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Top Brass: Military Issue #3

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2007

Length: 204 minutes

Director: Dirk Yates

Cast: Austin, Bobby Parks, Chris Topher, Cody, David Daniels, Dean, Dick, Don, Haus Weston, Keith, Mitch, Murdock, Rex Ryder, Rich, Rocky, Skylar Wells, Steve Meete, Tyler Cade, and Zack

Body Types: young military recruits, guys with tattoos and dog tags, naturally hairy chest.   

Condoms: yes

Things to see: amateur sex, solos, threesomes, facial cumshots

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Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Dirk Yates is at it again, directing army brats to break rank from the US government's "don't ask, don't tell" policy so that they can show us what really goes on in the communal army showers.  Dirk has assembled a tasty assortment of army dudes.  The guys share a similar, "army look" consisting of well muscled chests, tattoos all over the place, buzz cuts (or at least short hair), and body hair in all of the right places.  While some of the men are bi-curious, nearly all of the army brats are straighter than a ruler.  They make this abundantly clear through their talk about girls and their need to watch pussy porn in the background.  However, sometimes horny guys just need to get off, so these dudes perform sex acts with each other that they probably wouldn't want to tell their commanding officer about. 

Dirk's directing style consists of interviewing the guys and eventually coaxing them out of their army fatigues.  Some of the guys are shy, while others are quite eager to just take off their skivvies and get to work.  For the solo scenes, Dirk continues to interview the men about their sexual fantasies and when they first started to masturbate.  He wisely leaves them alone to do their thing so that their erections won't go down.  For the non-solo sex scenes, however, he simply lets the cameras roll as the guys explore each other's bodies.

The DVD features five excellent sex scenes, and numerous solos.  Some of the best sex scenes involve straight guys discovering how good sex with another man can be.  In the David, Keith and Murdock threesome, for example, Keith looks amazed when he realizes how good it feels to have another guy blow him.  Keith eventually blows a huge load onto his chest, thanks to Murdock, who simultaneously strokes on both guys at the same time.  Another great scene is the Tyler Cade/Chris Topher pairing. Tyler, looking like he just turned 18, brought along his straight friend for some fun.  The guys are downright romantic with each other since they kiss, hug, and rub each other intensely.  The scene ends with a spectacular oral/facial cumshot for Tyler.  I'm guessing that most of you won't last through this scene without, ahem, needing to take care of business.

While I slightly prefer the regular sex scenes over the solos, I'm glad that Dirk has given us a nice assortment of guys who may not be ready to work with another dude... yet.  Some of my favorites were Rich and Haus Weston.  Rich looks bright eyed, has a nice smile, and makes the perfect face when he shoots his load all over his chest.  Haus Weston, however, is much beefier than the other models since he has such a perfect and well sculpted chest.  He also has a very nice cock, which shouldn't come as a surprise.  The rest of the models are cute, handsome, and give you enough variety if you want to make some repeat viewings.

Overall, Top Brass Military Issue #3 is just as good, if not better, than Dirk's other military and college DVD's.  The guys look like authentic military lads, and the exploratory straight guy sex results in some very hot scenes.

The DVD:



Taken from a variety of different footage, the images can vary by scene.  The newer scenes are sharp and look pretty good for "amateur porn."  Other scenes are clearly taken from Dirk's earlier work in the 1990's.  These scenes were shot on video tape so they just don't look as good as the newer material, mostly due to a lack of sharpness and dated colors.  However, all of the action can be clearly seen.  Just don't go in expecting perfection for something shot on tape in the 90's.



Similar to the varying degree of video quality, some of the older video footage has some inconsistent sound.  One scene had scratchy audio, and some of the scenes suffered from an audible humming sound that drowned out the actors.  The newer footage features more consistent sound, where the actors can be heard as well as their grunts and moans.  


Extras include animated menus, "popshot-on-demand" and a safe sex advertisement.  Also kudos for the tongue-in-cheek use of the military march playing during the opening menu.  I couldn't help but crack a smile as I heard the song while a preview window of recruits fucking played in the background.

Final thoughts:

Dirk Yates really knows how to quench one's thirst for cute army guys.  Here, he gives us plenty of sexy army brats who stroke and fuck their fellow comrades.  Military Issue #3 features some great sex scenes and simply fantastic models.  Thus, Military Issue #3 should be added to your collection today.  Highly recommended.

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