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Boys First Time 3

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production: 2007

Length: 133 minutes

Director: unidentified

Cast: Dustin, West, Ricki, Xavier, lance, Willie, and Phoenix 

Body Types: twinks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: "straight" seduction, solos

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Amateur porn has grown from a small niche market into quite a profitable business.  Utilizing fresh faces and unscripted sex, amateur porn can be more erotic than professionally produced features because the sex is often raw, unscripted, and full of sheer sexual passion.  However, for every quality amateur film, there is a long line of mediocre titles to follow it.  Unfortunately Boys First Time 3 falls into that mediocre category due to the actors looking bored and some sloppy direction choices. 

While the actors in Boys First Time are cute and handsome, their passion for their fellow sex buddies is thoroughly lacking.  Sure the guys can control their erections, but they can't seem to hide their looks of boredom that they wear so clearly on their faces.  Another problem is the strange editing during two of the cumshots.  Both the first and fourth scenes have suspicious cumshots since we don't actually see the actors cumming.  What we do see is a flash cut from the actor's dick being sucked to the cum (or a mysterious white liquid) suddenly appearing.  Basically the audience was robbed of that final explosive money shot that we all long to see; instead we just get the before and after.  Finally, the film's worst offense is the annoying and constant camera flashing that occurs in each scene.  The camera flashing occurs way too often, resulting in a thoroughly distracting experience.  And I thought the paparazzi waiting around for Britney was bad! 

To help you determine whether Boy's First Time 3 is right for you (it wasn't for me) then read on:

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Scene one: West and Dustin

Two young brunettes (one with spiky hair and a smooth chest, the other is a skinny bloke) talk about how they met each other at a club.  West mentions that he is bi-curious so Dustin gets to be his first "gay teacher." The boys kiss and eventually take off their clothes.  Dustin starts to play with West's semi and ultimately puts it in his mouth.  Since this is Dustin's "first gay experience" he eagerly sucks on Dustin's dick as well.  The guys then alternate between face fucking, 69'ing and eventually some rimming for West.  To break in his virgin ass, Dustin fucks West on his back, switches to a doggy style position, and then the couple settles with a straddle maneuver.  In the straddle position West soon sprays out his load.  West then sucks on Dustin until he supposedly cums.  West spits the load onto Dustin's chest, then in a flash cut, Dustin's chest is loaded with more puddles of creamy cum than before.  I think that there might have been some stunt-cumming involved. 

Scene two: Tyler and Lance

A skinny brunette twink named Tyler sits and watches bi porn while he waits for his bi-curious friend to stop by.  Lance then enters the room, wearing a football jersey.  Lance is a pretty sexy lad and he apparently has no problems with making out with his pal.  The guys kiss until Lance pulls out Tyler's tan cock and starts to suck away.  The guys then go back and forth between sucking on each other.  Fortunately, both guys are hard throughout the scene.  Next, lucky Lance puts on a condom and fucks Tyler in a straddle position.  The guys continue to alternate with some different positions until Tyler jerks off his cock, producing a thick white stream.  Lance then proceeds to jerk his dick for several minutes until he (finally) cums onto Tyler's chest. 

Scene three: Ricky and Xavier

Ricky and Xavier are two 18-year old Latin boys.  The guys slowly pull off their clothes, and Xavier's purple undies, so that they can stroke their dicks together.  Ricky tries his best to swallow Xavier's big dick, but a small skinny twink can only go so far.  Xavier also sucks on Ricky, making sure to rub his balls.  The guys 69 before they get ready for the fucking.  Xavier fucks Ricky from behind and in a straddle position.  Eventually Ricky shoots his wad onto his own chest, followed by Xavier releasing his load onto Ricky's chest. 

Scene four: Billy and James

Billy and James are a pair of attractive barrio boys.  Billy has a bright and sunny face, and James looks like he is barely 18.  Unfortunately James looks a little uncomfortable, so Billy tries hard to make him feel calm.  The boys start out by kissing each other.  Billy then pulls down James's pants, revealing a surprisingly thick cock.  James then heads south to suck on Billy's curved dick.  Billy also spends some "quality time" with James dick as well as rimming James's harry hole.  James eventually leans over for Billy to fuck him.  In a straddle position, James shows off his hard uncut cock as he strokes it.  The couple then fuck with James holding his legs up in the air.  Billy shoots his load all over Jame's smooth chest.  James then has Billy suck his cock.  Unfortunately due to quirky editing, he may or may not have released his load onto Billy's face since we don't actually see him climax; we do see mysterious white puddles of goo though. Hmmm...


Scene five: Phoenix

Phoenix is a model who has been featured on the Corbin Fisherweb site, as well as some gay adult films.  Here he pretends to be a teenager returning home from football practice; wearing a jersey and carrying a football.  He gets turned on and starts to rub around his crotch.  Phoenix then calls out to check to see if his parents are home.  Since he's "alone," he takes his stroking to the next level by stripping off his clothes.  He fingers his hole, glides his fingers over his muscles, and strokes his dick on top of the football.  He then uses the football tip as a way to create some pleasureful friction near his hole.  He bobs his ass up and down on the football while he strokes his dick hard.  Finally, he cums onto the football and licks up some of his own semen.  Touchdown!

The DVD:



Shot in fullframe, the image is generally bright, colorful, and sharp.  Some grain exists but it's not distracting.  One quirky video error unfortunately occurs during the Phoenix scene.  Basically, a quick flash of color bars comes on the screen for a second, and then disappears never to return again.  This isn't that big of a deal, but some of you might be annoyed.


The sound is good as well.  All of the action can be heard. 


Extras include a photo gallery and an extra scene with a 19-year old named Jess.  He's blessed with an eight inch dick, and he has a playful personality.  He teases the cameraman until he pulls out his cock from his tight jeans.  He then proceeds to jerks his dick in a variety of positions and he practically uses a whole bottle of lube.  He ultimately cums on his chest.  Ironically, this was the best scene in the movie, especially without the constant clicking of cameras.


Final thoughts:

Some of the actors are cute, but the scenes suffer from ho-hum sex acts with bored actors waiting to collect their checks.  The worst offense, however, is the paparazzi style flash photography that occurs in every scene.  The constant camera clicking noise was very distracting.  Perhaps that's why the actors weren't motivated to deliver passionate sex scenes; they were too distracted by the annoying cameraman.  If you are into twinks, then you might enjoy this, but for all others, this is simply a rental only.  Rent it

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