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Bitch and Moan 2

Studio: Bad Seed » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Roxy DeVille and Kylie Ireland!

Bitch and Moan 2

Bad Seed/Adam & Eve

Amber Rayne, Kissy Kapri, and Trinity Post

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Kylie Ireland

Sammie Rhodes and Eva Angelina!

Cast: Kylie Ireland, Roxy Deville, Trinity Post, Amber Rayne, Kissy Kapri, Eva Angelina, Sammie Rhodes, Lexi Lamour, Gianna Lynn, Aiden Starr, Jandi Lynn, Tricia Oaks
Non-sex role: David Lord, Jesse Tennessee

Length: 159:50 minutes

Gianna Lynn and Lexi Lamour

Date of Production: 5/22/2008 (box); 2/18/2008, 2/19/2008, 2/20/2008 (credits)

Jandi Lynn, Tricia Oaks, and Aiden Starr!

Extras: I was pleasantly surprised by the extras here, starting off with a 13:24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where we immediately learn that someone flaked so Kylie stepped in to save the day ("wha-Laaa"). David "Crawdaddy" Lord was working camera and showing his unshaven self, the cast mugged at times, and there were some interviews, tease, and a lot of fun too. There was then a 3:56 minute Blooper Reel of minor blunders, 11:46 minutes of interviews by most of the cast, the bonus sex scene I listed below as described by Robin, 10:29 minutes of masturbation footage by lovely Roxy DeVille in her slinky black dress, some trailers, a photogallery, spam, and there was advertised as being an Easter Egg so have fun looking for it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bitch and Moan 2 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color using a ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Kylie Ireland for Bad Seed using the MPEG-2 standard definition codec. The video bitrate varied substantially here but when I paid any attention to it, seemed to be hovering in the 4.1 Mbps area, few compression artifacts observed. There was also little grain except where intentionally added in during the first scene and no video noise but some moiré popped up at times, nothing to be alarmed about but present nonetheless. The composition of the camera angles relied heavily on close ups but there was a balance with a fair number of medium shots too, allowing for the capture of some great footage of the ladies getting off, something you don't always see too much of these days. The fleshtones were accurate and while it seemed a little rough around the edges, it looked pretty good to me most of the time (more lighting in the final scene would have been appreciated though). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps audio bitrate under the usual 48 kHz sampling rate, almost always too low in the mix with the score and the only part of the technical matters in serious need of a makeover. When you can't hear the vocals clearly, something is wrong as far as I'm concerned.

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Body of Review: Kylie Ireland is one of my favorite porn people for many reasons. This is not just because she's a beautiful lady that is sexually in tune with what she wants or because she has made so many fun movies (on both sides of the camera) but if you meet her, you'll know what I mean when I say she is the "real deal" as a person too. I'm not overly familiar with her work at Bad Seed but having seen enough of it to know I like it for what it tries to be, I picked up Bitch and Moan 2 to see how Kylie was progressing as a director in her own right, not just assisting on Eli's big budget extravaganzas. The movie is a collection of hardcore lesbian scenes with a lot of emphasis on toy use and anal play, starring some of the best ladies in the jizz biz for doing more than merely acting as though they enjoy getting freaky with other ladies. If you like real lesbian "porn sex", you will probably be able to use this one to get off repeatedly, I even added some comments from Kylie made when she was directing it to give you a heads up on what to expect. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms or population pudding were used for those still interested:

Scene One: A Rose By Any Other Name: Kylie Ireland, a curvy redhead adored by fans, was up first as a butchy gal dressed like a man as she wined and dined sultry fox Roxy Deville over dinner. The initial footage was made to look like an old fashioned movie, complete with grain and scratches on the "film stock", the erotic nature of the method not lost on me. Once the sex began though, it reverted to a straightforward approach on video, with great lighting, contrast ratios, and attention to detail on the perfect fleshtones. The lesbian licking and vaginal penetration by Kylie showed her years of experience and Roxy was no slacker either, giving the director a technical DP worth remembering. What I really liked about the scene was the amount of chemistry and passion the two provided throughout the action, making me glad someone couldn't make it that day for Kylie's help to be needed. Kylie described the scene like this on her diary: "Bitch & Moan 2 went extremely well! The only real hitch we had was that I lost one of my girls and in the interest of finding a good, fast replacement to do the scene with Roxy DeVille, I stepped into the scene. I dressed in a tux and top hat, pulled my hair back and drew on a little moustache and let the lovely Roxy pamper and fuss over me, serving me champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate before I tangoed her across the room and then had my way with her, starting by making her suck my strap-on before fucking her ass with it."

Scene Two: What Chicks Do On Super Bowl Sunday: Trinity Post, Amber Rayne, and Kissy Kapri, were all hanging out on the couch in their comfort clothing on Superbowl Sunday, watching a lesbian porn flick as they pigged out on snacks (the movie was another of Kylie's of course). One thing led to another and they got frisky with each other, the clothing falling to the wayside as they picked up toys and started pawing each other endlessly. While this trio did not have nearly as much enthusiasm and chemistry as the previous scene, it was still a decent little romp on the couch as they explored one another in great detail, Trinity proving to be far more flexible than I recall her ever being in the past. Kylie described the scene like this on her website: "The 3rd scene we shoot consisted of three very lovely and very naughty girls - Trinity Post, Amber Rayne and Kissy Kapri - showing us what girls do on Super Bowl Sunday...hang out in their jammies, eat ice cream and popcorn and watch porn. And, well you know what watching porn leads to right? Next thing you know the girls are trying to outdo each other, filling their pussies and asses with dildos of various sizes and giving each other orgasms galore."

Scene Three: Yes, Please Mistress!: Eva Angelina, the hotty gracing the front cover, was up next as she was dropped off at the door of mistress Sammie Rhodes by her boyfriend (aptly played by David Crawford/Lord). Sammie immediately led her to the bed where Eva was put through her paces, the fetish trenchcoat removed to reveal her supple young body and sweet ass, an anal plug firmly in place to allow for backdoor fun with greater ease. Sammie took her time exploring her new toy, spitting on her to lube her up, jamming toys inside of her, and fingering her as well as making the gal taste her own juices. Eva started getting quite frisky too, a bold move considering the scenario, but the penetration included a DP and servicing Sammie (with tongue and fingers in both holes), ending with yet another technical DP as they reversed roles. Kylie described it like this: "After that scene you couldn't think it would get better, but it did. Eva Angelina (wearing nothing but heels, a trenchcoat and a buttplug) is dropped off at Mistress Sammie's (Rhodes) door by her Master. Mistress Sammie uses her willing toy before telling Eva how to please her Mistress."

Scene Four: Her Love Knows No Bounds: Lexi Lamour, a blond with a lean body wearing a black corset and matching knee high boots, was up next as she tied Asian Gianna Lynn to the bed in spread eagle fashion. Gianna was wearing white lingerie that complimented her nearly as well, Lexi taking her time to savor the moment while her friend was captive to her wishes. They kissed, did some oral on each other, and used the wide array of toys to penetrate but Lexi remained in control for most of the scene so her role was more active by comparison. The vaginal pounding Gianna took and decent chemistry helped keep the scene enjoyable but it did not serve me as well as the first and third scenes had done. Kylie's thoughts on the scene were minimal this time, saying: "Next came Lexi Lamour and Gianna Lynn...I simply let the dominate Lexi - all dressed in black - tie Gianna - dressed in white - to a big four-poster bed with stockings...very hot indeed. Lexi tortured the very willing Gianna until she begged to be let loose, then turning the tables on Lexi and fucking her as passionately and hard as Lexi did her."

Scene Five: Airheads: Aiden Starr, Jandi Lynn, and Tricia Oaks were up last as they chatted in the living room of Kylie's loft. Jesse delivered a big box of sex toys and that changed the conversation completely (the audio was too low this time by the way) as they opened it and explored the contents. The use of blow up dolls was kind of weird, especially the anime chick one, but playful as the ladies made the two dolls fuck each other (Aiden bringing up personal tips that I'll remember to ask her about the next time we run into each other). The goofing around with the toys then led to the ladies undressing to use the dildos and vibrators on each other, some lesbian licking helping to make sure that the flow was smooth in their little "party". As expected, there was some anal play, including rimming and penetration with toys leading to a technical DP, some solo work by Aiden helping to round out the footage. Tricia seemed the most anal receptive of the trio here and with all the taste testing, it finished up the movie with a solid bang. Kylie said it like this: "The final scene was a fun one for sure: The girls (Aiden Starr, Jandi Lin and Tricia Oaks) are gossiping over coffee when a special delivery arrives; a box filled with sex toys! The girls test them all, including the blow-up dolls....hilarity and orgasms ensue! I am quite pleased with this volume of Bitch & Moan..."

Bonus Scene: No Boys, No Toys: Aaralyn Barra is on the phone with her agent or someone and demands that they get her in a sense with Cindy Crawford. Ta-da, Cindy appears and the girls are going for it. Cindy opens up her legs, and Arralyn licks her pussy with zest. They talk dirty and even joke a bit, but they still take getting-off very seriously. Cindy talks to the camera while she works on her friend's pussy, Arralyn making additional comments while moaning. Aaralyn knows what she wants, telling her just how she likes to be licked and spanked. They basically cut back and forth on the girls licking pussies. (by Robin LaCruz)

Summary: Bitch and Moan 2 by director Kylie Ireland for Bad Seed might not have been her nastiest fuck flick to date but it had a wonderfully perverse cast of hotties that any straight guy would love to play with and enough lesbian fuck for the buck variety to add substantial replay value. There were some weaker moments too and the technical values were not always consistently solid but I felt a rating of Recommended was in order for all that it did have going for it, the five scenes serving well at their intended purpose. In short, Bitch and Moan 2 was tough to bitch or moan about, at least too much, considering that it starred gals like Kylie Ireland, Eva Angelina, Roxy DeVille, and so many more. Give this one a look and you'll see why Kylie is still one of the best female directors in the business, even beating out most men when it comes to shooting hardcore lesbian footage.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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