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Shay Jordan: Juice

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

BTS humor! (click pictures for the trailer)

Shay Jordan: Juice

Digital Playground

Shay Jordan!

Genre: Vignette

Director: Celeste

Shawna Lenee!

Cast: Shay Jordan, Ben English, Shawna Lenee, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn, James Deen, Ruby Knox, Eva Angelina, Marco Banderas

Shay Jordan and James Deen

Length: 115:24 minutes

Date of Production: 2/1/2008

Shay Jordan!

Extras: The 9:59 minute long Behind the Scenes feature shot by Jamal Johnson (edited by Evul Atheng and credited to Yordog) was cute, losing most of the humor in favor of providing a straightforward look at the ladies (minimal comedic efforts by Jamal and the cartoon bits, it was kind of tame this time). It showed a newcomer with Rico Strong too but their scene was missing from the final product so something must have happened (maybe another case of Rico lacking wood, the guy shown as mad about something in this feature. There was also the usual extras with stuff like a slideshow, a photogallery, as well as trailers to shows like Pirates II, Icon, Shay Jordan: All American Girl, Jana Cova: Sexual Freak, Jesse Jane: Image, Island Fever 4, Pirates, with the usual Virtual Sex titles like Virtual Sex with Shay Jordan, Virtual Sex with Kira Kener, Virtual Sex with Jana Cova, Virtual Sex with Mercedez, Virtual Sex with Sophia Santi, Virtual Sex with Teagan Presley, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, and Virtual Sex with Nikki Tyler; being all that the DVD contained.

Ruby Knox and Tommy Gunn

Condoms: None

Shay Jordan and Eva Angelina!

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Audio/Video Quality: Shay Jordan: Juice was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as envisioned by director Celeste for Digital Playground in the usual MPEG-2 codec reserved for standard definition releases. The high end equipment and skilled crew of regulars assisted director of photography Robby to make this release look really sharp; losing the artistic style that doesn't always work so well for me. In fact, the technical matters showed Robby's influence serving nicely to ground the scenes with less of the arty farty filters and effects that the director sometimes uses (with one exception in the solo scene). The lighting was generally solid here, reducing the grain, video noise, and other defects that sometimes arise in making porn on a budget; favoring a clear focus in some cases that I was convinced worked very well. The way the scenes were shot and edited was markedly similar in the scenes; the composition favoring the ladies and looking like Robby had no constraints this time. Sidney Michaels was the editor and together with some of the post production effects added in, added the kind of visual texture that made the release stand out from some of Celeste's other works (in a good way at that though). The DVD mastering revealing no compression artifacts; with the bitrate for the visuals hovering around the mid 5.3 Mbps this time with few flaws but not as low in resolution as previous efforts in related showcase efforts. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English using a 448 Kbps bitrate; over twice that of most porn made these days, with a minimalist leaning that seemed unique in most ways to productions outside of the Jack series, with the vocals always dominating the audio track as I like it. There wasn't much separation between the channels, if any outside of the intermittent music, but the ladies were always clearly heard here.

Body of Review: Celeste and Digital Playground have established that they make a good pair over recent years, her artistic muse inspiring a wide variety of artistic endeavors as empowered by her boyfriend working the sets. While I don't always appreciate her movies as much as some of my female friends, there is often a lot to like in them, her latest release scheduled to come out next month with Shay Jordan: Juice. The series has focused on the company's top talent displayed in multiple scenes, typically resulting in an added push for their careers as fans find them indispensible given the amount of footage contained within. Shay Jordan, one of my blogging buddies here at Xcritic, has always struck me as an underappreciated gem in the rough, capable of tremendous amounts of sexual energy is the dame on display this time, given three and a half scenes to impress even the most jaded of you as to her appeal. Her work alone makes this worthy of your time though Eva Angelina, Shawna Lenee, and Ruby Knox provided some heat too. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Shay Jordan, the cutie on the front cover, was up first in her blue jean jacket and red panties, stealing a swig of milk straight from the bottle. She spilt some on her near naked form and was caught by Ben English, the man taking firm control of the situation. From what I hear, his performance here mirrors the way he treats his talent agency line up, leading to his "punishing her" in the bath tub by splashing her with more milk. They kissed, there was a guitar solo (much like Mark Stone is known for offering in his movies), and she was then wrapping her hand and lips around his cock to savagely attack his rod orally. The camera was too tight for my tastes since it couldn't capture the richness of her performance but the editing helped mitigate the problem, the messy hummer leading to an active vaginal ride in a few positions. Shay took the large facial at the end and the chemistry between them assisted in making it a good opener for the movie.

Scene Two: Shawna Lenee, a very cute blond with overly large implants, was up next as she licked her ice cream on the couch in her undies, her tits hanging out as she left the tease out to go straight to playing with Mick Blue and Tommy Gunn. Tommy was the lucky guy up first here, Shawna licking her confectionary treat nearly as much as she worked his cock into her mouth. Shawna is an outgoing gal with a lot of appeal to me, even the implants not killing her freckled fancy as far as I'm concerned. She went to knob slobbing with a lot of gusto too, the close up of the camera even tighter than usual (wayyyy to close folks!), when Mick joined in to kiss her deeply as Tommy ate her clam. While I would refrain from kissing a gal whose mouth was all over a cock seconds before, Mick did bring more ice cream to dilute the taste so you can make up your own minds about the semi-homoerotic nature of the act, Shawna alternating between their rods after that. The men took turns boning her biscuit and getting head too, the gal not as enthusiastic as she is in her best work but still looking good enough to rub a load out on. The scene ended when the guys jerked out wads of population pudding on her shaved crotch and tits, her smile livening her face up as she rubbed the genetic juice in for effect.

Scene Three: Shay Jordan, looking a bit thicker than usual, was them up with youthful James Deen as they blew bubbles playfully. It was a cute opening and they seemed to be genuinely having fun, her soapy eye leading to them wrestling around in the bedroom. They kissed and felt each other up, the spark between them more prominent than her earlier scene by far. He "won" her as a prize and took his fill of her, Shay grinding her hips into his clothed cock as he pulled her hair back to access her chest. He ate her slightly before fucking her cookie, the sweat beading up on her face as the pair coupled. James got rough at her request, Shay responding with a very active vaginal ride. There were more medium shots this time to balance out the look of the scene but the biggest selling point was how Shay and James worked so well together. It ended when he jerked off to her hairy bush, the couple lying on the floor together to bask in the afterglow.

Scene Four: Shay Jordan, in a red top and patterned panties, was then given a very short solo scene where she used a lollipop as a sexual prop. The music covered her moans of pleasure and the abundance of special effects added in during post production weakened it for me in terms of replay value but Shay getting herself off is hardly a bad idea.

Scene Five: Ruby Knox, a cute Latina, was up next in what could have been a great commercial for Reddi-Whip and maraschino cherries. She gave up some tease using food and ate the cake directly from the platter, the camera panning over her body to show what was on the agenda next. Tommy Gunn walked in with the can of topping and cherries in his hands, joining in on the fun as they shared treats before fucking. The foreplay was most erotic and I liked it a lot, it occurring to me that more of this action would certainly flesh out Celeste's flicks really, really well if done properly. They used the food on each other and provided some solid oral pleasuring, leading to a mostly active vaginal ride that added some fun to the show. I didn't detect a whole lot of chemistry between them but they did seem to appreciate each other professionally and the minimal penetration portions of the movie were not bad at all. He barely came at all on her face too but she didn't shy away from it and the generic music had little impact on her overall.

Scene Six: Shay Jordan, Eva Angelina, and studly Marco Banderas were up next in bed as the ladies woke him from his state of slumber. The gals wanted to play a game with him, using his chest as a canvass for their icing. Eva seemed to be in charge of the moment but Shay was not relegated to the sidelines, the decorated Marco wanting very much to end his career as a cake and begin the next chapter as a fucking machine. The ladies stripped him, jerked him off, blew him, and made a huge mess of the place but in terms of fun factor fantasy work, it was actually really hot. He joined in by providing the rock hard cock and the lengthy scene insured I would be able to revisit the flick that had already proven itself but now given more substantial "legs" for replay value. Muliti-op Marco did his trick here too, giving Shay's hairy bush a coating and then back to boning Shay in this tag team approach, the gals bent over on the bed looking most fetching as far as I was concerned. The final load went to Eva's mouth for sharing with Shay, the gal playfully using her hands and mouth to get some of the juice.

Summary: Shay Jordan: Juice by director Celeste for Digital Playground was an all around solid set of sexual misconduct that I think all fans of blogger Shay Jordan will appreciate when it comes out next month so I rated it as Recommended. This is also a no-brainer "must have" for her legion of fans though so adjust the rating according to your personal tastes, knowing that none of the scenes was bad. The extras could have been more extensive and involving too but the BTS showed a lighter side of the shoot and even the mystery of the missing scene didn't put me off much. In short, Shay Jordan: Juice showed Celeste's upcoming "vision" to be in line with the fantasy fueled frolicking one would expect from her given her past works so mark this one down on your calendars.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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