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Addicted 4

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/21/08

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Ashlynn Brooke! (click for trailer)

Addicted 4

New Sensations

Sasha Grey!

Genre: Vignette

Director: Miles Long

Jenna Haze and Ashlynn Brooke!

Cast: Ashlynn Brooke, Tommy Gunn, Sasha Grey, Derrick Pierce, Jenna Haze, Teagan Presley, Michael Stefano, Nikki Kane, Mick Blue

Length: 133:28 minutes

Teagan Presley!

Date of Production: 4/5/2008, 4/14/2008, 4/28/2008

Extras: The best extra for most of you will be the bonus scene from Cheating Wives Tales #8 described below that lasted for 32:31 minutes and starred Priya Rai with Alex Gonz. I liked the 10:21 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more but I had already seen the bonus scene elsewhere so your mileage may vary. The main focal point after the rant about sunscreen by one of the crew was the scene between Jenna and Ashlynn, leaving all the others out for some bizarre reason that sucked. There was a photogallery, some trailers, and spam as well as a true double sided DVD cover but that was it.

Nikki Kane

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Addicted 4 was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Miles Long for New Sensations using the MPEG-2 codec employed by standard definition releases. The scenes all had their own variations on the style employed but the general idea was to use lighting to enhance the erotic nature of the scenes, not to the point where it wasn't strokable to jaded old porn hounds like me but substantially nicer to look at with a significant other than the Wal-Mart lighting of most gonzo. The grain was minimal as was the video noise and I got the impression that Miles spent more time than he used to on the movie given the manner in which the edits and camera angles enhanced the looks of the nicely made up ladies. It was far from perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual. The bitrate tended to hover around the mid 5 Mbps area most of the time I paid any attention to it but the numbers alone do not tell the whole story in this regard. On the negative side, the company logo was watermarked on the lower right hand corner of the entire movie and extras, distracting me more than a little bit given the erotica nature of the presentation. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps rate using a 48 kHz sampling rate most titles are mastered with, a soothing series of pleasant musical pieces making the background sound better than the usually generic stuff I'm used to hearing. The vocals were portrayed largely with a haunting echo, on purpose as far as I can tell, and while my mileage varied, they were still pretty solid compared to many similar efforts, in no small part due to the score (though I would have preferred it to be less aggressive compared to the vocals).

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Body of Review: Miles Long has been directing for New Sensations for some time now, generally keeping a low profile as he lets his work do the talking for him. His latest release is Addicted 4, the sequel to Addicted Forever, and yet another set of erotic vignettes starring some of the most popular ladies in porn at this writing. When a movie has gals like Jenna Haze, Sasha Grey, and Teagan Presley, you know that the company is pulling out all the stops but it also had contract hotty Ashlynn Brook on hand to flesh out the sweet crew. The press release said this about the movie: "CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- New Sensations brings adult's most awarded and renowned performers -- led by New Sensations/Digital Sin's contract girl, Ashlynn Brooke -- together in "Addicted 4," a non-stop sexual extravaganza of beautiful women in beautiful places. Cast with the best performers working in adult and shot in lush locations that are a feast for the eyes, Ashlynn describes the passion and need she feels to fulfill her carnal urges in voiceovers throughout "Addicted 4." Ashlynn, as well as former contract girls Jenna Haze, Teagan and Nikki Kane and critically acclaimed performer Sasha Grey, are featured in a no holds barred frenzy of stylish and sexy scenes. Derrick Pierce and Mick Blue also appear in the Miles Long-directed title, in addition to award winners Tommy Gunn and Michael Stefano. "The girls and guys are gorgeous, the locations are beautiful and the sex is amazing," Ashlynn said. "I can't say that enough. My fans and Jenna Haze's fans are going to be amazed with our scene. We couldn't keep our hands off each other -- there's lots of mutual teasing, pleasing, sucking and licking. I love glass toys and we had them everywhere, even a double headed dildo! Jenna's a really nasty girl and couldn't keep her fingers out of her ass. Miles put these scenes together beautifully and 'Addicted 4' is stunning to watch. The movie is something the fans will love." Long aimed to create scenes that were sensual and hardcore to reflect the women and men in the movie. "The girls and guys in 'Addicted 4' are some of the biggest names in the business," he said. "You don't get girls much more beautiful or accomplished than Ashlynn, Jenna, Teagan, Nikki or Sasha and you almost never see them together in a single title. We have first class locations that compliment the ladies, and men, like Mick, Derrick, Tommy and Stefano, who can keep up with them." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Ashlynn Brooke, the attractive blond contract gal in the middle of the top line up of ladies on the cover, was up first in her black nightie while holding a large clear dildo. She rubbed the device on herself and started masturbating, the soft music seemingly timed to the slow motion in which she was shown in a montage format. It didn't help my fantasy that her pussy was covered by the watermarked company logo but that changed as soon as the scene continued, muscular Tommy Gunn bouncing around the room in his bright maroon shirt and black pants. They kissed like a couple would and he was soon going down on her, Ashlynn reciprocating with a healthy blowjob, the camera panning in and out as if unable to simply stay put for a moment. The editing was choppy too but her passive vaginal riding was thankfully replaced by the gal getting into the moment, the personal chemistry between the couple elevating once they were in the swing of things. I liked the effect of seeing the reflection of the couple in the polished table once but the way it kept going back as if it were the height of artistic endeavor sucked donkey balls. They continued to bone until Tommy launched his genetic juice at her face, ending the scene featuring the contract starlet.

Scene Two: Sasha Grey, a lean Emo type of brunette dressed up in a black dress on some mansion's stairs (seen on the far right of the cover), was up next and working with Derrick Pierce just as soon as the overly done montage and solo portion of the scene was finished, the music interesting though not really fitting the moment (maybe if it were set in a tropical island or something it would have fit better). He was dressed up like an ice cream man as he hovered in the background, watching her impale herself on the large toy in slow motion, kneeling before her to start nuzzling her neck and kissing her. This led to the pair doing each other orally and vaginally fucking, Sasha looking as unattached to the action as possible while she went from passive to active in mechanical fashion. I have mixed feelings about her to begin with and awards or not, this sort of eroticism seemed false from the beginning with her taking the rubbed out wad of population pudding into her mouth (with no swallowing) not helping matters any.

Scene Three: Jenna Haze (seen holding Ashlynn on the front cover) and Ashlynn Brooke were up next in a lesbian tryst where super sexy Ashlynn continued her slow motion antics in sheer black lingerie while diddling herself with another Phallix toy. Had this been in regular motion, I'd have been pumping my fist like a steam engine about to blow but the decision to make this "erotic" looking weakened it for me substantially. Jenna was also wearing a black dress, though hers was longer, and she jumped in after the choppy style allowed her to do so, the look in her eye suggesting she wanted some action from her pal. The kissing and feeling up portion of the scene was truly erotic and the gals licked and ate each other with a degree of heat that I enjoyed except like much of the other scenes (especially the opening portions), it seemed more like a commercial for Phallix than a movie for couples to watch while getting frisky. The amount of penetration between the ladies was nice too but I'd have preferred something more realistic in terms of how they treated each other (generally, they spent too much time focusing on the penetration by toys to the expense of the rest of the tricks I wanted to see).

Scene Four: Teagan Presley, the ultra lean blond seen wearing the blue outfit on the cover (the second gal in from the left), was up next and given her limited output of late, now reduced to lesbian pairings while she sorts stuff out, was up next as she appeared glammed up and willing to masturbate on camera. Her dress was attractive on her and Michael Stefano didn't look quite so creepy with his new look, the pair embracing on the black couch as they kissed slowly. The slow motion seemed to work better this time than before, thankfully ending when he started munching her clean shaven cookie, Teagan laughing at the way it felt humanizing the action somewhat before he began boning her like he owned her. Teagan was passive initially but seemed to warm up after she got to blow him, pushing back at least a little bit to drive his cock deeper inside of her, getting even friskier once she was on top. Her implants stuck out painfully badly here on her slight frame but she was as cute as ever and took the load to spew to her face with ease, finishing up the scene with a nod to the erotic theme.

Scene Five: Nikki Kane, the redhead seen on the far left side of the cover, was up last and as the least known lady of the cast, I had minimal expectations of her scene. She was in a dark blue dress as she followed the formulaic approach, the same toy used on her as she masturbated with a montage that just didn't work for me (if I hadn't been reviewing it, I'd have considered it fast forward fodder). Studly Mick Blue joined her in the palatial room, his choice of clothing showing he was quite in touch with his feminine side, caressing the gal and doing the usual oral on her before she reciprocated and they fucked vaginally. Nikki seemed well versed in sucking cock and her all natural body was enhanced by some freckles, but they had zero chemistry together and her performance did little to save the scene. They went through all the paces but I never got the impression that this was more than a check to them, such the case with a lot of porn I don't bother writing up at all. Her disaffected look fit the mold here but I'd like to see those pretty eyes light up at the sight of cock and the gal let loose, something she wasn't allowed to do here before the semen seed graced her face.

Bonus Scene: Cheating Wives Tales #8: The first scene starts an olive-skinned brunette named Priya Rai. Wearing a skimpy fishnet outfit, she masturbates and dances on a pole waiting for Alex Gonz to arrive. Priya then drops to her knees and gives him a very seductive blowjob. I really liked how much eye contact she made. They fuck in a couple positions standing up before Priya finally allows him to pound her doggy style. Priya is extremely flexible and was able to contort into some amazing positions. The scene ends with a massive shot of man gravy being poured on Priya's worn out tongue. (review by Bobby McGee)

Summary: Addicted 4 by director Miles Long for New Sensations didn't measure up to Addicted Forever but with such a cast as it had, I admittedly couldn't help but rate it as a Rent It for the level of fandom it should inspire. There were some very appealing moments but the replay value was greatly impacted by the special effects and lack of pacing, even my gal pal asking me why they fucked around with the footage so much. Jenna Haze, Teagan Presley, Sasha Grey, and Ashlynn Brooke are all established names in porn with a large enough following to justify almost anything but Miles would do well to go back to the basics if he wants to more effectively use his craft to promote a major release like this. In short, Addicted 4 had this on the back cover: "Experience the Addiction with highly acclaimed director, Miles Long, as he takes you on a journey of pure ecstasy. This ravishing cast (led by Ashlynn Brooke, Teagan Presley, and Jenna Haze) fills the screen with the sights and sounds of sexual satisfaction. As their bodies sweat... as their juices flow... as they scream with pleasure... are you ready to be Addicted once more?" but I felt it dropped the ball repeatedly and if I wasn't a fan of most of the ladies here, I'd never look back.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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