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Ass on Tap

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/19/08

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McKenzie Lee (click pictures for trailer)

Ass on Tap

Club Jenna

Katja Kassin and Mario Rossi

Genre: Vignette

Director: Brett Andrews/Maverick

Krystal Steal!

Cast: McKenzie Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Katja Kassin, Mario Rossi, Krystal Steal, Kris Slater, Jayna Oso, Jay Lassiter, Monica Sweetheart

Length: 88:57 minutes

Jayna Oso

Date of Production: 2/15/2005

Monica Sweetheart and Krystal Steal!

Extras: The best extras were some bonus masturbation scenes recorded at the time of the original scenes, starting with Krystal, moving to Katja, then Jayna, with none of them lasting over 5:01 minutes (Jayna's lasted that long, Katja's was 4:01, and Krystal's clocked in at a meager 2:23 minutes). They were directed to use the toys as they did and I was surprised the footage wasn't incorporated into the scenes but I appreciated the effort all the same. I also liked the Behind the Scenes feature that lasted 20:45 minutes, showing Jay Sterling involved on set (credited under his alias as one of the cameramen) as well as the main focus being photoshoot and images of the sex scenes being shot; minor audio issues covered by a score. There was also a photogallery and some trailers with website listings for those that care.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Ass on Tap was presented in a letterboxed widescreen (non-anamorphic) with a ratio of about 1.78:1 as presented by director Brett Andrews/Maverick for Club Jenna using the usual standard definition MPEG-2 codec. From the BTS, it appears the movie was shot in full frame and then trimmed down, not the best route for handling modern day releases in my opinion but at least using multiple cameras to get a better selection of footage to use. The colors were accurate most of the time (only fucked up in the ending lesbian scene) and the lighting seemed hit or miss during the feature portions of the show; the sex scenes presented in a less stylized music video manner than most titles shot by the company back in 2005 (yes, you read that right, the movie was shot 3 and a half years ago). There was little grain or video noise and the compression artifacts were rare, the bitrate hovering in the lower 5.8 Mbps range when I paid any attention to it. The audio was offered up with a dual selection, a simulated 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround in English in 384 Kbps or a standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English in 192 Kbps, each employing a standardized 48 kHz sampling rate. There was little difference in the two tracks from what I heard, the separation between the channels limited to the music for the most part and no additional enhancements in the dynamic range. I also appreciated that the vocals were mixed in higher than the music, a change of attitude by the company that shows they listen to the fans.

Body of Review: Brett Andrews/Maverick is one of those directors you simply don't hear a lot about these days, his output mostly tied to a brief stint back in 2005 for Adam & Eve Productions but he also made a quirky little flick with Club Jenna called Ass on Tap too. The movie is just now seeing the light of day and the disjointed five scenes reminded me of a time when lead Krystal Steal was poised to assume the crown of the company as their leading starlet, Jenna having decided to work more on the production aspect back then. Krystal was a blond with implants that had a certain physical appeal but not the charm or staying power of Jenna (who could claim that role back then?) and seemed a safe bet by many in the industry for the position she was being placed in. Needless to say, things didn't work out so well and she left the company, and porn, almost overnight under circumstances best left for insiders to explain, the vacuum at the company never fully satiated as a result. Still, she had a lot of fans at the time and that makes her two scenes in the movie something for them to appreciate more than anyone else, one a lesbian tryst and the other a modest pairing with Kris Slater, the movie also notable for McKenzie Lee having just flown in from England to shot. The scenes were unrelated to one another, likely shot for a variety of flicks that didn't work out rather than this one project, and I had my hopes up that it would be so good that I'd be screaming about how the company sat on the footage since February of 2005. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: McKenzie Lee, a former contract Brit that was still new to shooting porn in America, was up first in her white bikini and purple mesh stockings, the funky music reminiscent of some 1970's blacksploitation movies I used to love in my youth. She pranced about the room and fingered her own ass on a red platform stage in front of a voluminous glass panel window, the camera usually far too tight on her to get the full effect of the setting. As McKenzie nearly fisted herself, withholding just the thumb, it cut away to Manuel Ferrara walking up to her and the pair kissing. He assumed the role of the one fingering her, though sticking with her pussy, and licked her ass before she reciprocated with a choking blowjob. She spit on it to provide lube and the camera got spit on it, some titty fucking leading to the real thing as she actively rode his dick vaginally, then anally. Manuel did most of the work and there was a lot of energy between them to replace the missing chemistry, the guy smacking her ass to her delight as she verbally coaxed him on. McKenzie became much better with anal antics later on in her career but it was interesting to see her evolution as a performer here too. The scene then ended when Manuel rubbed out a load of genetic juice to her face, holding her head in place to ensure her capture of his spunk.

Scene Two: Katja Kassin, once a major force in anal movies with her bright red hair and willingness to show that fluffy sized gals could be excellent in bed too, was up next with a darker shade of hair coloring and the lean figure she sported after going on a diet. Her ass was still most fetching and Mario Rossi paid proper homage to it, slapping it and licking her to ready the lass for some anal fun. Katja might not have been enthusiastic about working with the Rocco-lookalike but she was always the consummate performer and did as she was asked, spreading her ass to give him better access as he savored his moment in the spotlight. Katja then rewarded him with a short but decent humjob, getting him hard enough to tear into her pussy as she rubbed her clitoris. The condom didn't bug me much as it was difficult to see and my biggest issue with the scene was how passive she was until she was on top of him during the second wave of anal action. He left his shoes and socks on too, a weird look given how they were both otherwise naked, but her piston pumping act was pretty solid here and led to the inevitable facial pop.

Scene Three: Krystal Steal, the blond featured on the center of the front cover in a white nighty, was up next as she worked with Kris Slater. There was a lack of tease here that I later found out was edited to make a bonus solo scene and to look at her eyes, you'd think she spent the last half hour before the scene crying her eyes out. Still, I liked the black mesh top and pink mesh body stocking on her lean figure, reminding me of the potential she once had at the company, her oral skills definitely in top form as she actively slobbed his knob. Krystal even tried to chime in with some limited dirty talk but it wasn't enough and only got in the way of her messy blowjob that I appreciated so much. The vaginal ride lasted three short positions and was passive compared to her best work, the ending titty pop minimal too. For me, I will favorably remember it for the oral action she gave though since that was definitely the highlight of the scene by far.

Scene Four: Jayna Oso, an exotic brunette with an all natural body, was up next in a barren room on a black platform bed (of sorts), wearing a neon blue mesh top and matching go-go boots. Her tease was also truncated to provide a solo bonus scene and it showed muscular Jay Lassiter coming over to greet her silently, his cock in hand to get some loving from her mouth. He went straight to tapping her ass this time, Jayna grunting and groaning as he plundered her perfect pucker in doggy. They screwed in a variety of anal positions and his intense look showed he was having difficulties concentrating, the ending pop shot landing mostly on her crotch but one stream hitting her face even as the scene faded out too soon.

Scene Five: Krystal Steal, now up on a couch in her cover outfit, was in the ending scene with hotty Monica Sweetheart, the gal dressed in a black & white polka dot ensemble that suited her curvy figure too. Monica went right into eating Krystal out, rubbing the lead performer's crotch as she licked ass and the jerky cameras managing to get a fair amount of the action reasonably well. I knew that without a guy, there would be no population pudding in sight but Monica has long been able to pull off the lipstick lesbian act without much difficulty, Krystal's own efforts in this regard always relying heavily on who she was partnered with. Monica did most of the work and the generic score was punctuated by the repetitive moans of the ladies, little talk exchanged between them as the scene progressed. The 69 they slipped into showed a cautious approach that I wasn't too keen about, the toys they pulled out to use coming across as mechanically applied for the most part. The dildos and strap on device were not Krystal's forte but Monica looked good on the receiving end, making the mediocre scene stand a bit better as a result.

Summary: Ass on Tap by director Brett Andrews/Maverick for Club Jenna struck me as a few years too late and too short but still worthy of a Rent It for fans of the cast. If you are a slavering fanboy of Krystal Steal, consider this a "must have" though considering that she looked the part of her then-sure thing at the company, the other ladies a mixture of what makes the company tick. In short, Ass on Tap was not all about anal sex as the cover would suggest but each scene did have some variation of backdoor loving taking place, albeit not anal penetration with a penis as most would assume. Krystal did shine in her oral action with Kris though and the first four scenes were much better looking than expected given the time frame they were shot in so give it a look if you're interested.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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