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Trust Justice Vol. 3

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Trust Justice 3: Taxin' Dat Ass!

Voodoo House/Shane's World

Maya Gates!

Genre: Reality Gonzo

Director: Justice Young

Nadia Nitro!

Cast: Gianna, Justice Young, Maya Gates, Nadia Nitro, Chase Evans, Alexis Amore

Length: 163:39 minutes

Chase Evans!

Dates of Production: 5/13/2007, 6/4/2007, 3/18/2008, 3/23/2008, 3/28/2008

Extras: The best extra for most of you will be the scene from POV Dream lasting 23:15 minutes. I liked it a lot when I reviewed it originally and think Brother Love is on to something big if he plays it right; the scene described in detail below. There was also a photogallery, a number of trailers, some spam, and a true double sided DVD cover.

Alexis Amore!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Trust Justice 3 was presented in the new world standard 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Justice Young for Voodoo House using the usual MPEG-2 codec popular on the standard definition medium. The bitrate was often in the lower 4.3 Mbps range, and the picture looked decent but not as good as his scenes shot on static sets. The camera angles were generally limited due to the single camera approach used too but the editing helped make up for it in several instances so I was pleased at the improvements offered up where they could be, the balance between getting impromptu moments and using a perfect set always in the back of my mind on these projects. The editing by Bob Bradley was minimal, almost as if the footage was allowed to stand on its own in most cases, but still offered the ladies up in showcased form; maintaining all the chemistry and passion they could muster between them and Justice. There did not appear to be much additional lighting used to shoot the scenes either but a lack of C-lights to wash away any hint of shadows is not generally appreciated these days; there being enough light to liven up the picture. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a standard 192 Kbps bitrate with a sampling rate set at 48 kHz. The vocals were kind of hollow and lacking in dynamic range but sounding better than expected, every grunt and groan clearly heard, the background noise heard prominently during the non-sex parts as expected.

Victoria Vonn in the bonus scene!

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Body of Review: Justice Young is a young and heavily inked fellow that has been working in porn for a bit as a performer, never really striking a chord until he started directing low budget gonzo releases for companies like Voodoo House. His street talking has always given me the impression that he thought he was black but never looked in a mirror but to be fair to the guy, his average sized cock and personality seems to work for a number of his partners on screen. His latest directing gig making it my way was Trust Justice 3: Taxin' Dat Ass!; a largely POV gonzo flick where he picks up a variety of established performers and fucks them like they are old friends. In truth, they actually act very congenial to him, almost to the point where many of them appeared to be doing him as a fuck buddy instead of paying clients; a dynamic I found extremely appealing. I did not see the second volume of the series but I heard that despite a great cast, there were issues with it so I wasn't surprised that there were no other reviews of it available online either. Thankfully, the magic is back in this third volume with a very well round cast of ladies such as Gianna, Alexis Amore, Maya Gates and others to compliment the fledgling director on his journey. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Gianna, the large breasted, full figured hotty featured on the front cover, was up first as she complained about the lack of matching apparel worn by director Justice Young as they hung out on the street. She was wearing a low cut top and blue jean shorts, wanting to buy him a hat but expecting a "favor for a favor" in return. This day, she said it was all about him, visiting a talented street artist and flashing the guy in public; giving the world a show while shopping and driving around too. She commented about a movie she was in called Black Snake Bitches that was made for another company. The first sex of the show came about when she gave Justice some road head, the slurping noises giving me some wood even if the camera work was understandably weaker than normal. Once they got back to the "crib" she continued her oral assault in POV mode, adding in some titty fucking and the usual active vaginal romp expected of her. He got slightly rough with her but she was turned on and pretty much demanded he do so, coaxing him to get more hardcore with her as he smacked her ass and choked her a little. After several positions of chemistry-filled, enthusiastic screwing, Justice unleashed his genetic juice all over her face and head, making me wonder how long it had been since he busted a nut. Whew!

Scene Two: Maya Gates, a curvy brunette with large implants, was up next as the theme of the day continued, Justice Young calling her a "sexy bitch" as he offered to buy her a drink while they met outside on the sunny day. Her slutty attire consisted of a frilly bra attached to a lot of beige fabric and shorts, the gal flashing other cars as they drove down the street (the couple laughing as if on something). They were then out by the pool where she stripped naked, Justice following her lead before going down on her, Maya sucking him off actively as a follow up. I liked her accent but her oral skills were more appealing at the moment, the hand assisted blowjob given with a gleam in her eye. She bounced on his rod gleefully and the vaginal porking showed both of them contributing to the effort, eventually moving to anal once she was warmed up a bit more. He nutted on her face and walked off, the scene fading away to the next one without a transitional piece. Sweet!

Scene Three: Nadia Nitro, a perky little gal with a lot to like, was up next as Justice Young hooked up with a homie and visited A List Talent in the Valley. The musical interludes were bad enough that I'd suggest a certain friend stick to his day job, the scene then cutting away to show Justice hunting down Nadia in the small weight room. Nadia had been out by the pool in her aqua bikini but Justice had her bottom off in no time, feeling up her cleanly shaven crotch before the lean gal teased him (showing her firm ass as ready for some smacks). Sexually, this was the least adventurous scene of the bunch since there was no public nudity and it consisted of oral and vaginal only but she appeared to enjoy Justice more than a little, adding to the chemistry observed between them. The hummer was done in POV fashion and she savored the cock in her mouth nicely as she wrapped her lips around it between moments of lollipop licking. There was a rough edge going beyond the admittedly marginal camera work here but I still enjoyed it right up until he busted a load of spew of her face, much of it hitting her in the eye.

Scene Four: Chase Evans, a redhead "with skills" that included a love of bowling, was up next as she tried to beat Justice Young at the game. Her purple outfit looked like it wasn't the best choice of attire for the physical activity, Chase heating up as the day wore on. She teased him during a quick game of air hockey too, the deal being that when one gained a point, they had to flash each other. Justice cleaned up here and the traffic could be seen driving by the picture window they were in front of, the dynamic continued in public after she gave him some head by the table but flashed in the car as well. Chase seemed a little bit flaky but it was the fun kind of flaky welcome in my place anytime she likes. They took a trip to the house of the infamous Jonas, the awesome place looking great to me. They met up with Jonas and his wife Holly Wellin, Holly looking hotter without make up if you ask me. Chase and Justice then went to the bed where they engaged in carnal activity, some oral and vaginal plowing showing these two to be the porn equivalents of Olympic athletes. There was some breath play here too, more than the previous scene, but Chase was adamant about what she wanted, joining in to choke herself along the way. Her oral was fine and she was an active rider to boot, elevating the quality of the scene to come close to Gianna's heated romp (which is a high compliment coming from this reviewer). She seemed to get off on the guy at every step too, pounding herself silly as she impaled her pussy on his dick. The scene ended with a healthy facial but some may care more about how many times she seemed to get off, marking another reason why this will be a favorite of mine for some time to come. Yum!

Scene Five: Alexis Amore, a curvy little Latina with a great attitude, was up last as she drove Justice Young around town on their "date", the guy recording it as he interviewed her from the passengers seat. They ended up in a restaurant where she flashed him under the table, the lady describing in detail exactly what she was going to do when they got back home. Playful Alexis fit the dynamic of the show just fine, the grainy tease footage a result of the lack of lighting. Alexis was distracting the man off his game, talking to him in such a way that he couldn't keep track even before the titty flashing (Justice offering to marry her after she told him she wanted to be choked and otherwise roughed up). He gave her some head at the table too, Alexis reciprocating in the convenience store and on the outside of the store as cars drove by. She was scared of getting caught but flashed her ample titties as they drove, pulling over to park but picking up where they left off inside the house. This included some hand to gland combat by Alexis and a nice bit of additional head, moving into several bouts of vaginal sex where she was on her game better than ever in terms of actively riding the cock. They liked each other, really liked each other at that, and the chemistry combined with the energy and enthusiasm made this a great ending scene to appreciate. There was some of the choking she demanded earlier too, marking how Alexis was in charge of what she wanted at all times, a modern day lady that secure men should find a great bed buddy! After her pussy was stretched out by the pounding it took, Justice eventually rubbed out a wad of semen to her face, a wad larger than the rest! Yes!

Bonus Scene: POV Dream: Victoria Vonn, the blond featured on the front cover looking like the classic Hollywood starlet, was up first and her rendition of the birthday song was more than cute, to say the least. It set the stage for her to blow Brother Love as though he were Jack Kennedy (JFK), taking her time as she lovingly slobbed his knob seductively. I know that rumors of a Marilyn Monroe sex tape have been circulating for years but even if true, would probably be a letdown given the recording media used not to mention the probability of Marilyn not living up to the fantasy of her sexual prowess. In this case, Victoria showed the Brother a lot of skill as he directed her to titty fuck him, what he liked orally, and the rest of the scene; generally whispering the orders as though he were getting a true birthday present from the gal. There were some scratchy noises at first (I thought to simulate the olden day recording style) and the filters employed to mimic the visual look of a golden fantasy weren't my favorite but her playful nature certainly elevated the scene to a very heated place as far as I was concerned. They screwed vaginally in a few positions and he actually busted two wads of population pudding on her (one in the mouth and the other on her cute ass cheeks) but I liked her active riding style the most. Brother even got in some CBT as she "smashed his balls with her ass" but the way she revived him for a "second coming" using her oral skills and ass fingering frolics that definitely showed he was pushing his game forward. Whew!

Summary: Trust Justice 3 by director Justice Young for Voodoo House was even better than Trust Justice 1, meriting a rating of Highly Recommended from me thanks to the levels of replay value, strokability, and amount of fuck for the buck it contained. Justice was exactly what each of the ladies needed, and wanted, elevating the dynamic each time beyond a merely generic scene. I would have liked to see more extras like a BTS but given the entire movie was full of such footage, I was more than happy to see the bonus scene I appreciated so much from Brother Love's POV Dream using Victoria Vonn as a Marilyn Monroe clone. In short, Trust Justice 3: Taxin' Dat Ass! was proof that whatever the issues with the second volume might have been, he came back with a vengeance to prove his capable hands as a director. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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