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Key West Vacation

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 179 minutes

Director: unlisted

Cast: Guy Parker, Ago Viara, Bobby Clark, Kyle Pagano, Cody Springs

Body Types: twinks, college guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: spontaneous blowjobs, outdoor sex, flashing

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Plot: Five studs spend an erotic weekend in Key West.

The Movie:

"Reality shows" hold little interest for me except for the occasional hot guy who walks around with his shirt off and gets drunk a lot.  Every "reality show" seems to have one or more of these guys; perhaps because they increase the show's viewership of both females and and gay males.  These guys strut around the show, showing off their bodies, using the term "bro" a lot, and make it abundantly clear to the ladies that they are quite a catch.  In many ways, these guys demonstrate that the mating behavior of peacocks isn't all too different for humans.  When it comes down to actually seeing their "mating tool," however, the audience suffers at the hand of censors who don't think that American audiences are ready for penises on their TV.  Fortunately, Key West Vacation satisfies some of those pent up urges that we have all experienced while watching the various incantations of "reality shows."

Shot entirely in the sunny Key West region in Florida, the film follows five young guys who explore the sights and sounds of the region, as well as the sights and sounds of each other's bodies.  During the daytime, the models engage in a variety of exciting activities such as jet skiing and sky diving.  When the boys aren't floating down to the surface, they get seriously drunk, both at the house and at bars.  Watching the guys get drunk leads to some goofy conversations among the boys, but also some hot spontaneous blowjobs and flashing for the camera.  Two of the guys, Ago and Kyle, can't get enough of showing off for the camera and blowing each other for our enjoyment.  After a while, one can almost sense that these two might have some chemistry between them since Kyle is all too eager to hold Ago in his arms.  The other guys are slightly more reserved, though definitely enjoy watching Ago and Kyle play around with each other.

All of the "official" sex scenes take place indoors at the communal house that the guys use for the weekend.   Unfortunately, the staged sex can't match the spontaneity found in the outdoor blowjob scenes since the guys screw by-the-numbers.  Some of the sex scenes lack passion and chemistry between the actors.  However the film's worst offense is the fact that the scenes are in need of some serious editing; the scenes run on for a long time without much change or variation of the sex acts.  Despite these qualms, the actors look good having sex, and it's made hotter by the fact that we get to know the actors through their adventures in Key West.  The film's hottest scene (the Ago/Kyle pairing) benefits from the candid footage of the pair hugging, kissing, and blowing each other around various Key West locations.  After the two of them get completely drunk, their pent up passions for each other explode when Ago fucks Kyle upstairs.  Kyle looks drunk and confused, but he sports a hard erection and moans like a sex pig in heat.  Ago looks like he is more sober so he fucks the hell out of the Kyle's drunken asshole.  Reality sex scenes don't get much better than this!

Scene one: Ago Viara and Bobby Clark

After arriving at the house, Blond twink Bobby Clark takes a shower.  Ago watches Bobby and then gets on his knees so that he can service Bobby's clean pecker.  Ago then has his dick sucked on as well before the couple head back to the bedroom.  On the bed, Ago puts his legs up into the air as an invitation for Bobby to fuck him.  Bobby inserts his cock and fucks away.  Ago then moves into a straddle position so that Bobby can fuck him harder (boy does he ever!).  More fucking follows until the guys blast off their dicks. 

Scene two: Kyle York and Guy Parker

Kyle talks throughout the film with a slight New York accent.  He always has something to say.  Fortunately, Guy gives the talkative guy something to keep his mouth closed; his dick.  The guys suck on each other in the backyard pool before moving into the living room.  Guy allows Kyle to pound his ass on the brightly colored couch.  Kyle fucks him with his legs held up, from behind, in a straddle position, and on his side.  Sometimes Kyle slaps Guy's ass while he fucks him.  Eventually, the powerful grinding leads Guy to shoot a load onto his own chest, while Kyle shoots cum onto his own chest as well.

Scene three: Bobby Clark and Cody Springs

Cody gently touches himself underneath the sheets.  Bobby senses what's going on, so he pulls down his pants to stroke along too.  Bobby then starts to give Cody a blowjob.  Cody returns the oral favor and then bends over for some screwing.  Bobby fucks Cody on the bed and even strokes on Cody's cock.  The boys then fuck in a straddle position and conclude with more fucking from behind.  Cody remains hard throughout most of his ass probing.  Finally, the boys stroke their dicks, resulting in a sticky mess.

Scene four: Kyle York and Ago Viara


As soon as Ago reveals to the group that it's his birthday, straight talking Kyle keeps giving Ago lots of hugs and kisses.  At a clothing optional gay bar, Kyle starts to blow Ago on a lawn chair.  Ago then returns the favor by giving Kyle a lengthy sucking.  Down at the pool, the boys continue to play with each other, while their friends watch.   In the pool, the guys make out even more. 

Back at the house, all of the guys drink even more booze and try their best to play a card game.  However, Kyle and Ago are still turned on so they head up stairs for some drunken sex.  Kyle sucks on Ago's dick some more.  Ago then has his dick sucked on and face fucks Kyle.  Without a complaint, Ago starts to fuck Kyle from behind.  Kyle looks mildly confused at first, but he soon warms up to the action when Ago fucks him really hard and pulls on his hair as if he were riding a horse.  Kyle then moves to a straddle position so that he can stroke his hard cock.  Kyle aggressively rides Ago's dick until he shoots his cum all over the place.  Ago, then jacks off onto his own chest.  The scene ends with Kyle, trying his best not to slur, saying "happy birthday."

 Scene five: Cody Springs and Guy Parker

With the weekend coming down to its end, Cody and Guy find the energy for one last fuck.  Lying in bed, the guys whip out their dicks and start to suck on each other.  Guy then stands up and sits on Cody's face so that he can face fuck him.  Soon enough, Guy lubes up and starts to fuck Cody on his back.  Guy eventually holds up Cody's legs so that he can fuck him even deeper. While the couple fuck on their sides, Cody begins to lose his erection, though he moans as if it were still pleasurable.  Finally, Cody dribbles out a load and Guy shoots his cum onto Cody's chest. 

The DVD:



Key West Vacationfeatures a bright transfer that shows off the sunny Florida scenery.  Shot in anamorphic widescreen the image is colorful and generally pleasing.  Some of the nighttime scenes had some grainy textures, but these instances were rare.  Overall, the transfer is quite pleasing.  


The sound ranges in quality depending on the scene and location.  The dialogue can suffer from an echo effect at times, though most of the action can be heard. 


Finally a porn DVD with some decent extras!  The first DVD houses the film, along with scene selection and animated menus.  The second DVD, however, is devoted entirely to extras.

Most of the extras encompass extended or deleted scenes from the film.  Several of the lengthy cut segments include additional interviews and footage with the cast while they head to various locations.  Some of the highlights include the actors flashing their cocks in public, some extra blowjobs, and Ago and Kyle pissing and checking each other out.  All of the footage is worth playing at least once.

The DVD's hottest extra is the "porn star date" feature.  In this 34 minute segment, an unlisted, but very hot, porn star picks up two guys for a double date.  Reminiscent of the reality shows Blind Date and Elimidate, he gets to decide which guy he would rather fuck.  The trio get to know each other through a variety of activities, including eating at a restaurant, playing basketball, and some separate making out and dick sucking.  Ultimately, the hunky porn star chooses the young looking twink.  The couple then head back to a private room for some fucking.  The porn star has a huge cock, though the guy doesn't seem to have a problem accommodating it's length.  The porn star gives him an incredible cumshot; plastering his chest with his creamy juice.

I have a feeling that this was a trailer of sort for a future Shane's World Production.  However, I'm completely sold and look forward to more date with pornstar features since the scenario was very hot. 

Finally, other extras include a photo gallery, a trailer for the film, and more interviews from the cast gushing about the experiences in Key West (these were practically the same interviews that were used for the film).

Final thoughts:

Shane's World Male: Key West Vacationis an exciting experiment for gay porn.  I can see the standard solo interview format falling out of popularity for this fresher gonzo style variety.  The scenarios are erotic, and the models are cute; Shane's World just needs to perfect their editing techniques so that films don't rage on forever.  These minor qualms aside, Key West Vacationis a fun and memorable porn adventure.  Additionally, the DVD sports a pretty good widescreen transfer and a copious amount of quality extras.  Therefore, this film comes with a highly recommended rating. 

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