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Latin Seduction

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Latina Paola Rey
Paola Rey looks magnificent in her corset and lingerie and she greets the sleeping Marco with a smile and slowly strips sliding in to bed with him and molests him as he awakens to the Portugese goddess. He must be used to these visits, because he doesn't seem generally excited when he awakens to her, and that's remedied when Paola slaps him in the face. Shocking turn of events. He shakes it off and grabs her and they make out passionately with Paola's ass high in the air. They make a note of dirty talking in Portugese, too. As the kissing intensifies, Paola gets down on her knees and gives a royal blowjob to Marco, sucking, lapping, and licking his cock as he hunches over her. He reciprocates by lying her back on the bed and eating out her pussy as she groans and writhes mumbling in Portugese. He lays back to take more sucking and she mounts him riding his large cock screaming as she humps him madly and they scream back and forth as the fucking heats up with every hump.

Things slow down eventually as Marco grabs her bubble butt and lets her wiggle around his cock for a while, and he turns around to fuck her ass pressing so deep Rey farts. They try to conceal it momentarily but it was pretty obvious. Paola screams and fingers herself as he pounds her from behind, and she leans over to suck him off slowly fucking him backward cowgirl. She stops to finger herself spraying the camera, and continues the fucking as Marco groans out, and she leans over to suck him off lying back to take it with her legs spread. After more quick thrusts, Paola takes shots in the face.

Latina Alexis Love
Alexis Love looks like someone who'd actually be in my neighborhood. A slight overbite and a nice smile, she follows up Paola's considerably boring segment with a pretty interesting set up. She strips for the camera and leaves a trail of her clothing at the door for her husband to follow on the way up to their kitchen where she waits along the counter feeding him fruit and tempting him as he fondles her. Great fruitwork on Alexis's part. After eating a few of the strawberries, he takes a few swirling them around her tits and sucking on her as she fondles the produce with her mouth. The foreplay ensues as he kneels down to eat out Love's pussy (maybe looking for a cherry?). The doll leans back to take his tongue lashing, After eating her for a while, he stands to fuck her slowly, entering in to her and raising her leg up high. He pounds on her inspiring moans and screams from the girl, and mounts the counter to fuck her from behind with her legs high as she struggles to hold on and screams out. She turns to mount him backward cowgirl and rides him hard and fast, and he leans her down over the counter to fuck her from behind. He then grabs her leg up and fucks her standing up as she fingers herself and kisses him, and plants her on the counter again to cum all over her clit.

Latina Cassandra Cruz

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Cassandra is beautiful, but damn is she wearing too much make up! Whomever decided to cover up her pretty face with kabuki neon paint needs to be fired from the industry, dayum. Nevertheless, Cassandra is in her room fondling herself in privacy wearing cute little panties while the hunky shirtless gardener is in her backyard watering her plants. Cassandra is very much in to her pussy, fingering herself hard and clutching her tits moaning and panting as the gardener exhausted from... leaning a planter over to pour water all day, hears her moans and groans from the window and performs some inspections. Finishing up, she's interrupted by a friend calling over the phone and observes the gardener watching her through the window. She strips down and redresses, and scolds the gardener confronting him about his voyeurism.

The scolding soon turns in to oral sex as she strips him down to suck his cock, which he obliges stripping her down yet again and taking her mean deep throat making sure to feel on her gorgeous ass. After a deep make out session, heavy petting, and fondling, he slides down to strip her panties off and eat her pussy out. He slides over in to bed with her and fucks her from behind sliding in and out with ease as she pleads for faster pace and makes out with him. She gets in to it taking the pounding from the gardener, and she rides him sitting up with backward cowgirl as he fingers her to orgasm. They fall back and Cassandra rides him crouching down along the bed, and he fingers her as she sprays along the bed. He then dominates her fucking her ass crouching down over her, and she cries out taking the heavy pummeling. He spreads her again to fuck her fast and hard inspiring screams from Cruz, and he finally finishes off on her chest as she groans and pants.

Latina Tristan
Tristan just returned home from work and has just discovered another female's panties beside her bed. Her husband attempts to make up an excuse for the discovery but she's not buying it. The set up here is pretty cheesy as both people can never really seem to be actually arguing. And of course, who the fuck would cheat on Tristan? She's pretty hot, if you don't notice. In spite of the really dumb excuse he provides, Tristan forgives him a lot. She takes his forgiveness all over the bed and much of his forgiveness in her face. She demands he make it up to her and they begin to kiss and pet; he slowly strips her top as she smirks and he lays her back to lick and suck her tits as she groans and he strips her upon her demands to eat out her pussy. Shesits up to take off her top and the two embrace making out and fondling one another lying back as he slides down again to eat her pussy. Finishing up the job, Tristan reciprocates by kneeling down to suck his cock, and they make out. Tristan mounts hubby to ride him backward cowgirl slowly at first, and then speed up with every thrust and hump. She slides over to her side, and he raises a leg to pump her pussy, kneeling over her to fuck her while clutching her tits. Pounding her hard, he makes out with her, and squirts a heavy stream along her chest and body as she groans.

Latina Sativa Rose
Oh, there goes that fruit again. Sativa is washing the Strawberries, she's washing the blueberries and hubby is reading. I don't know about you, but there's sexifying to be had. Rose is a different kind of performer from the rest. She's kind of chunky, her frame is smaller and yet she's equally hot and maybe hotter than the other women here. She quickly tempts hubby by feeding him fruit and swiping his magazine away and they kiss feeding one another. She strips down to her bare chest making out with him, and he begins to suck on her tits clutching them tightly and inspiring a groan from the turned on Rose who digs down to unbuckle his pants and jerk him off. As he undresses, she kneels down to jerk him off and blows him deep and fast.

She leans back against the couch and spreads for him as he kneels down to his knees to tongue flap her pussy and eat her out whole. They kiss and he turns her over roughly to praise her ass and then fuck her from behind fast and hard as she squeals and she slides down to take his cock in her mouth whole. He rubs his cock along her tits and fucks her between her two ladies, and then face fucks, jamming his cock in to her gaping mouth as she fingers herself. He bends her over again and roughs her up pounding her from behind as she cries out clutching the couch taking his slams. She sits back down and he waste no time fucking her fast as she squeals and screams. He sits along the couch and she mounts him taking him up her ass riding him softly and them jamming him in her while he rubs her plump ass. They get down to their sides and he pounds her at rapid fire pace as she screams flopping her head back and forth. After some sucking, she mounts him riding him backward cowgirl and he slams her hard and fast, finally finishing off on her face.

In a widescreen format, "Latin Seduction" doesn't have the best of picture. The colors and tones are often very flat and grainy adding no energy to the movie. The director simply can't depend on a proper contrast thus the whites look gray, the browns look murky, and the set pieces are pretty off balance. The sound is adequate with some of the dialogue completely incoherent while most of it is clear and perfect for the audience.

Among some of the slim but interesting grab bag of goodies we're given a twelve minute "Behind the Scenes" extras with the director goofing around and the camera man messing with the performers and observing them in their element on the set. We also get a glimpse at the photo shoot for the gallery which is almost never fun, and there's a pretty dull moment where Marco and Paola share a conversation in Portugese. Fun. However there are some good outtakes featured where Paola accidentally kicks the camera man out of the shot in the heat of fucking. I wish we had more of these.

Work that banana, Alexis!

There's also an eighteen minute Bonus Sex Scene from Fantasias Latinas, and it's really good and worth the watch if only for the stock Merengue playing over the sex. There's also the fourteen minute "Hot Teases," with our performers arousing themselves solo and making us long for the movie. It's really good as well and watching a banana and cherry be used as a sex toy makes me wish I'd be reincarnated as a plantain. We also get a fifteen minute interview session with the fine latina actresses on the movie, and it's quite a fascinating series of one on one's with them. They seem comfortable in front of the camera and it makes for the best supplement in the disc. The most interesting interviews are with Cassandra and Tristan. Last but not least we get the eight minute photo gallery which is probably the cheapest I've ever seen. It looks like it was made from one of those stock Windows picture slideshow programs or something.

After Thought:
All in all it's a pretty good porno, not the best I've ever seen. The women are absolutely gorgeous, but the energy is severely lacking, not to mention the foreplay needs definite help. However, there's considerably good picture and audio and you'll really get involved in the extras which are minimal but very time consuming if you watch them in one sitting.

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