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Head Struck

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 1990

Length: 65 minutes

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Jason Ross, Tony Erickson, Ryan Yeager, Damien, Sergio Calucci, and Kevin Sharpe

Body Types: muscled guys with smooth chests

Condoms: yes

Things to see: voyeurism, oral and anal sex

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Plot: when Tony develops a case of amnesia, all the boys can't help but take advantage of the situation. 

The Movie: 

Some fans love gay porn from the 1980's because the sex was so uninhibited, especially in regards to safe sex practices.  Other people, myself included, prefer modern gay porn since the extreme hairstyles, crazy outfits, and grainy footage of the 1980's can be too distracting.  What I don't hear a lot of people clamoring for, though, is gay porn from the 1990's.  Sure, Bel Ami and Kristen Bjorn started to shift the industry toward underwear model lookalikes and exotic locales in the mid 90's, but what about the porn before that?  Early 1990's gay porn is often neglected in favor of newer releases.  This could be due to a variety of reasons, but I think part of the problem is that there simply weren't as many companies producing gay porn then as there are now.  Porn made in this stretch of time was clearly focused on safe sex and models with waxed chests (it must have been a hard time to be a bear). 

If you are looking for a way to expose yourself to good porn films from the early 90's, then you can't go wrong with Chi Chi LaRue's Head Struck.  The film features several attractive models, without distracting haircuts, and the sex is quite good.  Another notable aspect of this film is the actor Tony Erickson.  Some of you might recognize him from some of the mainstream television shows he has been on since this film was released.  I don't know what it is, but porn stars are always hotter when you see them in "regular" movies or TV; it's as if they are somehow more real.  While I don't think that Tony will be returning to porn anytime soon, you are free to enjoy his beautiful body and long dick.  Now if only we could get Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to do a porno together!

Scene one: Ryan Yeager and Jason Ross

Ryan and Jason head into their apartment to make out.  Wearing stone washed jeans and leather jackets, the guys passionately kiss nibble on each other's nipples.  The scene then shifts to a large bubble bath.  Jason sits down while Ryan gives him a tasty looking blowjob and erotically rubs around some of the soap suds.  Ryan also has his curved monster serviced by Jason. 

The guys then make out on a bed.  Jason furiously sucks on Ryan's wood and strokes him off to a creamy cumshot.  Next, Ryan fucks the guy from behind.  Ryan drills him deep, though Jason remains hard.  Finally, Ryan fires off his load onto Jason's leg and ass, followed by Jason shooting onto his own chest.  

The guys then head outside where they are caught by Tony.  He seems heartbroken by the realization that Jason is cheating on him so he runs up the stairs, slips, and hits his head.  Tony immediately suffers from amnesia and can't remember if he is gay or straight.  Taking advantage of the situation, Jason tells him that he is his "straight" roommate. 

Scene two: Tony Erickson, Damien, and Sergio Calucci

Damien hears from Jason that Tony can't remember having sex with men.  Since Damien's boyfriend likes to have people watch as they have sex, they invite Tony over to help him recuperate.  Damien and Sergio make out on the couch in front of Tony.  They suck on each other's dicks for Tony's enjoyment.  Sure enough, Tony soon discovers that he is, in fact, turned on by the sight of these two guys.  He pulls out his cock and starts to stroke while he watches the action.  Next, Damien fucks his boyfriend's hole from behind.  Sergio receives a forceful fuck, but he appears to like it.  Finally, Damien and Sergio stroke their cocks in front of each other, resulting in a sticky couch situation.  Tony doesn't cum, so he leaves with a major case of blue balls. 

Scene three: Tony Erickson and Kevin Sharpe

At a bus stop Tony is picked up by the cover model (Kevin).  Back at Kevin's house, Tony tells him all about his amnesia and how he doesn't know if he is gay or straight.  Kevin offers to help him remember about what it's like to be gay.  Kevin begins by sucking on Tony's cock through his pants.  The sucking quickly leads to some face fucking for Kevin.  Feeling comfortable and turned on, Tony agrees to suck on Kevin's dick as well.  Thing progress when Tony fucks Kevin from behind.  Tony seriously screws him, though Kevin doesn't seem to mind.  Kevin then flips over so that he can watch Tony as he fucks him.  The two don't hold out for much longer since they both release some impressive loads.  Tony's load, in particular, is quite spectacular.  As Tony steps away, he slips and hits his head again.  He then remembers that his roommate Jason was "more" than just his roommate. 

Scene four: Tony Erickson and Jason Ross

Tony, well aware of the prank that Jason played on him, decides to trick Jason.  He tells Jason that he still can't remember if he's gay or not, so one way to help him remember is for him to suck on Jason's cock.  Jason, doesn't want to reveal his secret, but he also doesn't want to miss the opportunity to have his dick sucked on.  Jason agrees to have sex with him, since that's what friends do.

Tony descends down the stairs, fully naked with his erect penis bobbing up and down.  He walks up to Jason and allows him to suck on his perfect cock.  Jason gives him a wet blowjob and even licks his balls.  Tony then sucks on Jason's fat pecker.  After that, Tony fucks Jason from behind, on the staircase.  Finally, Tony delivers an impressive cumshot all over Jason's chest and face.  Jason cums as well.  Afterward, Tony tells Jason that he remembers everything.

The DVD:


Head Struck's image simply can't compare to the digital equipment used today.  The image lacks the sharpness and colors that are present in most newer films.  However, the film looks good for its age and appears to have been cleaned up a bit.


Despite the film's funky soundtrack, it has some well recorded dialogue and acoustics.  All of the action can be heard.  Thus, I was pleasantly surprised.


Extras include animated menus, scene selection, popshot-on-demand and a safe sex commercial.

Final thoughts:

I gleefully admit that I was surprised by the level of quality sex and hot actors in this film.  Tony Erickson is one scorching hot model, so much so that I can see why he later went on to mainstream television.  Ryan Yeager is also another consistently good porn star from the era, and he

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