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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Fingertip Massager

Fingertip Massager

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Aaron Scott » Review Date: 8/25/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Looking for a great massager that is small in size but big in bliss?  Well, it appears that Adam & Eve have just the product in their Fingertip Massager.  Featuring five interchangeable attachments, this little guy certainly brings it - or so I've been told.

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First, the presentation.  Arriving in a white box with both a clear image of the device and attachments, along with a seductive model (perhaps someone can identify her and I will update this review - and give you credit as well), there is no question about its contents.  The back of the box gives a few details about the product.  Boasting 13000 vibrations per minute, seven size adjustments for the device, and a stylish velvet storage bag to keep it safe and secret, the fingertip massager is ready to go right out of the box.  Upon removing the clear plastic tray, we found the pieces nicely laid out and held neatly in their own spaces. 

And with that - we were ready to begin.

One thing we noticed prior to starting was that the small pins that secure the different tips to the actual motor looked like they would easily snap off.  Sadly our fears can true, but more on that later.

The first thing to do was to choose from the five attachments - and what a choice to make.  Should we use the single-pointed "On the Spot"?  Or maybe the solo-bump on the "Body Button"?  There is the "Dreamy Dots" attachment with seven small bumps, or the "Tiny Tinglers" one with 12 bumps.  Finally there is the "Rapture Ring" which (of course) has a small ring on it.  She chose to start with the "On the Spot" one (conveniently it came attached).  With a flip of the small on/off switch (located on the side of the massager) she was ready for action.

Now, normally my wife isn't big on most toys.  Either they aren't very confortable, or they are too noisy, or they just plain don't make her feel as good as they should, but this little guy was different.  For starters, it didn't make too much noise, and it fit perfectly on her smaller-sized finger.  I could tell she enjoyed it, as it didn't take too long for her to get it going in a nice, steady motion over her clit and labia.  On multiple occasions she even got it going inside.  Heaven.

After a little while, she decided she wanted to try out some of the other attachments.  It was here that we found that those little nubs that "lock" the attachment into place would break off very easily.  While trying out all five pieces, we found that three of them ended up losing one of the pins.  However, it appears that having one remain will still allow them to be used.  This will certainly be a problem, though, if the other pin breaks off, as there will be nothing there to keep it on the massager.

In addition to using it on herself, she also tested it out but having it on while stroking me.  I certainly found it to enhance the feeling, and the "On the Spot" attachment really felt good just between the head and shaft of my cock. 

Because of its size, the Fingertip Massager really didn't get in the way as she continued to use it both during oral foreplay and actual penetration.  In fact, after all was said and done, she said it made her orgasm more blissful.  Sounds like a winner to me.

In the end, the only real drawback to this toy was the small plastic pics that broke easily.  Perhaps a future version of this toy could have a better locking mechanism in order to avoid this problem - which would lend to a longer-lasting product.  Other than that, my wife really enjoyed it, and I have a feeling it will become part of our sex for some time.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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