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Breaking and Entering

Studio: Penthouse » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/19/08

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It's the Penthouse Letters, one of my first introductions in to erotic literature and I'm always interested to see how they turned the magazine in to pornos because it's still a fun gimmick even if we all know that the stories are bullshit by now. As always "Breaking and Entering" looks and sounds fantastic since most of Penthouse's DVD's just have immaculate quality, but I'm often worried of the movies will have anything worth taking away from them.

Paola Rey
Rey writes about a recent company physical she had to take and explains her shocking encounter with a hunky pony tailed doctor. I don't know why a woman would wear jewelry and sexy lingerie to a physical, but then doctors rarely have pony tails and risk a sexual abuse lawsuit either. Paola Rey is gorgeous and the scenario set here is pretty sexy if hokey. As you'd guess what begins as a simple physical turns in to a full on sexual encounter with doctor ponytail striking on Paola's horniness from his vaginal exam and he soon undresses to give Rey an oral vaginal exam. Licking and fondling turns in to eating and finger popping as Paola moans and clutches her big tits, and she turns over on her knees to take a massive finger fucking as he eats her ass out. After fucking her with four fingers, he gets rough with Rey who loves the abuse and sucks his cock hungrily leading to a massive facial on Rey who gobbles it all up. Surprisingly they continue as kissing leads to Ray riding him backward cowgirl rough and fast, and she leans down to take it hard from the doctor who seizes control. He lays her back spread wide to fuck her slowly, and fucks her from behind speeding up his pumping. After eating her hole out, he cums on her again finishing off the physical. Surprise! It was all roleplaying with her boyfriend. What a twist!

Roxy Deville
Roxy Deville looks absolutely ravishing here and wears an amazing leather outfit that instantly helps her land the spot as the best segment of the group here. Playing a dominatrix she explains her encounter with an important business man who she makes lick her shoes clean. Being fairly aroused by his ability to follow her orders, he eats her pussy out upon her demand, and then gets to work on her large ass. After finishing she leans down to make out with him and he gets to work on her pussy from behind again. Deville decided to reciprocate leaning down to jerk him off and suck his cock and gourge on his balls as he stands there helplessly. How she balances in those high heels remains a mystery. Making quick work of her oral play, she mounts him against his will and rides him backward cowgirl fucking him roughly as he clutches her tits. He takes the initiative machine gunning her from below as she squeals and she works his cock over rewarding him. Leaning her over, he fucks her fast and hard from behind as she groans and growls, and she mounts him taking it hard up the ass. She leans down to suck him off, and continues rewarding him for following her orders.

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Rhylee Richards
Inadvertently hilarious, Richards' segment is one that will make even the most simple minded audience laugh, and then suddenly wish they could take part in a life of crime where your punishment for breaking and entering is being blown by a hot blond woman. Watch a burglar break in through... the front door, in the early evening. Watch Richards completely slam the guy against a wall and scream at him as he clutches the wall horrified, and watch the horribly staged slap against the face Richards hands her burglar that misses his cheek by a foot. And who can forget the Spider-Man style kiss she gives her would be burglar? It's a hilarious start to a pretty hot segment, I have to say.

Richards never bothers to call the police, or run for cover. She instead kicks a burglars ass and gives him a happy ending. You go, girl. It's a really stupid set up marred by really, really unconvincing performances and while it's true porno isn't about acting, I couldn't stop laughing long enough to get in to this portion. So after submitting to her beating, obviously the burglar submits to her blow job she hands him as clutches her head pumping her down on his shaft. In spite of the fact that he may be a rapist or a murderer, she still undresses him and they head over to her couch to fuck. He eats her pussy out anxiously, and he mounts her fucking her scissor style as she groans leaning back. She mounts him riding him backward cowgirl, and he eventually finishes off on her face. This is the weakest of the bunch as the set up is idiotic, the sex is repetitive, and the pay of is very anti-climactic. Surprise! It was all just one big case of role playing, she reveals. Yawn.

Holly West
Super speeding to the doorway (George Costanza was right, hot women do walk faster than everyone), Holly West lets in a mysterious cop who arrives at her doorway and she greets him with a flirtatious pout and a damn hot brown shirt and short skirt. West seems nice and she shows that by flirting with the cop who settles in and begins to engage in fondling and foreplay with the man. I have to become a cop. West has a really hard and beautiful body underneath the tight clothing and looks great in her lemon colored bra, it's just a shame the lip curl she gives him to look innocent makes her look like she had a stroke. After much foreplay with his baton and cheesy one-liners, West leans down over her large pool table and takes a hit with the baton against her massive ass. After chewing on her camel toe and using the club in ways reserved for a cock, the very friendly cop takes advantage of West and fucks her pussy as she straddles the pool table screaming. She then leans down with her ass high as he pounds her hard. After more fucking, West drops down to suck his cock and fondle herself, and he slaps her tits as she takes his cock in her mouth. She straddles him again riding him along the table and slams down on his shaft, which then turns in to anal fucking. West then sucks him off and takes a cum shot in her mouth and fucks him for a while longer before taking more shots to the face. Surprise! This is also roleplaying with her boyfriend who is actually the cop! Yawn.

Shawna Lenee
Lenee is giving her client a private show in his house and looks quite trashy. That is both good and bad because while Lenee is definitely a smoking fox, I wasn't as turned on as I originally thought I'd be. Looking a bit like Mary Carey, Lenee strips and dances for her client as he watches in an inexplicably confused and stunned expression, which adds a comedic effect to this closer. Lenee performs this strip tease very well and it's good foreplay leading in to the inevitable fucking. Things eventually heat up and the pony tailed client gets fondled and kissed by Lenee who is never above flashing her ass to the camera when leaning over. It's okay guys, she has a great booty. She bites and gnaws at his hard on much to his pleasure, and gets to work on his cock sucking him off and rubbing on him. Breaking up the monotony, Lenee mounts him backward cowgirl and starts off slow riding him and getting a feel for his cock speeding up once she gets in to him. They kiss and she spreads her long legs being eaten out by him, and is finger popped. He raises a leg and fucks her full boar as she fingers herself near orgasm and struggles not to scream. He sits down again and she takes it in her hole riding him fast with her big butt towards the camera and he slaps her G-string against her cheeks and clutches them tightly. After more rough sex, she kneels down to take a finisher to her tits. Surprise! Lenee reveals it was all one big role playing session! No, I'm not kidding. Yawn!!

As usual this is a gorgeous looking production with picture as crystal clear and pristine as ever. The whites are soft, the yellows pleasant to the eyes, and the director adds a warm blur giving it that much needed fantasy distinction that all pornos should possess. The sound is perfect as well with the voices and exchanges between characters coming in loud and clear. It's a wonderful up to par treatment from Penthouse as always.

We're sadly not given much of anything to take away from this release in the way of extras. We get a three minute photo gallery, and a twenty minute bonus scene from "Flesh and Fantasy" that really isn't much of a bonus. We're also given internet URL's and trailers from upcoming releases. It's an underwhelming goody bag for a pretty good movie.

After Thought:
After the third surprise twist ending I really started losing patience. I mean, okay it's cute the first time but once the director begins relying on it to sell the entire porno, it becomes a real chore. And if you need roleplaying to get in to sex with these hot women, the chances are you're gay. "Breaking and Entering" is a mediocre porno with hot women but segments that lack any real impact or sexual tension. And there are also the surprise endings that become simply ridiculous. The lack of extras is also a negative.

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