handcuffs.  Diesel then tosses Bjoern to the ground and fucks him on his back, while holding his neck down to the ground.  After that, Diesel drags Markus back over to him and shoves his cock into his tight ass. Markus groans with pain, though there is nothing he can do to stop it.  Diesel fucks the shit out of him until both guys cum.  Bjoern also cums while watching the action, though he also pees on his own torso as well. 

Diesel steals one of their outfits and leaves the spent guards for the next inmate. 

Scene two: Vinnie D'Angelo, Tony Buff, Alex Baresi

Deputy D'Angelo brings a prisoner (Baresi) to the interrogation room.  Head guard Buff starts to yell at Baresi for not performing the inside jobs that he asks for.  To teach him a lesson, the guards strip off his clothes and beat him up.  Tony then unzips his pants pulls out his hard (and oh so yummy looking) cock.  Vinnie firmly holds Baresi's mouth open so that Tony can face fuck him.  Vinnie eventually pulls out his cock as well so that Baresi can suck on him.  All three guys eventually form a sucking chain-gang. 

Next, the guards shove Alex onto the table so that they can fuck his mouth and rim his hole.  Vinnie then shoves in his cock and fucks him senseless.  At one point, Vinnie also sucks on Tony while he continues to fuck Alex.  After some deep fucking, Tony tells Vinnie that he's done, so Vinnie leaves with a case of blue balls.  Alone in the room with him, Tony then takes his cock and pisses all over Alex.  Tony then puts on a condom and fucks the inmate, while he lies on his back. 

Behind the one-way window, Vinnie watches the action and strokes his dick, resulting in a messy cumshot on the window.  With Tony fucking him hard, it doesn't take long for Alex and Tony to shoot their loads.  However, Tony isn't finished with the prisoner yet.  Tony pulls out a long black baton and starts to fuck Alex with it.  Eventually, Tony gets most of the foot long baton up in Alex's hole.  Tony then puts on some black gloves and starts to fist Alex.  With his arm inside Alex, Tony pisses onto Alex some more.  Finally, Alex gets on his knees to blow Tony some more.  Tony strokes his cock load onto Alex's chest.  So turned on by all the action, Alex shoots off another load.  

Scene three: Chad Manning, Mathew Ford, and Trey Casteel

Tony stops by Chad's prison cell to have his rod sucked on.  The scene then shifts back in time to the moment when Chad was an escaped convict.  Running with inmate Trey, the guys find a remote house owned by a cowboy (Mathew Ford).  The escapees find some power tools to cut off their handcuffs.  Mathew hears some noise coming from his garage, so he makes the mistake of investigating, only to find two horny escaped convict.  The inmates force Mathew to suck on their dicks.  Trey gets particularly demanding, telling Mathew that he can't use his hands, and that he must spit on their cocks.  The guys also face-fuck the poor cowboy.  However the cowboy then takes control and pisses all over Trey's chest.  Chad then sucks on Trey's hard cock until he cums onto his own chest.  Trey scoops up some of his own cum and eats it.  Mathew and Chad then shoot their semen onto Trey's chest. 

After that, the cowboy leads the convicts outdoors so that they can fuck around some more.  Mathew rims Chad's hole and spits into it.  With a lubed up hole, Mathew is fucked with his legs up in the air.  Trey also gets his chance to fuck Chad.  Trey fucks him incredibly hard until they drop their loads onto Chad below. 

The scene then returns to Chad sucking on Tony, although Tony leaves before cumming.  

Scene four: Dak Ramsey, Rick Van Sant, and Vinnie D'Angelo


Tattooed inmate Dak is brought into a room to see a public defender (Rick Van Sant).  Dak doesn't want to make a plea bargain and was told that Rick could get him off.  Rick then tells him "I still can."  Rick undoes his pants zipper so that Dak can suck on him.  Rick face fucks him and allows Dak to nibble on his foreskin.  Deputy Vinnie then checks on the two guys, and decides to join in on the fun.  Dak proceeds to suck on each guy's dick, and even tries to suck on them at the same time.  Dak eventually tosses his load onto the ground and the guys shoot their cum onto his chest. 

The guys then bring Dak to the table.  Rick is the first to fuck him.  On his back, Dak has his dick stroked on while his ass is pounded.  After that, Vinnie inserts his cock into the public defender so that the guys form a chain-gain fuck.  Vinnie then fucks Dak some more, resulting in Dak cumming onto his own chest and Vinnie leaving some white spunk on the guy's balls. 

Wanting to thank him for his legal services, Dak puts on some black gloves so that he can fist the public defender.  Rick takes most of Dak's fist with ease, and even bobs up and down on it.  Dak then moves his fist underneath Rick so that he can go deeper.  With the help of Vinnie, Dak shoves his arm all the way in, almost up to his elbow!  Rick then strokes off his cock to a messy finale. 

Scene five: Damien Crosse, Chad Manning, Tony Buff, Derek Da Silva, and Dominic Sol

In the shower room, Chad and Derek soap up their bodies while they watch Damien piss all over himself.  Damien delights in showing off his firing range, and doesn't shy from peeing into his own mouth.  Turned on, the guys head toward Damien, hoping that they might get some action.  Without a moment of hesitation, Chad shoves Derek onto Damien's cock and makes him suck on it.  Chad also gets some sucking, while Derek gags and drools all over the place.  Passed around like a prison bitch, Derek's throat is opened up as each guy face fucks him.  Damien then sucks on Chad and Derek rims Damien's ass.  At this point, Tony enters the shower room to check up on the inmates.  He pulls out his hard cock and begins to piss on the floor and stroke his cock.  Finally, Damien shoots a load and tastes some of his own cum.  Chad and Derek then shoot their loads onto Damien, followed by Tony cumming on the shower floor. 

Too bad Derek didn't leave when he could because he is about to become the number one prison bitch for everyone.  Tony heads over and starts to beat up Derek, knocking him to the floor.  The other guys kick him and rough him up as well.  Tony then threatens Derek with a stun gun that he whips out.  He brings the stun gun close to Derek's balls and then gives him a good zap, making Derek wince with pain.  Beat into submission, Derek gets to be the inmate's fuck doll.  Tony fucks him first, while the other guys have their dick sucked on and stroke each other.  Each guy then proceeds to fuck Derek, one after the other.  His ass is raw at the end.

Away from the main action, Tony gently fucks Dominic on the toilet.  Derek continues to be fucked by all the guys until they all start cumming onto him.  Derek is so turned on that he shoots his load twice.  As if the sticky cum wasn't enough, Tony and Damien piss all over Derek.  Tony's stream even lands into Derek's mouth, which he doesn't seem to mind. 

Scene six: Chad Manning and Tony Buff

After their serious group fucking, Tony and Chad head to the shower.  Chad gently rubs soap all over Tony's legs and cock.  The guys intensely make out in the warm shower stream.  Tony then leads him down to his cock (lucky bitch) for some wet sucking.  Tony then puts on a condom and fucks Chad against the shower wall.  The guys fuck gently, given what occurred in the previous scene.  Tony then strokes Chad off, releasing his load onto the floor.  Tony follows by cumming onto Chad's leg. 

The DVD:


Folsom Prison features an impressive 1080i transfer.  The first thing you'll notice is how much sharper the image is, compared to standard definition porn.  The image doesn't suffer from softness nor is there that much grain.  All of the scenes are extremely detailed, revealing the fine hairs and sweat droplets on the actors while they fuck.  I was very impressed with the rich black levels during some of the darker scenes, and the blue lit blowjob scene looked three dimensional at times. 

While I don't have the standard definition DVD version to compare the image with, I doubt that the standard DVD would be capable of displaying all of the fine details and the pronounced colors.  Simply put, the film looks marvelous.


The sound format consists of Dolby surround.  I found the sound field to be slightly better than most stereo mixes on porn.  The audio was well recorded, and the music was mixed well, resulting in a very good aural experience.  Surround effects were minimal, mostly due to some sounds bleeding into the back speakers. 



Extras include a six minute behind the scenes footage.  This segment consists of footage with the camera crew, the actors joking around, and Tony instructing the actors how to look like they are punching another guy.  The highlight is tough talking actor Diesel Washington who breaks character to talk sweetly about his pet mouse that was used for the scene.  Shot in 1080i, the image is pretty good, though not quite as sharp as the film.  There is also a preview for the film Breakers

Additionally, the pop-up menus are easy to use since they are accessible while the film plays.

Final thoughts:

Not for the faint of heart, Folsom Prison is one hell of a gay prison film.  The film can test your limits at times, but if you are interested in watching some hot prison sex scenes, then you really have only one choice; to buy this film now.  XCritic Pick.

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